17 Cool Photos That Perfectly Exemplify the 90s

It never hurts to take a trip down nostalgia lane. In this case we’re looking back at some photos that perfectly capture some of the vibes from the ’90s. It’s crazy to think that a big part of the ’90s was actually the whole welcoming of the rise of the Internet. Communication as folks knew it would never be the same.

1. “My dad in the early ’90s.”

An image of someone's dad from the '90s.
u/PrestigiousInsect643/via Reddit.com

“Ok that fits the definition of old school cool.” – u/notisroc

“The Datsun 240Z was a very nice sports car in the early ’80s. Datsun offered a refurbish program in the late ’90s.” – u/whthpnd

2. “In 1996 I was 18 and I worked at a used CD store.”

An image of someone when they worked at a record shop when younger in the late 1990s.
u/durantaphant7/via reddit.com

“Mix of Kat Dennings, Drew Barrymore, and Kate Winslet!” – u/Mandouie

“This was my daily uniform in ’96.” – u/deleted

3. “My bus stop gang in the mid ’90s.”

An image of a crew of kids at a bus stop in the '90s.
u/lifewithadd/via reddit.com

“That kid is balling with the Uptempos.” – u/dirtydave13

“This looks like a casting call for a Sunny Delight commercial at the time.” – u/HereInTheCut

4. “August 24th, 1997, a week before her death. Princess Diana.”

An image of Princess Diana on a diving board that was taken a week before her death.
u/ruinbudget7057/via reddit.com

“I can’t even afford to look at this picture.” – u/averagefisheye

“Scene from Tenet.” – u/deleted

5. “Chris Farley and his dad in the 1990’s at a beach in Lake Michigan.”

An image of Chris Farley with his dad in front of a beach.
u/drinon/via reddit.com

“I saw Chris Farley at a LA Dodgers game when I was 8. He was walking down the stairs at the stadium, someone in the crowd shouted, I live in a van! Chris turned around in the middle of the stairwell, everyone stopped, he had a huge grin, he shouted, down by the river! Then he kept walking. I was such a fan of his at the time from Beverly Hills Ninja and SNL Golden Age, he was way larger than life. He was like a cartoon character. His physicality and presence were amazing.” – u/WakkaDooodle

6. “My parents in the early ’90s in NYC.”

An image of someone's parents in the '90s.
u/sunkissedmist/via reddit.com

“Good looking couple.” – u/splizzmaster

“That’s a great photo of the ’90s. Really brings me back to that vibe, clothes, and youth.” – u/LastPlaceIWas

7. “My bedroom in the ’90s. Was a dork, and still am.”

An image of a kid sitting in his nerdy '90s room.
u/crunchykittylitter/via reddit.com

“Seriously though. This setup is legit.” – u/Torkzilla

“Every family in the 90’s had a laminated wood grain particle board office desk shelf system.” – u/xJBr3w

8. “Mom, little brother, me, and my bowl cut in 1994.”

An image of mom and her two kids.
u/bigchoate91/via reddit.com

“It looks like a photo they would have used in a Chris Farley movie to show a picture from his childhood!” – u/UnpopularCrayon

Isn’t it time that we bring the bowl cut back? Who’s to say that the bowl cut has seen all of its days just yet? You really never know what kind of crazy hair trend could be sprinting out of the woodwork next. I guess we’ll just stay tuned for the meanwhile.

9. “My uncle at a party with Nirvana just before they became famous.”

An image of someone's uncle hanging out with Nirvana before they became famous.
u/blackwardz3/via reddit.com

“I would really like to know what’s making them all make that face.” – u/brox42

This is truly where the whole saying about how a picture can be worth a thousand words rings true. We would love to know what kind of nonsense could’ve been occurring outside of the frame when Nirvana posed for this picture.

10. “My mom thought I was the coolest 4-year-old with this haircut.”

An image of a mom's daughter sporting a throwback '90s haircut.
u/megabitmegs/via reddit.com

“You look like the Mary Kay representative of your kindergarten class.” – u/andrewhy

“Barbie wasn’t the only one with a snazzy pink new car.” – u/Eponarose

11. “Picture next to Tupac Shakur.”

Someone who had their picture taken with Tupac Shakur.
u/michellexx123/via reddit.com

“Old school beyond cool.” – u/namebrandcloth

Oh man. Talk about a serious hit of nostalgia. To have your picture taken with the Tupac Shakur would’ve been quite the unforgettable experience indeed.

12. “Amy Winehouse at her grandmother’s home in 1999.”

An image of Amy Winehouse that was taken in 1999.
u/rosseepoo/via reddit.com

“Such a beautiful voice. Sorry she had such a hard life.” – u/LazarusMundi4242

“I was never interested in her music until I went to a movie theatre and got there early. They were playing one of her albums over the theater’s sound system and it just blew me away. I went online and bought the vinyl the next day.” – u/robbie-3x

13. “Leonardo DiCaprio and Charlize Theron at her 22nd birthday party.”

An image of a young Leo DiCaprio next to Charlize Theron at her 22nd birthday party.
u/rosseepoo/via reddit.com

Wow, does this picture speak volumes to a time long since passed. You’ve got to wonder if these two have remained friends throughout the years. Just to think that Leo DiCaprio’s career had so many milestone moments yet waiting for him on down the road. And the same goes for Charlize Theron. Two truly talented actors.

14. “Kirsten Dunst in her bedroom in 1997.”

An image of a young Kirsten Dunst hanging in her room back in the '90s.
u/_captain_holt_/via reddit.com

“Barbie, Crayola Bear, WinPC, and CRT Monitor with InkJet and Encyclopedia set. Yes, this checks out for 1997.” – u/clrlmiller

“Watching preview guide channel. That was my nineties comfort channel.” – u/Mypopsecrets

15. “Heath Ledger’s Polaroid selfie with Larisa Oleynik, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Julia Stiles on the set of 10 Things I Hate About You.”

A throwback picture of prominent members of "10 Things I Hate About You" movie.

“Those brimless ballcaps had me shook.” – u/RockleyBob

“That movie brings me so much joy.” – u/deleted

16. “My parents, Christmas Day in 1996.”

A throwback image of someone's parents from the 1990s.
u/lemonwemom/via reddit.com

“The striped polo really accentuates, his eyes.” – u/deleted

The story goes that the unibrow was eventually cut from the team. With that being said, there’s nothing like a nice hat tip to an era long since past.

17. “Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra, photographed with their son in the ’90s.”

An image of Kevin Bacon next to his wife from back in the '90s.
u/riskyricket/via reddit.com

“Fun fact: their son pictured here was in a black/thrash metal band called, Black Anvil. I was them open for Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, and Dark Funeral a couple years back. They were pretty good, too.” – u/That_Tastes_Horrible

So, it would seem that talent runs in the family. For some reason it’s very easy to picture Kevin Bacon rocking out at a black/thrash metal show.

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