50 Fascinating Photos To Amaze and Entertain

We’ve scoured the internet for some of the most fascinating photos and perspective-shifting images. From pics of space that make us feel very small to photos of daily life from a unique perspective to some really, really old things that connect us to history, we’ve tried to pull in things that pique our curiosity. Be sure and let us know which ones you find the most interesting so we can bring you more of those in the future!

1. “This is what the sunset looks like from space”

Fascinating photo of a view of Earth from space showing a dramatic contrast between a sunlit, cloud-covered half and a dark, shadowed half. The boundary between light and dark reveals vibrant hues of red and orange from the sunset or sunrise along the curvature of the planet.

2. “A ‘coffin home’ in Hong Kong. The world’s smallest apartments go for $300 a month”

A person lies on a cluttered bed in a small, cramped room, holding a pill and a container. A TV positioned at the foot of the bed shows a news broadcaster. Shelves are filled with household items and a stack of DVDs. The space appears densely packed with belongings.

3. “This is one picture”

A straight road lined with tall trees on both sides stretches into the distance under a blue sky with scattered clouds. On the right, a body of water runs parallel to the road, separated by a metal guardrail and lush green vegetation—perfect for capturing fascinating photos.

4. “In 2012, a couple invited the Queen to their wedding as a joke. She actually came.”

A woman wearing a pink coat and matching hat stands in a hall with intricate flooring. In the background, a bride and groom are greeting guests dressed in formal attire. The architectural setting features arched doorways and ornate designs.

5. “Exactly 5 years ago in Hong Kong. 1 million estimated on the streets. Protests are now illegal.”

A massive crowd of people fills a narrow city street between tall buildings. The aerial view shows the densely packed gathering stretching far into the distance. Many individuals are carrying umbrellas. The event appears peaceful and orderly.

6. “The size of an Iranian missile intercepted in the Dead Sea”

A person in sunglasses and a black shirt stands on a sandy, barren landscape beside a large, cylindrical, metallic object lying on the ground. The object appears to be damaged. A body of water and distant mountains are visible in the background.

7. “The progression is satisfyingly brilliant”

Comparison image of spacecraft cockpits showing the evolution in design: Apollo 4 (1967) with many manual controls and switches, the Space Shuttle (2002) with an array of instruments and screens, and Crew Dragon (2020) with modern touch screens and minimal buttons.

8. “This is not snow. It’s a hail build-up near a door in Eastern Colorado from storms”

A doorway is partially blocked by a thick layer of hailstones accumulated outside. The ground beyond the doorway is entirely covered in hail, resembling snow. The scene appears to be nighttime with fog or mist in the distance.

9. “Robert DuBoise on the day of his arrest at age 18, and the day he was freed from prison by DNA at 56”

A photo collage of a man showing two sets of images. The top row features two older images: a profile shot and a headshot of the man with dark hair. The bottom row includes recent images where the man has less hair and more wrinkles, looking in different directions.

10. “A mother and her 8 sons, all served, all came home”

A black-and-white photo shows seven smiling servicemen in various military uniforms, standing in a line with a woman gesturing toward them, presumably in celebration or pride. The setting appears to be a domestic interior with patterned wallpaper and framed pictures.

11. “Kenyan army burning Ivory”

A soldier wearing a raincoat and carrying a rifle stands in front of a large pile of elephant tusks stacked vertically, with raindrops visible in the image. The background is blurred, showcasing green foliage.

12. “Jaw surgery dramatically changes girl’s appearance”

A side-by-side comparison shows a woman before and after dental treatment. In the "before" image on the left, she is smiling with misaligned teeth. In the "after" image on the right, she has a straightened, bright smile. Both images have a blue background.

13. “Temperature of my artificial grass in Phoenix last week”

A hand holding an orange infrared thermometer aimed at artificial grass. The thermometer's digital display shows a temperature of 109.1°F. The background includes a textured beige wall and light-colored concrete.

14. “Houses sit on the slopes of the Jalousie neighborhood in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.”

Aerial view of a densely populated urban area. Countless small, close-packed houses blanket the hilly terrain, creating a patchwork of rooftops. Limited greenery is visible among the crowded structures.

15. “A person wearing a full-face prosthetic mask to evade CCTV and facial recognition”

A man wearing a black beanie and black jacket stares directly at the camera. The background shows a city street scene with blurred pedestrians and buildings, indicating a cold day. The man's face is slightly flushed, possibly from the chilly weather.

16. “Shinto priest blessing first Japan domestically produced F-35 at Mitsubishi facility, Nagoya”

A person dressed in traditional Japanese attire faces a modern fighter jet, with a ceremonial setup involving greenery. The setting appears to be an indoor event with onlookers present.

17. “The American-Canadian border”

A person is standing next to a boundary marker labeled "UNITED STATES" near a grassy area, alongside a road with houses in the background. Several people are sitting and standing around the area enjoying the day. Trees and parked cars are also visible.

18. “The RV Flip – a research vessel that can shift position”

A collage of images shows the sequential sinking of a ship, starting with it leaning heavily to one side (top left), then standing vertically in the water (top right), and ending with a sequence diagram (bottom) illustrating the ship sinking nose-first into the ocean.

19. “$109 in groceries: Naknek, Alaska”

A variety of groceries on a gray surface, including canned goods (beans, soups), pasta sauce, barbecue sauce, green enchilada sauce, two dozen eggs, and a bag of shredded cheese. The group is neatly arranged, showcasing different brands and products.

20. “Neighbor spent the weekend trimming the grass with scissors”

A person is crouched down, gardening along the edge of a grassy area next to a sidewalk. They are using a blue tool and wearing casual clothing. Tall shrubs and trees provide a green backdrop, while a house and a paved road are visible in the foreground.

21. “Photo of an Austrian Airlines Airbus A320 damaged by hail in flight on 6/9/2024”

The front view of an airplane shows significant damage with a large piece of the nose missing, exposing internal components. The plane's nose appears heavily worn, and the aircraft is parked on a tarmac with maintenance equipment nearby.

22. “Lan Party in 2003”

A large room filled with numerous people sitting closely together in front of computer monitors. Many individuals are shirtless, suggesting a warm environment. The room appears to be crowded, with rows of desks and computers extending far into the background.

23. “How different lenses affect a picture”

Side-by-side comparison of the same person taken with two different focal lengths: the left image is shot with a 16mm lens and shows a slightly distorted, wider face, while the right image is shot with a 200mm lens and shows a more proportionate, narrower face.

24. “$12,000 worth of cancer pills”

A blister pack containing 30 oblong, light brown pills is shown in five rows of six pills each. The pills are individually sealed in transparent plastic blisters arranged on a metallic backing. Each pill has a scored line down the middle on one side.

25. “The evolution of Picasso’s style.”

A collage of nine portraits by Picasso at different ages, ranging from 14 to 90 years old. The early portraits are realistic, and the style evolves into cubism and abstract in later years, showcasing his changing artistic approach over his lifetime.

26. “A 30 million year-old praying mantis embedded in amber”

A close-up image of a praying mantis encased in a clear, amber-colored piece of resin against a dark background. The insect is perfectly preserved, showing its detailed features, such as its legs and antennae, within the transparent amber.

27. “After a CT scan on this 1000-year-old Buddha statue, scientists found the remains of a mummified monk inside”

The image shows a golden statue of a seated monk on the top left, the X-ray of the same statue revealing a skeleton inside on the top right, and the bottom image shows the statue being scanned in a CT machine.

28. “Vietnamese orphans being airlifted to the US for adoption in 1975”

A black-and-white photo shows several infants peacefully asleep in bassinet-like boxes that are secured with seat belts to airplane seats. The bassinets occupy an entire row of seats, with the airplane windows visible in the background.

29. “The sticky notes I ordered from my shipping supplier came on a tiny pallet”

A hand holding a thick stack of yellow sticky notes with the Uline logo and contact information printed on the sides. The sticky notes have a bright orange circular sticker on the top right corner. The background is a wooden floor.

30. “This ecosystem has been sealed for 58 years and watered only once”

An elderly man with glasses and a bald head smiles warmly while holding a large glass bottle filled with lush green plants. The bottle acts as a terrarium, showcasing a thriving miniature ecosystem inside. The background is dark, highlighting the vibrant vegetation.

31. “I created a photorealistic image of George Washington if he lived in the present day”

An elderly man with white hair is wearing a navy blue pinstripe suit, a white dress shirt, and a red tie. He is standing in front of an American flag with a blue backdrop. He has a flag pin on his suit jacket lapel.

32. “Saturn through my 6″ telescope”

Image of Saturn in space, showcasing its distinctive rings. The planet appears in the center of the image with a dark space background dotted with small stars. Saturn's surface has a yellowish hue with bands of orange and tan visible.

33. “My $20 bill with a serial number 1”

A close-up image of a U.S. twenty-dollar bill featuring the portrait of Andrew Jackson. The bill includes details such as the serial number "IK00000001B," and "TWENTY DOLLARS" written at the bottom. It is a Series 2006 Federal Reserve Note.

34. “Boston moved it’s highway underground in 2003. This was the result.”

A comparison shows the evolution of an urban landscape. The top image depicts a busy highway with traffic and surrounding buildings. The bottom image shows the same area transformed into a green park with trees, pathways, and an adjacent road.

35.”Mosaics of a Roman villa were found under a vineyard in Negrar, Italy”

A trench dug into the earth reveals a well-preserved, intricate mosaic floor with geometric and red, white, and black swirling patterns. The trench is surrounded by green grass and patches of soil.

36. “The door is real – the rest is graffiti”

Graffiti art on a dilapidated white wall spells "WILD" with a 3D effect, creating the illusion of holes in the wall. The surrounding area is littered with debris and overgrown plants, inside an abandoned building with a worn herringbone-patterned floor.

37. “This train station has a mystery vending machine where you can buy whatever is in the unclaimed packages from delivery lockers”

A vending machine with a dark exterior and glowing orange lightning design dispenses various electronics and gadget items packed in small transparent and opaque bags. The machine has multiple shelves and a card payment panel on the right side.

38. “Aerial picture of an uncontacted Amazon tribe”

Aerial view of an indigenous village in the Amazon rainforest, featuring a large circular structure made of thatched roofs. Several people are visible inside the central open area, surrounded by lush green trees and vegetation.

39. “Lighting up the set of Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope'”

A nighttime film set shows a large house illuminated by powerful lighting rigs. A massive light panel is suspended above the building by a crane, while another light is set up on the left side. Several crew members stand near the house.

40. “Tom Brown, retired engineer, has saved around 1,200 types of apples from extinction over 25 years.”

An elderly man stands behind a table at an outdoor market, displaying a diverse array of apples. Each apple is placed in a row and labeled with its variety name. Behind him are trees and other market stalls. A small wooden model of a log cabin is on the table.

41. “An NYC police officer comes face-to-face with Ming, a 350 lb tiger secretly living in an apartment in Harlem in 2003”

A police officer wearing NYPD heavy duty gear rappels down the side of a brick building. He is holding a tranquilizer gun and appears to be securing himself on a rope. In the background, through a window, a tiger is visible inside the building.

42. “I grew this crystal from scrap copper and vinegar. It’s called copper acetate, and it took 7 months to grow. The crystal formed naturally and is not cut or polished.”

A gloved hand holds a polished, black, rectangular gemstone against an outdoor background with trees, greenery, and a pathway. The gemstone has well-defined facets and a shiny surface, reflecting light.

43. “My Airbnb was an entire house built inside a barn”

A spacious, rustic indoor barn with high wooden ceilings and string lights. It has a decorated loft area with seating, an open sign, and various decor items. A ping pong table and a cornhole game board are on the wooden floor.

44. “In 2012 French Beekeepers could not solve the mystery of the blue and green colored honey in their beehives until they discovered that the bees were visiting a local M&M factory”

A close-up shot of a honeycomb filled with honey and colorful pollen. The hexagonal cells display a range of hues from dark blue and black to golden yellow and light brown, creating a mosaic-like pattern.

45. “My mom and uncle found a USAF target drone on the beach”

An orange, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) rests on a beach during sunset, with gentle waves approaching from the ocean. The UAV has a pointed black nose and extended wings, and is partially in the water. The sky displays a gradient of warm colors.

46. “Before and after of the excavation of the Ancient Greek Stadium”

A side-by-side comparison showing an ancient Greek or Roman amphitheater before and after excavation. The top image shows the site covered in grass and trees. The bottom image reveals the stone amphitheater structure with seating and a central stage.

47. “This mirror portrait was taken 100 years ago in Japan”

A black-and-white photo depicting a couple taking a self-portrait using a mirror. The man, wearing glasses, is holding a vintage camera on a tripod. The woman stands behind him, smiling. Both appear to be in traditional Asian attire, standing in a serene outdoor setting.

48. “This tiny lizard perfectly shedding looks like he’s wearing a tiny lizard space suit”

A close-up of a person holding a small lizard in their hand. The lizard appears to be shedding its old skin, with a portion of the skin coming off its head and back. The lizard has large dark eyes and a brown and white patterned body.

49. “A massive eruption on the sun that I was able to capture from my backyard. At least two Earths could fit in that loop”

A close-up of the Sun's surface showcases its textured, grainy appearance with a solar prominence extending from its edge. The image features a warm, golden-brown tint that emphasizes the details of the Sun’s outer layers against a smooth background.

50. “A hole drilled on Mars”

A circular drill hole on a rocky brown surface surrounded by grey debris, indicating material extracted from beneath the surface. Fractured lines run across the rock. The scene suggests a geological or scientific exploration.

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