29 Pics of OSHA Violations That Are Dangerously Funny

These photos definitely walk the fine line between hilarious and downright dangerous. We’ve gathered 29 snapshots of workplace violations that might just leave you scratching your head. From questionable ladder placements to DIY ‘safety’ solutions, these images showcase the dumber side of workplace fails. So, take a seat and prepare for a glimpse into the world of workplace blunders that prove sometimes, common sense isn’t so common.

1. “I found an electrician wearing this”

2.”Got those cables in, boss.”

3.”It’s a load-bearing dumpster”

4. “Hired a company to remove a tree. Came home to this.”

5. “Huh, so that’s why they told me to x-ray the ground first”

6. “Construction workers at EPCOT, Disneyworld in the early 1980s”

7.”This company does this on the daily. They have shoring equipment but it’s not convenient.”

8.”This will go swimmingly”

9. “Yes, the asbestos abatement is all done. It’s ready for you to work on!”

10. “My employer says they care about workers safety”

11. “Not a harness in sight”

12. “The neighbor’s movers couldn’t get the dresser down the stairs”

13. “Protecting what’s important to him”

14. “Someone forgot to strap in carts of hospital waste inside the truck”

15. “1 inch polyethylene pipe used for handrail”

16. “Saw this outside my office today. What a lovely place to relax.”

17. “Thank you Dave for checking our fire extinguisher back in 1994”

18. “Emergency ‘exit’ in a friend’s office building. First theme they opened it was during a fire alarm.”

19. “I’ll do my best”

20. “Only entrance to my current job site”

21. “We had 5-6 people cut themselves walking by this exposed thermostat, so we complained and this is the solution they came up with.”

22. “New lock-out procedure”

23. “Heater at my job site”

24. “Kudos to the guy who this for not wasting the moment and asking ‘Hey boss, how much is supposed to be in the lightbulb?”

25. “Right about the toilet. Good thing I’m not 6’1″”

26. “When I was doing construction I was apparently featured in a ‘safety fails’ board on Pinterest”

27. “Sometimes you gotta improvise”

28. “No need to lock out, this will just take a second”

29. “Quit my job after I got asked to climb this ladder on a 6 inch, 12 pitch roof”

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