19 Home Depot Customers That Were So Terrible, Employees Vented Online About It

You might assume that Home Depot is the kind of place that brings nothing but the good moments to people’s lives. But, you’d be sorely wrong. Home Depot employees actually have to deal with all kinds of ridiculously mindless moments from customers who seem unable (or unwilling) to not consider the risks of doing things like overloading their carts with heavy products. Or even their actual vehicles.

1. “I present the mullet of pallets.”

A wooden pallet with rough, unfinished planks placed on a gray concrete floor. The top planks have a natural, rugged texture with visible bark and irregular shapes. Some bags of materials are visible in the background to the left.
u/therealsourjoe/via reddit.com

“It’s not bad that I want to rip those boards off and take them home as shelves.” – u/tortuga8831

“This is probably a decent pallet, but I’m going to have to mullet it over.” – u/WallaceandGromit

2. “Just a casual dog obedience class inside of the store right around 6pm.”

A large indoor space appears to be a hardware store with shelves filled with wood planks. Several people and their dogs are walking down the aisle. One person in an orange sweater is leading a small dog on a leash. The floor is concrete, and the lighting is bright.
u/nami_wiki/via reddit.com

“Can’t go to a park like Home Depot doesn’t attract enough nonsense already.” – u/Forsaken_Swan6311

“They did it all the time at my old store.” – u/shep1219

3. “They say don’t cry over spilt paint.”

An aisle in a hardware store is covered in spilled white paint, with several paint cans and buckets lying on their sides, causing a large mess. Shelves on both sides are stocked with various paint products. In the background, a caution barrier and store supplies are visible.
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“They way I’d take my apron off and go right home though.” – u/Stillcharge_6956

“I can imagine clocking in and clocking out the literal second that I see this.” – u/Lotsensation20

4. “Since when did we get a drive through.”

Customers shop in a hardware store with tall shelves filled with various tools and supplies. An employee in an orange apron assists a customer near aisles marked 13 and 14. In the background, more customers browse and a vintage truck is partially visible.
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“It’s okay, he’s a pro customer who spends thousands of dollars every day there.” – u/Pain2DaWorld

“Seriously though, what on earth happened here.” – u/il_pazzo_41

5. “Should be fine.”

A forklift is loading a bundle of wooden planks onto the bed of a white pickup truck. An orange mobile cart is positioned nearby. Safety barriers are partially visible, along with a few trees and a concrete surface in the background.
u/ok_comment_5741/via reddit.com

“Maybe they got their license too soon.” – u/fewcar4994

“How do you even get the forks like that though.” – u/Foxes9347

6. “Instead of a bonus check, we just got some fries.”

A hand holding a white container filled with fries topped with orange and white sauces. The container is held above a brown paper bag, and a black plastic fork is inserted into the fries. The background has outdoor construction equipment and pavement.
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“Those fries look pretty great though.” – u/CZilla

“Food truck made out more than we did.” – u/Coast_Watcher

7. “Over 12 hours with no bathroom for a typical day.”

A restroom is blocked off by orange barricades and caution tape. A handwritten sign on the barricade reads "Restroom Out of Order. Due to main water line break!" The area appears to be in a public building, such as a school or office.
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“That’s a solid OSHA violation though.” – u/brecka

“Pretty sure that the store can’t be opened if there’s no bathroom access.” – u/deleted

8. “Does this take tap?”

Close-up of a card payment terminal with a sign showing a contactless payment symbol crossed out. The text on the sign reads, "NO TAP or SMART PAY THANK YOU" followed by a smiley face emoji. The terminal model is "Lane/7000.
u/_oist_12391/via reddit.com

“Can I pay with apples though.” – u/Select-Poem425

“HD technologically behind choice or what.” – u/Coast_watcher

9. “That one guy.”

A man leans against the tailgate of a black pickup truck heavily loaded with stacked sheets of green insulation foam board. The truck is parked on a paved road with a tall wooden fence and dense trees in the background.
u/opschief1/via reddit.com

“Why pay for delivery when you can destroy your own truck.” – u/lil32ch1

“Seriously though, what is bro even looking at.” – u/Mike00711_

10. “No words can do this justice.”

A green pickup truck with a tilted flatbed is loaded with multiple bags of concrete mix. The truck appears to be struggling under the weight, causing the flatbed to tilt significantly. In the background, there are trees, a building, and a clear sky.
u/kin-aye/via reddit.com

“This makes me sad that it’s a nice truck.” – u/Big-Initiative-8743

“He’s just going down the street.” – u/notoriousjumplanteum

11. “Never gets old.”

A hardware store aisle with shelves stocked with bags of sand mix, cement, and other construction materials. A lone, tilted shopping cart stands in front of the shelves. The scene is illuminated by bright store lighting.
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“That cart pretty much said it didn’t want to do it anymore.” – u/Repulsive-Golf-1451

“Elderly bags of Portland cement.” – u/Apprehensive-Solid-1

12. “Another fine day at Home Depot.”

A variety of plants and flower pots spilled out from an open truck trailer, causing a mess near the truck dock. The fallen plants and pots are scattered on the ground, with some shelving units also toppled over.
u/phuturehs/via reddit.com

“Looks to me like the truck driver needs a broom.” – u/Kin-Aye

“Vendor’s loss and mess to clean up.” – u/RoutineBeautiful7361

13. “Bumped into someone about to run out the back door with this haul.”

A shopping cart is filled with various tools and home improvement items at a hardware store. Visible products include several Milwaukee-branded tool cases, a Hohen showerhead, electrical sockets, and assorted small boxes. Shelves with additional products are in the background.
u/freefuee12/via reddit.com

“The fact that there’s supposedly $4K in the cart is the real crime here.” – u/deleted

“Well, that seems to be one way to renovate on a budget.” – u/a_crayon_short

14. “This regular has been the worst.”

A person wearing a black jacket and blue jeans is handling a stack of wooden planks on a red pallet jack in a warehouse. More planks are stored on orange metal shelves. Some planks are scattered on the floor.
u/backloggaming123/via reddit.com

“Clean it up while he’s standing there.” – u/Cautiously_Positive

“To be fair, most of the boards that I find at Home Depot are too.” – u/SFalco16

15. “Literally had to watch 3 guys steal the whole bottom shelf.”

A store shelf with various electronic items on display. The lower shelf is locked with a security cable, and the floor around it has small black security devices scattered. The background shows other shelves and products in the store.
u/vwtze22/via reddit.com

“Wonder if they wanted a credit card.” – u/soupafi

“Well, unfortunately you did your job correctly.” – u/specialist_d30

16. “Newly locked up due to the lack of customer restraint.”

Shelves stocked with large bottles of laundry detergent encased in wooden and clear plastic barriers for security. Various brands and colors are visible, including Tide, All, and Woolite, in a warehouse store setting with concrete floors and industrial lighting.
u/kwills88/via reddit.com

“Can’t explain why people seem to feel compelled to steal carts full of detergent.” – u/deleted

“Just a plain old, sheesh.” – u/LotSensation20

17. “Just your traditional customer return.”

A boxed Solar Sentry solar-powered, motion-activated spotlight and a can of Clover Valley chicken noodle soup are placed on a wooden palette. The can is in a clear plastic holder beside the box.
u/shortsrealm/via reddit.com

“Gotta admit, a can of chicken noodle soup is a new one.” – u/popcornm

“That’s why whoever is processing the return is supposed to check the box.” – u/deleted

18. “The audacity.”

A red and brown cardboard box labeled "Milwaukee M18 FUEL" is partially open. The box appears to be for a power tool. There is handwritten text on the top of the box, and it is placed on a tiled floor next to another packaged item.
u/sssyrup012/via reddit.com

“Just a $600 saw that was returned with toilet paper and weights.” – u/SyrupSS

“You’ve just got to wonder who returned it and didn’t bother to check the box.” – u/Losineicki

19. “Never seen this before.”

A white Toyota Tundra pickup truck is parked with its rear chained to a large concrete column in a parking lot. A wooden pallet lies near the back of the truck. Traffic cones are positioned near the truck and a nearby white utility vehicle.
ufpango/via reddit.com

“So apparently the guy was trying to stop the repo man.” – u/fpango01

“That’s not going to stop a proper repo man.” – u/BooMey

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