23 Funny, Unexpected, and Weird Images Hiding On Google Maps

It’s too easy to forget that Google Maps is a pandora’s box of unexpected images. Like many apps and sites on the internet, if you spend enough time playing around on Google Maps you’re bound to stumble upon one unexpected sight or another.

1. “Nice cloud in Slovakia.”

A satellite view of a rural area, featuring a small village surrounded by agricultural fields. Some fields are green, others brown. There is a large dark shadow partially covering the fields and village, possibly from a cloud above. Roads are visible.
u/tassilobalbo/via reddit.com

“Eh, it’s ok.” – u/Simbuk

“Nice.” – u/maddiemoiselle

2. “My dog hanging out front of my house a year after he passed away.”

A brown and white dog lies on a concrete path in a shaded area. The dog appears to be relaxed and resting comfortably, with sunlight casting dappled shadows around it. Nearby, a fence with a geometric pattern is partially visible.
u/jessiftp/via reddit.com

“Aw, what a good boy.” – u/deleted

“Save it before they update.” – u/semmifx

3. “Just another night in St. Petersburg.”

Two people wearing suits and eerie masks sit on tricycles in a dimly lit urban street. Behind them, a brick building with large garage doors and parked cars lines the street. The scene is spooky and surreal.
u/no-cold-1679/via reddit.com

“Wanna play a little game?” – u/MaxwellsSmalls

“I can hear that giggle noise that the puppet does now.” – u/RealHumanBean89

4. “These streets in Nova Scotia.”

A satellite image shows a small neighborhood near a lake and Nova Scotia Trunk Hwy 7 labeled with humorous street names: "This St," "That St," "The Other St," and "The Other St" again. The area consists of several houses, with a fenced area near the highway.
u/hab927/via reddit.com

“This is a 911 operator’s nightmare.” – u/TheMemeMachine3000

“When the city planner just gives up.” – u/ADouble_

5. “Streetview censored this cat for his privacy.”

Image of a single-story house made of tan brick with a slightly slanted roof. The house has a metal front door with a window beside it, two satellite dishes on the roof's left side, and two bushes on the right side of a concrete path leading to the door.
u/eddasu/via reddit.com

“That must be one of those cat’s on a most wanted list.” – u/deleted

“Witness protection for cats is no joke.” – u/CaffeinatedB

6. “Trying to decide if I should take it or not.”

A GPS navigation display showing a route on highway 78 with a speed limit of 40 MPH. The screen indicates an upcoming turn with "Similar ETA" and shows the driver is 34 miles away from the next destination point. The background map includes roads and green areas.
u/moist_pizza/via reddit.com

“Maybe something nice is waiting for you there.” – u/electism

“I think it’s suggesting you take that loop and turn around.” – u/PepperJackson

7. “They realized they had nothing funny planned.”

A person wearing a checkered shirt and red pants is seen in two different positions near a waterway. On the left, they are using a phone near a yellow kiosk. On the right, they are standing with their hands over their face. A red bench is in the foreground.
u/crobb/via reddit.com

“Funniest thing I’ve seen all day.” – u/aturchomicz

“This is so cute.” – u/fenudel

8. “Do you mind.”

Close-up of a fish's face underwater, showing a detailed view of its eye and part of its mouth. The background is a deep blue. On the screen, navigation arrows and the Google Street View icon are visible.
u/casualdjentlemen/via reddit.com

“Hey, I’m swimmin here.” – u/miodorioo

“How do people find these.” – u/deleted

9. “Impressive work.”

Aerial view of a curved concrete road bordered by lush green vegetation. The road has a visible dark line down its center and graffiti in large letters painted at various points along its surface. Trees and grassy areas are on either side of the road.
u/hardstyle/via reddit.com

“I’m still sad that I don’t know how to do the middle smiley face.” – u/nate_hoodsie

“Big shrug energy.” – u/nick1219

10. “Google Earth got em.”

A person is seated in a car, with their hand extended out of the open window, making an "OK" gesture. The vehicle is parked on a street named Via Cristoforo Colombo, as indicated by the text at the top of the image.
u/froguy1126/via reddit.com

“The bro that did that is a legend.” – u/deleted

“I am owned.” – u/turious

11. “Not satisfied with mere shoe sales.”

Aerial view of a forested area adjacent to a water body. In the middle of the greenery, there is a rectangular building labeled "Nike Missile Launching Site." The site is situated close to a shoreline, with a sandy beach visible along the water edge.
u/boomboqs/via reddit.com

“Project Nike is a shoreline anti aircraft missile defense system that was used in during the Cold War. Not sure if they’re being used now but I now they are being slowly dismantled now.” – u/snipars

“Just do it.” – u/semmifx

12. “Google Street View blurred out my horse’s face.”

A small, light-colored horse stands in a fenced dirt and grass area near some trees. The background includes additional fencing, a house, and a paved surface. The foreground features a wire fence and some plants.
u/noahser/via reddit.com

“Respect his privacy.” – u/SillyConclusion0

“I can’t tell if that is a horse or not now. I’ll just take your word for it.” – u/LeFrizzleFry

13. “You don’t actually do this every day do you.”

A highway in Austin, Texas, shows cars driving in both directions. The central concrete divider has graffiti that reads, "YOU DON'T ACTUALLY DO THIS FOR A LIVING, DO YOU?". The image is taken during the day under a clear sky.
u/nathodood/via reddit.com

“That’s awesome.” – u/fancd

“I literally take this exit every day for work.” – u/Freud92

14. “Don’t talk to me or my son ever again.”

A person and a small child stand on a paved walkway next to a house. Both are wearing striped shirts and similar light-toned pants. The person stands with hands on hips while the child stands with hands on waist. The background shows greenery and a fence.
u/nonkeltom/via reddit.com

“Had to do it to em.” – u/Rb57

“Or my son’s son. Or my son’s son’s son.” – u/rockyrosy

15. “Creative naming in Ohio.”

A map showing Greensburg near Interstate 77, with Greentown to the east and Green to the north. McDonaldsville is located to the southwest, near Route 241 and a large body of water in the center. The area appears mostly green with some roads and geographical features.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Get your head in the game, McDonaldsville.” – u/Sufficient_Two_5723

“Would be ironic if there was no McDonalds in McDonaldsville.” – u/09klr650

16. “And stay out.”

A person stands on a gravel driveway next to a green lawn and a large tree, in front of a white two-story house with dark shutters. A black vehicle is parked further down the driveway, surrounded by lush green trees and grass, on a sunny day.
u/dordand30/via reddit.com

“I’m getting Pet Semetary vibes.” – u/HairyHairy_

“This is my first real laugh of the day.” – u/deleted

17. “She woke up to the Google Car capturing her TP’ed house.”

A photo of a residential driveway covered in toilet paper, spanning the yard, bushes, and a car. On the driveway, a person in shorts and a T-shirt is standing near the open garage, surveying the scene. Trees and a mailbox can be seen in the background.
u/cygnu/via reddit.com

“She tried her best to clean it up with the rake.” – u/blueberrypancakelady

“I really hope the kids who did this have seen this.” – u/Gareth664

18. “Quick guys, get in formation.”

A group of people stand on the sidewalk in front of a modern, multi-story building with large windows and a red storefront. They are lined up near a parked white car and silver car. The scene is sunny, and trees are spaced along the sidewalk. The address "5450 E High St" is displayed.
u/captaingeek/via reddit.com

“I love this.” – u/serenity_by_jan

“This would be even better if they were in front of a YMCA.” – u/YCANTUS

19. “Virgin Atlantic wanted the spotlight.”

A satellite image shows a large airplane flying over a semi-rural area with fields, houses, and roads. The airplane appears to have a rainbow-colored blur effect, possibly due to image distortion. Nearby streets include Dukes Rd, Swindon Bottom Rd, and Days Ln.
u/garr52/via reddit.com

“Can someone explain why there’s so much chromatic aberration on the plane?” – u/mythman55

“The camera on the satellite takes three separate photos, one for red, green, and blue. The slight delay between each photo allows the plane to move a bit leading to the effect.” – u/Just_a_Mainer

20. “At least they blurred part of the photo.”

A person wearing shorts, a striped jacket, and a horse mask sits on a chair next to a small round table covered with a floral tablecloth. The table holds a potted plant, and the person is eating a banana. Two pink flamingo yard ornaments are in the grass.
u/i_am_shattered/via reddit.com

“It’s BoJack Horseman obviously.” – u/dante_2004

“Aw, I want to join him.” – u/Shmebber

21. “Fire is very angry today.”

A dial gauge sign indicating "FIRE ANGER TODAY" with a needle pointing to "VERY HIGH." The scale ranges from "NIL" to "TOTAL BAN," with sections for "LOW," "MODERATE," "HIGH," and "VERY HIGH." The sign is outdoors with some foliage in the background.
u/ktr0x/via reddit.com

“Miss the good old days when the normal danger rating was low.” – u/Pokeconomist

“The fire was angry that day, my friends.” – u/LDG92

22. “Grey Bench is crushing it with the reviews.”

Split image. Left: An empty grey bench in a daytime outdoor setting on a stone pavement. Right: The same bench at night, next to a large circular planter filled with flowers. Text below reads "Riccione The Grey Bench" with a 4.8-star rating from 86 reviews.
u/gbalzi/via reddit.com

“That’s one good bench.” – u/AdrenIsTheDarkLor

“It is level, so that’s worth 4 stars alone.” – u/theniwo

23. “Solid rainbow plane.”

A satellite view of a neighborhood showing streets, houses, and a marked location at 36 S Willow St. There are rainbow-colored light reflections on the road, along with nearby streets labeled as S Union St and Roosevelt Pl. A label for Covenant House of NJ is visible.
u/missmolle/via reddit.com

“I live right around there, and I can assure you that there’s a rainbow plane parked there.” – u/garrickf

“There’s one of these over the Hudson too.” – u/IDontCareAboutReddit

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