21 Dumb Spelling Mistakes That Make Zero Sense At All

Even with all of the wildly impressive technology that we have readily available at our fingertips there are still numerous people that just can’t seem to get it together when it comes to spelling various words properly. Some spelling blunders are far more ridiculous and just plain old hilarious than others. We’re going to take a look at some of our favorite downright dumb spelling mistakes that we discovered this week.

1. “Starch your engines.”

A social media post asks, "What does it mean to 'starch your engines?'". The poster admits they don't understand the phrase and need clarification. The top comment corrects the original statement to "It's start my friend.
u/ceonsun/via reddit.com

“Starve your engines.” – u/Doughnoes

“Holy gerbils, this is top of all time.” – u/Aaronvey22

2. “Incontinence.”

A Burger King drive-thru menu sign has a handwritten note taped to it. The note reads: "Out of Jalapeño bites, Large Cups, Low on crispy Chicken. Sorry about the incontinence." The Burger King logo is visible at the bottom of the sign.
u/emilyg702/via reddit.com

“I don’t know why they advertised it. They have mops at McDonald’s.” – u/deleted

“They nailed everything else, including the tilda on the n, but just couldn’t stick the landing.” – u/Fixner_Blount

3. “A pack of lips.”

A Facebook post asking, "Aye y'all what y'all gone do if a zombie pack of lips really happened??" with two laughing emojis and three comical emojis. A comment below reads, "I oughta put this on Reddit" followed by laughing emojis. Reactions and options are visible.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Surely, this was on purpose. I would think he was trying to be funny.” – u/lll-consideration495

“I think I can outrun a pack of zombie lips easily.” – u/jensalik

4. “No expectations!”

A refrigerator with a sign taped to the door reads, "Only breakfast food is allowed in this refrigerator per health department all other food from employees or guests will be thrown out. NO EXPECTATIONS." On top of the fridge are paper towels and tea boxes.
u/notyogrannysgrandkid/via reddit.com

“No expectations. Okay, I guess I’ll ignore this.” – u/ice_zephyr

“How much to purchase some grammar and punctuation.” – u/deleted

5. “Calling flower.”

A tweet reads: "vegans will look u dead in the eyes and say calling flower taste like ribs" followed by a crying emoji. It shows the date 03/11/2021, the Twitter app, and has 213 retweets, 21 quote tweets, and 3,695 likes. The sender's name is blacked out.
u/djakdoesall/via reddit.com

Wow, they really reached for this one. You can just feel the deliberation with which they exercised over making sure that they unleashed an impeccable tweet into the world. Seriously, though. Maybe one of our favorite misspellings of all time.

6. “Can’t elope.”

A display of cantaloupes is for sale with a handwritten sign that humorously reads "CAN'T Elope 2 for $5 or 2.50 each." The TikTok interface shows the video has 760.9K likes, 150.8K shares, and other engagement stats.
u/djakdoesall/via reddit.com

“Parents just don’t understand our melon collie.” – u/haunting_crow_00

“True, I also can’t elope.” – u/punkblastoise

7. “Deli shoes.”

A screenshot of a social media comment reading, "I put sour cream in my double chocolate chip cake and it stays moist for weeks, shits deli shoes," dated 6-15, with 351 likes and a thumbs-down reaction icon.
u/natefate11/via reddit.com

“I smell autocorrect.” – u/depastino

“Deli shoes because it probably tastes like moldy feet after a week.” – u/tetzudo

8. “Chicken for Don Blue.”

A Facebook post shows a plate of food that includes pieces of chicken, a green and red leaf salad, and a serving of potato salad. A knife is placed on the plate. The text in the post's description lists the items as chicken for don blue, Fresca salad (strawberry), and potato salad.
u/teejmeister6/via reddit.com

“Don’t mess with Don Blue’s chicken or you’ll be sleeping with the fishes.” – u/tolucophoto

9. “An all tomato.”

A conversation with text bubbles. One user says, "If we have you an all tomato between that song and a Jimmy Buffet song which would you pick." Another user replies, "All tomato = ultimatum I assume." A final user says, "all tomato is crazy" with an exclamation mark emoji.
u/therogerrabbit7/via reddit.com

“The A-1 All Tomato Answerer.” – u/deleted

“Even ultimatum doesn’t make any sense in this context.” – u/BrokkelPiloot

10. “Driving a Hertz to a funeral.”

Screenshot of a social media exchange. A user comments, "DaSantis was found driving a Hertz to his own campaign funeral..." A second user replies, "Did you mean a hearse?" The second user's reply has one upvote.
u/noodles_fluffy/via reddit.com

“It’s probably okay as long as you’re not doing it with any frequency.” – u/thejessicator

“It was a rental.” – u/tanjom

11. “Job prescription.”

A social media comment stating, "An actor is an actor. Plays characters. It's in the job prescription. Can't understand why someone should have a problem with this." The comment has 451 likes and was posted two days ago. The username is redacted.
u/temporary_pe_coach/via reddit.com

“I work in a pharmacy and so many people call in to renew their subscription every month.” – u/_Not_Sure

How about that? Some folks are out there living lives where they’re being prescribe employment. Must be tough.

12. “Gazebo.”

A screenshot of a message that reads: "Today at 9:43 PM It would be like a lion in the savannah devouring a gazebo." The message is displayed on a dark background.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“My mouth waters whenever I see the gazebo in the town square. Some Sunday I might just chow down after everyone is in church.” – u/phobrain

“Watch out for those splinters.” – u/DuaneHicks

13. “Precipitation glasses.”

A social media post. Text reads: "My son left his glasses at the park behind [blurred out] school. If anyone finds them please message me. They are precipitation glasses.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“He’s going to need those glasses because the forecast is for rain.” – u/calnevari

“He wears them when it rains.” – u/happyofcourse

14. “I will type this with the upmost care.”

A screenshot of an FAQ section on a website titled "Start The Process." The text circled in green highlights a typo: "upmost" instead of "utmost." The FAQs discuss the design process, timeline, and other common questions about custom piece fabrication.
u/folly05/via reddit.com

“Your telling me it’s not spelt like this.” – u/Mysterious-Badger287

“Each sentence is crafted with the upmost care.” – u/HyperionRain

15. “This evening.”

A Facebook post with a user's status saying, "looks can be this evening boy i tell ya" with a confused face and eye-rolling emojis. Another user comments, "What 🤔." Their profile pictures and names are obscured. Options to like, comment, and share are visible.
u/gandalfthydank/via reddit.com

“We are even.” – u/onemaddemon

“Sometimes I have to say these out loud to get it.” – u/PrimeRiblet

16. “Croquette the spare tire.”

A social media post showing the rear of a parked Jeep with a crocheted tire cover on its spare tire. The caption humorously reads, "I Think I'll Croquette The Spare Tire." The interface shows options to vote, comment, and share, along with engagement stats.
u/htmaxpower/via reddit.com

“That sounds yummy.” – u/deleted

We have so many questions regarding the inspiration behind this person’s tire situation. A modern mystery to be sure.

17. “Soak and wet.”

A Facebook post with the text "Tired of being soak and wet from all this rain on me.." The user's name is partially covered with orange and green scribbles. Options to like, comment, and share the post are visible at the bottom.
u/Luigihiji/via Reddit.com

“I am soak dry.” – u/phobrain

Man, you’ve really got to wonder what this person’s everyday existence is like if they’re out getting soak and wet all the time. Must be difficult to say the very least.

18. “Cooperate.”

Screenshot of a social media post showing a user's comment. The user, labeled as "Problematic" with 77% in a red bar, questions the validity of a story with no evidence or witnesses. The comment suggests security footage from a golf course hasn't surfaced.
u/executivefunction404/via reddit.com

“Cooperation by cooroboration.” – u/vilelabyrinth

“It kind of works actually.” – u/Iamkatenow

19. “Aloe trope.”

A section from a text about graphite. The text reads "Graphite is derived from a Greek word called graphene which means writing so it’s because graphite was primarily used initially for making pencils that’s how it got its name. is at aloe trope of carbon which is greyish in colour and." The phrase "is at aloe trope" is circled in red.
u/el_parker_/via reddit.com

“That’s when aloe is an overused literary device.” – u/voldie127

Oh boy. Some people just can’t take the wins that they so sorely need. Hopefully this person made a comeback after this tough spelling flop.

20. “Definitely need to check this spot out.”

A restaurant review with a blacked-out name is shown. It has a three-star rating and mentions a price range of ₹2,000+. The review is from two months ago and praises the restaurant's atmosphere and food quality, recommending it as a place to visit with friends.
u/hangryexorcist/via reddit.com

“It’s the best restaurant. Better give it a negative review.” – u/GarrettBarrett

“I got three wishes. One was a clean water glass.” – u/SkepticalJohn

21. “Croisant with feelings.”

A display shelf showcases several packaged croissants behind a glass, with a price tag reading "Croissant with Feelings" priced at ₦580. The croissants are in clear plastic wraps and placed on white ceramic plates.
u/byebyetum/via reddit.com

“I prefer to eat only sentient croisants.” – u/pryoticus

“Was it in pain au chocolat?” – u/castlineinthesky86

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