18 Geniuses Living Life On Max Difficulty Mode

As long as the internet’s been around we’ve had plenty of people that are more than ready to aggressively flex their intellectual prowesses. Sometimes, the insufferable extent to which the flexing occurs can reach legit nauseating levels. These geniuses in particularly are sadly living their lives on extreme difficulty mode.

1. “99% bare minimum.”

A social media post from an individual claiming to be smarter than 99% of humanity. The post lists reasons including non-judgemental skills, kindness, being loving and open-minded, quick learning, understanding, being "cool," unconditional love, and having many experiences.
u/visuo/via reddit.com

“Non judgment skills.” – u/Mittbin

“Cool.” – u/deleted

2. “I’m just too smart for her songs.”

A screenshot of a social media comment. This comment says they have always voted blue and criticizes Taylor Swift's music, claiming it lacks complexity. They mention using the Flesch-Kincaid grading system to assess song lyrics, rating some at fourth grade and others at first grade level.
u/ar005/via reddit.com

“And yet, verb tenses seem to elude them.” – u/Zadedw

“Simple words are overrated.” – u/Red_Emberr

3. “They just couldn’t help themselves.”

A text meme with blacked-out user information states, "I just realized that 'firefly' is the opposite of 'waterfall'.
u/conscious-gur693t5/via reddit.com

“Waternt.” – u/FanTah

“Fly isn’t the opposite of fall either.” – u/Beginning-Working-38

4. “I’m so quirky, I read for fun.”

A social media post reads: "The target audience for this game isn't really 'gamer' gamers. I read novels for entertainment, and this game resonated with me. I can imagine why others wouldn't enjoy it. It's a thinky thinky game. Not a blasty blasty game.
u/helpfuldetective50/via reddit.com

“Isn’t reading novels for entertainment literally what they’re for though.” – u/melverq

“As opposed to all the people who read novels because they aren’t entertaining.” – u/aredri

5. “Looking down on people who watch movies.”

A screenshot of a Reddit exchange. The first comment, highlighted in green, reads, "Captain America: I Am Legend?" The second comment, highlighted in red, responds critically, stating that knowing superhero movie pictures is sad and suggesting the original commenter be more productive.
u/granollabarr/via reddit.com

“You know you’re sad when you judge people for stuff that doesn’t matter.” – u/DawnBringer01

“When he says he has his own company, he means socially.” – u/Dilligent_Job_9981

6. “I learned more outside of school.”

A text post reads: "Teachers don't deserve to be payed more I would know I've been threw manny public schools I learned more outside of school why do you think people are homeschooling more kids and parents should be scolded for not raising their kids properly I've never seen a more misbehaved generation than mine. I'm 20 years old. Any generation below me is even worse.
u/saintgalentine/via reddit.com

“He typed breathlessly.” – u/Hyperbole_Literally

“Well, they are right that the school system failed them.” – u/deleted

7. “Shiny rocks are super exciting to low energy thinkers.”

A gold chain is being weighed on a digital scale at a counter. Someone wearing a gray sleeve holds the chain. The setting appears to be a store with employees in the background. A comment below the image reads, "Shiny rocks are super exciting to low-energy thinkers.

“Isn’t it metal and not a rock anyways though.” – u/reckl3ss

“Apparently that type of chain is extremely hard to make.” – u/Nocap

8. “He’s beyond us.”

A social media comment reads: "He (name obscured) 4 min ago, It baffles me that I can relate more to someone with (nearly, I'm at 146) half my IQ than the average person." Below are icons for liking, replying to, and expanding the comment.
u/bucketlyy/via reddit.com

“Wow, so a human being can relate to another human being. A true shocker.” – u/FraughtOverWrought

“If he really was that clever, then he’d realize he relates more to the very people that he’s insulting.” – u/Automatic_Message_71

9. “This had nothing to do with the topic at hand.”

A screenshot of a comment on social media. The user praises the content, expressing a desire to influence and protect humankind's interests, seeking recognition not out of pride but representation. They express a deep curiosity about the human race and a wish for enlightenment.
u/J_S_M_K/via reddit.com

“I use big words in a salad to sound smart.” – u/Elegant_Art12202

“I’d laugh if it turns out that this a reply to something innocuous like a cat video.” – u/EvensenFM

10. “Only smart people understand the Oppenheimer movie.”

A screenshot shows someone typing "oppenheimer explained" in a search bar. Below, there's a comment with 243 replies stating, "People that dislike this film don’t possess the brain power to comprehend its magnitude." It has 137 likes and 3 replies.
u/that_aussie_artist/via reddit.com

“I read two pages of a book about nuclear physics and understood it completely.” – u/stan09

“Dude probably got confused when watching Barbie.” – u/_HoneyTrap

11. “Red wasn’t even the one that spelt Eminem wrong.”

A screenshot of a comment thread on a social media platform. The first comment corrects a misspelling of "Eminem." The reply defensively asserts the commenter’s credentials (doctorate and 2 master's degrees) and experience, explaining their familiarity with Eminem.
u/aniotaku01/via reddit.com

“A doctorate and two masters, yet punctuation eludes them.” – u/ijustatemostofit

12. “Mathematicians and physicists must fear him.”

A text message on a black background reads: "There are some niche parts of mathematical physics where I am very very good. For instance, PDE usage in quantum mechanics and E&M theory. People were crying when going over the quantum harmonic oscillator solution. I thought it was pretty easy using ladder operators. So when I look at the basic physics on the Mcat I quickly realized that doctors don't really know any physics at all.
u/skittle01/via reddit.com

“This is my sign to delete dating apps.” – u/skillte0101

13. “On a clip of a children’s show presenting a cool fact.”

A lit candle inside a glass bottle. The caption above reads, “Can you blow out a flame through glass?” The image features a person in a green and beige sweater. Below, there are social media reactions with 43K likes and 794 dislikes, and a comment section with 2 replies.
u/patpierce12165/via reddit.com

“Such simpletons.” – u/blue_birb01

“Wait, I love this show though.” – u/nicolas_bourba

14. “The most cringe that I’ve experienced today.”

A social media exchange where the first user claims to be 15 years old with a high IQ, capable of advanced math and self-educated in quantum physics. The second user corrects that there are no electrons in an atomic nucleus, followed by a third user responding.
u/mrmcdkst/via reddit.com

“Hopefully this is an act of satire.” – u/mccoy_89

“I too can count the number of valence electrons in a nucleus. It’s always, always zero.” – u/StarvingWriter33

15. “Software engineer gets owned by a very smart person.”

A text conversation where one person asks about AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and the singularity. The other expresses not knowing the terms, prompting an explanation. The conversation ends with a subtle jab at software engineers' intelligence, leading to surprise.
u/ergoegthatis/via reddit.com

“Apparently having high intelligence means that you understand some random terms.” – u/PanGulasz05

“Nobody speaks like this in real life.” – u/Farkasdevbevel

16. “Swifties can be tough sometimes.”

u/azuredreams2201/via reddit.com

“Honestly, I love that album.” – u/kahooons

“Don’t call something bad if I actually like it.” – u/_Neighborhoo_66

17. “Day to day simply has no meaning.”

Screenshot of a YouTube video with the title "AI Ascent." The video is paused at 3:37, and shows a man and a woman speaking on a panel. Below, a comment reads: "Crazy to see our future discussed to such a small amount of people who get it while the world flies by worrying about the day to day that simply has no meaning in the grand scheme of things. Thank you for sharing and happy to be a part of this new world as we build. I only wish we could signal the flares to the rest of the world.
u/resident_limit/via reddit.com

“I tried to press play on the video. Am I one of those who gets it.” – u/Xtianus21

“Imagine using days. I use a sun dial.” – u/echochamber02

18. “Just some solid Thoreau discourse.”

A screenshot of a YouTube comment. The comment expresses deep personal connection with a book by Henry David Thoreau, mentioning that it brings sanity and understanding to the commenter. The post has 194 likes and was posted 2 years ago. The commenter's name is redacted.
u/doomsday_picnic/via reddit.com

“Now all he has to do is go to the woods to live deliberately.” – u/stormcapien

“The world is but a canvas to this person’s imagination.” – u/Elegant_Art2201

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