19 Absolute Units To Make You Feel Miniature

Sometimes we can benefit from reminding ourselves that we’re not as big and mighty as our egos can lead us to believe. There are some absolute units flying, swimming, driving, walking, etc. around. These 19 things in particular will definitely serve to make you feel smaller than you ever have before.

1. “When a unit evolves into a unit.”

Seriously, good for actor, Ethan Suplee.

2. “$30 dollar burrito I got today.”

Now that’s how you go about tackling a feast mode session.

3. “The Liger, which is the product of a male lion and a female tiger.”

Imagine seeing this bad boy just cruising down your block.

4. “This nail.”

That nail is going to be a serious issue indeed.

5. “This brown bear. Estimated to be over 800 pounds.”

That brown bear is on a mission. We’d all do well to steer clear.

6. “Of a Czech prison guard.”

This dude looks like a literal video game character.

7. “This unit of a sandwich. Banana for scale.”

That first bite is going to hit like none other.

8. “An incredible hanging stone in the Sayan mountains in Siberia.”

That stone probably has quite the story to tell.

9. “The DNA came back. 93% German Shepard. 7% unidentifiable. We’re guessing Grizzly Bear.”

Yeah, I think they’re onto something with that Grizzly Bear train of thought.

10. “This apartment building in Russia that houses 20,000 people.”

Sheesh. The amount of noise being generated in that “apartment building” must be next-level.

11. “This is Hulk. The world’s largest pit bull.”

What a sweet looking ball of love.

12. “The tallest palm tree in the world.”

Look at that guy. Wonder how the weather is up there.

13. “This zucc my wife was given.”

Oh wow. Talk about getting the bang for your zucchini buck.

14. “Human compared to a King Cobra.”

You would not want to stumble upon one of those King Cobras while out in the wild.

15. “One of my poor girls laid this absolute unit of an egg.”

That couldn’t have been an easy process at all.

16. “Absolute unit of a Jerusalem Cricket, which is neither from Jerusalem nor a cricket.”

Yeah, that’s going to be a complete utter “nope” from me on that one.

17. “Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard.”

Dang. Floyd isn’t messing around when it comes to his bodyguards.

18. “Everyone tells me to post my Pupper here.”

That is no puppy. That’s a literal monster wolf.

19. “This Tadpole that didn’t grow into a Frog due to hormone imbalance.”

That Tadpole has all the makings of being a star. Just think of the TikTok videos alone.

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