19 Cars of Walmart That Are Just Like Their Owners

Walmart is a goldmine for all kinds of ridiculous behavior. The moment you enter a Walmart you pretty much have to brace yourself for life to toss you a curveball one way or the other. And oh boy, the cars that end up taking space in Walmart parking lots. There are no limits to how wild those rides can get.

1. “Not even sure where to start.”

An orange car is equipped with an exceedingly large, homemade aluminum wing attached to its roof. The car appears to be in a snowy environment, with trees and clear sky in the background. The size of the wing is disproportionate to the size of the car.
u/CarsofWalmart/via Facebook.com

You don’t want to mess with whoever is driving this absolute iconic automobile around town. They clearly mean business.

2. “So many questions.”

A red SUV with oversized tires is parked in a handicapped parking space without a permit. Blue tape is visible around the wheel arches. A silver car is partially visible in the bottom right corner of the image.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

The blue is certainly a look. I wonder what the thought process was behind this particular car “upgrade.”

3. “Quite an interesting approach.”

A red pickup truck is parked in a lot. An air conditioning unit is installed in the back on a wooden platform, plugged into what appears to be a portable generator. Other cars and a building are visible in the background.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

You’ve got to hand it to them for being so ingeniously resourceful. They’re really packing it all in there.

4. “Now that’s a groovy ride.”

A customized car with a streamlined design featuring a beige body with orange and purple stripes and accented with large chrome hubcaps. The car is parked on gravel, with miscellaneous items and vehicles visible in the background.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

What a fit. Some people truly have too much style. It’s all we can do to aspire to achieve their levels of stylistic greatness.

5. “Job well done, sir.”

A grey pickup truck with a camper shell is parked in a parking lot during early evening. Overhead lights illuminate the area, and other vehicles are visible in the background under a clear sky.
u/CarsofWalmart/via Facebook.com

It might take a second (or a lifetime) to appreciate how this person clearly just couldn’t be bothered to make the full effort.

6. “Talk about a serious lawn upgrade.”

An old car with a rusted body is parked on a grassy lawn. The front of the car appears to be modified with the grille and bumper of a Hummer, while the rest of the body is a different, older model. The hood is missing, exposing the engine compartment. A fence and a shed are in the background.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

That lawn is perfectly manicured. The car though, could use a little bit more caring attention.

7. “What a cruiser.”

A red car is shown from two angles on a street. The front view resembles a Ford Mustang with a black hood scoop, while the rear view resembles a Chevrolet Corvette with distinct round taillights. Other vehicles and houses are visible in the background.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

The red. The wheels. The whole getup just screams cool.

8. “Things are looking pretty tough.”

A black sedan with its driver's side door open is parked in front of a convenience store. The car appears to be undergoing maintenance, with a canister of motor oil and another container placed nearby on the ground. A person in a green shirt is partially visible.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

At least there’s a 2 for $3 deal going on. It seems like they might need it.

9. “Now that’s some serious attitude.”

A tan sedan intricately decorated with numerous messages, flags, and religious symbols is parked in a lot. The car is covered in text proclaiming themes of hope, prayer, and Jesus, with American flags mounted on different parts of the vehicle.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

These cars are in a league of their own. It seems like they held back a bit in terms of not fully committing to the flats.

10. “Sick wheels, man.”

A white Pontiac minivan with an oversized rear spoiler is parked in a nearly empty parking lot. Other vehicles are scattered around, and a sign for "Toys R Us" is visible in the background. The image seems to be taken from inside another vehicle.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

You’ve got to love it. This car is clearly trouble on the road.

11. “It’s giving Fanta energy.”

An orange car modified to resemble the "General Lee" from "The Dukes of Hazzard," complete with the Confederate flag on the roof and the number 01 on the side, is parked outside a Walmart Supercenter. The car has black rims and other custom details.
u/CarsofWalmart/via Facebook.com

Yes, seriously. The Dukes of Hazard. That’s exactly what comes to mind when seeing this bright orange car.

12. “Doesn’t get any cooler than this.”

A white car with custom purple and green graffiti-style artwork on its side is parked in a lot. The car has dark tinted windows and large black alloy wheels. Other vehicles and a landscape with trees are visible in the background.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

Yep. Maximal levels of cool have clearly been achieved.

13. “Kind of a McDonald’s aesthetic.”

A modified red car with a low ground clearance, wide body kit, and exaggerated features like a large front splitter and yellow roll bars. The car is parked among other custom vehicles in an outdoor lot, with people in the background.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

Seriously though. It’s kind of giving off McDonald’s energy, and that might not even necessarily be a bad thing.

14. “The best of both worlds.”

A silver vehicle appears to combine elements of a minivan and a pickup truck, creating a unique hybrid. It is parked in front of a Walmart store. A sign nearby indicates "No Park and Load Zone." Other vehicles and a building are in the background.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

They couldn’t pick one side, so they just elected to combine the best of both worlds. You can’t really blame them.

15. “Wonder who they’re rooting for in the olympics.”

A lifted classic car with large tires, decorated with a patriotic red, white, and blue American flag theme, including three American flags mounted at the rear. The car's hood displays the phrase "Gramps Ghost." The car is parked in a nearly empty lot.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

Yes. Who is their team for the upcoming summer olympics? It really is a tough call to place.

16. “Always, always low prices.”

A modified car in a parking lot features oversized wheels, a blue body, and Walmart branding, including large smiley face decals and the slogan "Always Low Prices." The car is outfitted with multiple Walmart logos, and it is nighttime.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

You already know that they spent nothing short of low prices to make sure that this car is the coolest car on the road.

17. “Just a bit distracting.”

A car is covered in a colorful mosaic pattern made up of small squares resembling floppy disks. The design covers the entire exterior, including the hood, roof, and doors. The car is parked on a residential street alongside other vehicles.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

Seriously though. It’d be kind of a drag being stuck behind this car on the road. Particularly because it’d be quite hard to focus.

18. “Honestly though, kind of a fan.”

A colorful car is painted with rainbow stripes and the word "LIFE SAVERS" emblazoned on the door, mimicking the famous candy packaging. The car is parked in a lot at night, with other vehicles visible in the background.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

Anyone who appreciates a good Life Saver every now and again, can also appreciate this sick ride.

19. “You just know that this car goes for it.”

A car parked in a lot is covered in a colorful, abstract design with large, sculpted fins on the roof and rear. The background shows a building with a sign that reads "Outdoor Living" and other parked vehicles are visible.
u/CarsofWalmart/Via Facebook.com

There’s no question about it. This car shreds whenever it gets let out of the garage and hits the road.

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