23 Shameful Examples Of Comically Wasteful Packaging

If you’re someone who has a trigger temper over any instance of packaging gone wrong, this collection of egregious packaging examples could throw you for a spin. Some people seem to not know how to package something without wasting everything in sight, while others seem like they simply can’t be bothered to not be extremely wasteful with their packaging attempts. If there’s one thing that we know for sure, it’s that the people that made this list are in their own hall of shame for failing in their packaging attempts.

1. “Soda cans are very fragile.”

If you find yourself in a store where you end up being confronted by a couple of Coke cans that apparently extremely fragile. Run for the hills. What other choice do you really have? But really, we’ll never understand the logic with this one.

2. “Really glad my made from recycled materials and biodegradable sponges came wrapped together and individually in plastic.”

Talk about a prime example of miscommunication. Clearly, the customer in this scenario was not looking for what they ended up getting. Even after they’d put in their order.

3. “Thanks for packaging the spare part, GoPro.”

Seriously though. Apparently someone at GoPro HQ was having a tough day. Because the final result ended up being a packaged spare part. I just don’t understand.

4. “Plastic packaging for a CD disk, but without a CD disk in it.”

Wow. We were so close to accomplishing the mission. Yet, here we are. Some nice packaging intended to be the home of a CD disk, yet there’s no disk to be found. What a bummer.

5. “Peeled avocados wrapped in plastic.”

So, yeah. It clearly can’t get any more basic than the spectacle that we have sitting before our eyes here. This had to have been pre-brunch.

6. “Not sure if this counts, but this is for only three things at CVS.”

For three items though? You’ve just got to wonder what else could’ve possible been hanging around on that mountainous receipt.

7. “Individually wrapped jellybeans.”

This is one of those prime examples of packaging gone awry, where no matter how much you ponder over what could’ve inspired this, you come up empty. It’s wastefulness at its core.

8. “I bought a nail file.”

Yes, they bought a nail file. Yet, whoever was on the receiving end of packaging said nail file missed the memo on trying to help out planet Earth by being just a bit less wasteful. It’s just like, come on.

9. “Individually wrapped vegetables in a Vietnamese supermarket.”

There’s just no point. That is unless you’re at all invested in doing what you can to help out tired planet Earth just a bit.

10. “Individually wrapped lemon slices.”

Not only do individually wrapped lemon slices just kind of make you want to pucker your lips, but also, here we are again with the wastefulness.

11. “All of this for a keyboard, that for some reason shipped separately from the laptop.”

You really want to believe that their heart, however misguided was indeed in the right place. Otherwise, enough is enough.

12. “Disposable phone chargers.”

So, it would seem that we’re just going for as much waste as possible in this case. Very nice. Love to see it.

13. “Ordered biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes from a zero waste store, and they came in 100% non-degradable bubble wrap and plastic bags.

I mean. Come on now, guys. Whoever was responsible for this, likely got themselves into quite the deep hole with their manager for pulling this packaging flop.

14. “Sephora back at it again.”

It’s really as if these companies are stubbornly resistant toward acknowledging that envelopes do in fact exist. So, instead they’d rather use boxes for miniature items. Oh, Sephora.

15. Ordered five nail polishes from Amazon.

Yes, clearly those nail polishes were simply not going to make it if they weren’t packaged in their own boxes. Seriously, clutch looking out on that one, Amazon.

16. “Buddy bought two mini cast irons from Amazon.”

Those poor mini cast irons must’ve had quite the rocky journey. The whole issue of giving too much space to an object when it’s being packaged becomes very real when said object starts bouncing around with all of that extra space.

17. “Come on, Amazon.”

Amazon seems adamant about making as many appearances as they can in the realm of instances involving egregious packaging. Like, what was the whole thinking process on this one? Not sure if I’ll ever be able to figure that out.

18. “A specific carton just for a single egg.”

While it’s cute enough, this is also an absurd use of cardboard. Maybe that’s part of the whole brand idea behind the packaging for this particular egg and the other individual eggs that must be available alongside it.

19. “Why is the ocean filling up with plastic?”

Seriously though. Anyone who ever confidently asks questions about how the oceans in this world could be filling up with plastic needs to see an example like the one we have here. Just plain old madness.

20. “Both egregious and infuriating.”

Whoever thought that it was a good idea to create a Nutella kit though. That’s where the real money is clearly.

21. “This 0.7 ml anti-flea and anti-tick drops for dogs right out of the box.”

While the tiny presentation is kind of cute in its own right, everything else about this is just pretty absurd.

22. “If only there were a way to transport orange slices without plastic.”

What do you think? Is this as ridiculous as some people make it out to be, or is it nice in that there’s no more worries about having to peel an orange? That’s the real question.

23. “Ordered 27 books from Amazon on a single order. Got 27 boxes with 1 book delivered in each box.”

Clearly, whoever was responsible for this was not thinking it reasonable to try to store multiple books in each box. Clearly that was just out of the question. All I have to say is wow.

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