20 Hilarious Pics of People Who Had One Job and Failed

Some days treat you worse than others. In fact, some days it can really begin to feel like you’re caught up pushing an impossibly huge boulder up a hill with no end in sight. The burnout from such a state of existence can come for you quickly when things are that grim. You might even end up just leaving a blatant failed job for the rest of the world to see, because you can’t be bothered to care in the first place. The key thing to remember is that those tough times will pass, and also that there are plenty of other people struggling just like yourself. Take anyone who made this list for instance.

1. “My fiancee’s cake was looking strange and now we know why.”

A hand holds two measuring cups, one marked 1/2 cup (125 ml) and the other marked 1/4 cup (62.5 ml), against a backdrop of blue and white patterned tiles.
u/_mole/via reddit.com

“Maybe the largest looking one is shallow so it ends up with the same volume.” – u/porondanga

“It’s not. The bigger one is also deeper.” – u_mole

2. “Trying to go on a nice ride, and I see this, mate.”

A sidewalk runs alongside a residential street with a low rock wall and fence to the left. Utility boxes are visible on the sidewalk. A white car is driving on the street. A grassy area and trees are visible in the background under a partly cloudy sky.
u/lucasboyd1012/via reddit.com

“Do your handlebars not turn. Like just go around it.” – u/Skiippy

“He’s on a sidewalk too.” – u/therealscotte

3. “I don’t need a stencil. I’ve seen it enough times that I can just freehand it.”

A parking space with a blue background and a yellow disabled parking symbol painted on the asphalt. The symbol signifies that the space is reserved for individuals with disabilities. The surrounding area shows a rough, textured grey surface.
u/xxsoulpunkedxx/via reddit.com

“ET is pleased.” – u/Limp_Abassador5092

“I absolutely love this.” – u/BlackSerranna

4. “Looks like I need to rearrange my face.”

A safety instruction sheet featuring three icons and corresponding text. The first icon shows a person with earmuffs and text reads "Wear hearing protection." The second icon shows safety goggles and text reads "Wear eye protection." The third icon shows a mask and text reads "Wear respiratory protection.
u/demented_eagle/via reddit.com

“You don’t breathe through your ears?” – u/thejack473

“You are doing just right buddy.” – u/Fweballmao

5. “If they cry, I will cry too.”

A yellow container is placed below a leaking electrical outlet on a wall. Water is streaming out of the outlet and into the container.
u/disastrous_act2135/via reddit.com

“The pixels sir? Where are the pixels? What have you done to them?” – u/Phepsi_Musk

“Now you have an energy drink.” – u/deleted

6. “Someone needs to go back to school.”

A close-up of stadium seats with numbers 24, 1, and 26 visible. The seats are red with white number plates attached to the top part of the backrests. The armrests have red tape on them. Sunlight is casting shadows over part of the seats.
u/ash99772/via reddit.com

“Be different.” – u/deleted

“Every time I see this I question how smart humanity is.” – u/AwkwardSyko116

7. “Inches on my cutting mat are less than one inch.”

A close-up view of a ruler and a cutting mat. The ruler, marked in both inches and centimeters, is placed horizontally and measures just over 23 inches. The blue cutting mat has a grid and is placed on top of a textured green surface.
u/wickedpixel1221/via reddit.com

“Maybe inches on your ruler are less than an inch.” – u/orphen888

“I checked which one was correct against a measuring tape.” – u/wickedpixel1221

8. “Opened my tortillas and took out the top one.”

A package of La Banderita brand tortillas is shown, featuring 8 snack-size tortillas labeled as “Carb Counter” with 40 calories per serving. One tortilla is outside the package displaying the "BEST BY 11/20/23" date. The packaging is predominantly white with blue and orange accents.
u/modelfox4/via reddit.com

“At least you know it’s still fresh I guess.” – u/Big_Z_Beeblebrox

“I should get one of those printers and do that to my friends.” – u/ItsTylar427

9. “Amazon chose to stick this sticker right over my name and address.”

A close-up of a shipping label on a cardboard box. The label includes a yellow sticker with "UPS" and "B 333K." It also indicates the package weight as "0.1 Kgs" and displays the destination as London, United Kingdom. The tracking number is partially obscured.
u/rob_ockham/via reddit.com

“And yet, you still received it.” – u/Pogdaddio

“Thank God you knew where you live.” – u/chrlatan

10. “Liars, liars, liars!”

A price sign for Yellowfin Tuna Steaks at $9.99 per pound. The sign states "Fresh, Never Frozen" at the top but includes a note "previously frozen" at the bottom. The product is labeled as "wild caught" and from Mexico.
u/keepcw/via reddit.com

“Fresh! Never. Frozen.” – u/shewasdaayt

“I’m always amazing at how cheap food in the US is.” – u/TesseractToo

11. “I really am a rule follower.”

Two signs hang on a wall beneath a whiteboard. The left sign requests no cell phone use during appointments, with an image of a crossed-out phone. The right sign inquires about the visit experience with a QR code labeled "Scan Me" for feedback submission.
u/dawsoia/via reddit.com

“Come on, it clearly says to not use your phone during your appointment. You had but one job.” – u/LunaTic1403

“Looks funny at first, but after reading the text, it makes sense.” – u/userhvged

12. “A signpost that doesn’t clearly signpost directions.”

An orange sign with white text and arrows. The left side reads "Customer car park" with left-pointing arrows, and the right side reads "Deliveries" with right-pointing arrows. The sign is situated in front of greenery and a brick wall.
u/complex-sherbert96999/via reddit.com

“I was so sure when I first looked at it. Now you have me second guessing every sign I’ve ever looked at.” – u/Massive_Anxiety_2457

“I looked at this 12 times to convince myself I could figure it out. I was wrong.” – u/BroadAd91999

13. “I have a few questions.”

A non-stick frying pan with the label still attached, showing "Non-stick Fry Pan 25 cm." The pan is sitting on a stove with a gas burner visible in the background. The label has not been removed before using the pan.
u/no_blackberry_686/via reddit.com

“That looks like the Tesco value branding from the early 00’s.” – u/happyanathema

“More like non-fry stick pan.” – u/B133to

14. “Never seen an animal with the name milk before.”

A three-tiered metal tray stand with different animal silhouettes on each tier. The top tier features a chicken, the middle tier has a pig, and the bottom tier shows a cow with the word "MILK" next to it. A price tag reading "$9.99" is attached to the middle tier.
u/drpopcat7758/via reddit.com

“I was wondering if they would put moo.” – u/Mikepr2001

“That’s like calling the pig pork or the chicken egg.” – u/Snickidy_Snik

15. “My United States pillow has only 47 states.”

A pillow with a map of the United States drawn in white with black borders, placed on a green polka-dotted bedspread.
u/muted_bat_8768/via reddit.com

“Ah yes, Greater Louisiana.” – u/Fallout4isbestgame

“One job and couldn’t fit the whole map on the photo.” – u/deleted

16. “Maybe they didn’t know that one.”

A stack of four white mugs displayed in a store, each labeled with one of the words "eenie," "meenie," "miney," and "meenie." The mugs are placed on a wooden surface, and surrounding store shelves are visible in the background.
u/laydi/via reddit.com

“They didn’t want any mo.” – u/Bent85

“Good I get two cups.” – u/TopHatInc

17. “Ah yes, Magneto.”

A hand is holding a packaged action figure of Magneto from the X-Men series. The packaging features colorful comic-style artwork of Magneto in a dynamic pose, with "X-Men '97" and "Magneto" prominently displayed. The figure has a metallic armor design and a red cape.

“Lord Zedd-neto.” – u/greenknight884

They were so close, yet also, let’s be honest, they were also terribly far away.

18. “Why didn’t you turn it?”

A manhole cover partially overlapping a sidewalk and a cobblestone pathway. The cover is circular and metallic with holes around the perimeter, revealing more cobblestone underneath. To the right, there is a grassy edge bordering the cobblestones.
u/randalfder/via reddit.com

“The fact that it’s almost 180 degrees perfectly out, makes me think that it was intentional.” – u/gardenfella

“It’s not just wrong. It’s exactly wrong.” – u/Logical-Let-2386

19. “So many questions.”

A can labeled "Hannaford Sliced Carrots" is open to reveal corn inside. The can is placed on a kitchen countertop with a teal can opener nearby, a dish with butter, and decorative fox figures in the background.
u/modelfox4/via reddit.com

“That’s bananas.” – u/Bent85

“They just don’t carrot all do they? Like doing that is some kind of corny joke or something.” – u/Infernal216

20. “My dad’s friend tried putting a door together.”

A white door installed upside down, with the doorknob unusually placed near the top. The doorframe is inside a beige-colored room with plaques on the walls. A hammer and some debris are scattered on the floor nearby.
u/prettik/via reddit.com

“How does one mess up this hard.” – u/Too_Official

“Tell them to run down to Home Depot and rent a door stretcher.” – u/AssociatedJaded3931

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