23 Mortifying Photos That Will Leave You With Submechanophobia

If you’re someone who grew up through life, deeply troubled by seemingly innocent items like buoys, chains, and miscellaneous sea debris, you’re not alone. In fact, you very likely have “submechanophobia.” Submechanophobia is defined as a fear of submerged human-made objects, either partially or entirely underwater. These objects could be shipwrecks, status, sea mines, animatronics like what you see in theme parks or old buildings, and the aforementioned “boring sea items.” If you aren’t plagued by submechanophobia we can’t make any promises that these photos won’t send you in the other direction.

1. “The view from inside your water tower.”

2. “This scary thing is close to my home.”

3. “Kid in my area got paid to drive his car into the ocean.”

4. “The abandoned and ripped-apart wreck of the Ocean Liner SS America.”

5. “Nuclear power plants are submerged in giant pools of water.”

6. “Two divers on the Brittanic, the world’s largest known shipwreck.”

7. “Walking through a flooded tunnel on my commute.”

8. “Came across this while kayaking.”

9. “Seawolf bow sonar.”

10. “A car in Baikal, the deepest lake in Europe.”

11. “Flooding today in my city of Downtown Pittsburgh.”

12. “Universal Studios Waterworld set drained.”

13. “You’re not the only one terrified of these lines in the water.”

14. “Shipwreck in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada.”

15. “Staten Island boat graveyard.”

16. “The pool that the Little Mermaid live-action movie was filmed in.”

17. “Home for sale in KCMO.”

18. “USS Dolphin in San Diego, California.”

19. “Three men travel 11 days sitting on the rudder of an oil tanker.”

20. “Paddle boarding.”

21. “The worst scenario.”

22. “A terrifying angle from the American steamship.”

23. “Entire 1800s town submerged in my local reservoir.”

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