37 Bumper Stickers That Were Too Funny Not To Share

Funny bumper stickers are an art. You can use them to complain, share what you believe in, or just to make people laugh. What we’ve attempted to do here is find the funniest and weirdest bumper stickers that we could find, because at the end of the day we could all use a little more humor in our lives (especially on the road).

1. “A very solid bumper sticker”

Funny bumper sticker - The back of a Toyota car is shown with three stickers. One is from the "Broken Tee Brewing Co," another is a circular logo for "Maine Space Complex," and the third is a humorous bumper sticker that reads, "HOW IS MY DRIVING? DO YOU HAVE ANY SARDINES? WILL YOU SHARE THEM WITH ME IF I PULL OVER?
u/SEOwizeguy / Via reddit.com

2. “I’ve never seen a more accurate family bumper sticker”

Back window of a black vehicle displaying stickers of five battery icons. The first icon is nearly empty with a red bar, and the remaining four are full with green bars. The background is a green, tree-lined area.
Jorjorforward / via twitter

3. “I don’t know what happened”

A red car has a bumper sticker that reads, "I was an honor student, I don't know what happened.
Via twitter

4. “Stupid bumper sticker”

A sticker on a white surface with text: "I'm not saying let's go kill all the stupid people. I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out." Part of a yellow letter "B" on a plate is visible next to the sticker.
u/mrmoustachepana / via reddit.com

5. “Saw this bumper sticker during my drive around town the other day”

A bumper sticker on a car reads, "Parent of an Honor Student! Well at least I was until their mental health deteriorated due to the pressure I put on them. Now all they do is smoke weed and watch Youtube videos on conspiracy theories.
u/prfrmnceart / Via reddit.com

6. “Canadian Bumper Sticker”

A close-up of the rear bumper of a vehicle, featuring a bumper sticker that reads, "Sorry For Driving So Close In Front Of You." The bumper is shiny and metallic, and the ground beneath is gravel.
u/Jhuderis / Via reddit.com

7. “This bumper sticker on my campus”

A maroon Honda sedan with a Rhode Island license plate “385-895.” A bumper sticker reads, “I’m driving a stick shift. We’re on a hill. Do you really want to be close enough to read this?” Trees and a fence are visible in the background.
u/clatte / Via reddit.com

8. “Saw this bumper sticker on a car that was driving slow.”

The rear view of a black Chevrolet Silverado on a road, featuring a humorous bumper sticker that reads, "I'M RETIRED Go Around Me." The bumper sticker is placed on the chrome bumper of the truck.
u/Go_Green_Bay12 / Via reddit.com

9. “I made a bumper sticker.”

A bumper sticker on a blue car reads, "MY MIND WAS CHANGED BY A BUMPER STICKER SAID NO ONE EVER.
u/c00pdawg / Via reddit.com

10. “Bumper sticker for adults”

Rear view of a car in a parking garage with a decal on the back window that reads, "ADULTS ON BOARD WE WANT TO LIVE TOO." The car appears dusty and dirty.
u/permanant_throwaway_ / Via reddit.com

11. “The only bumper sticker you should put on a mini-van”

A grey Toyota Sienna minivan with a Montana license plate is parked in a lot. A bumper sticker on the rear of the vehicle reads "I used to be cool." The background shows a chain-link fence, trees, and a partly cloudy sky.
u/TCBear / Via reddit.com

12. “A punny bumper sticker”

The rear of a black car with stickers on the left side. One sticker depicts a purple and black octopus-like character with bubbles around it. Another sticker below reads, "POOR UNFORTUNATE." The car's model badge, "SOUL," is visible on the lower right.
u/murfflemethis / Via reddit.com

13. “Some people’s bumper stickers cross the line”

A close-up shot of the back of a blue car with a bumper sticker that reads, "I have OPINIONS about THINGS!" in bold text. The car model is shown as "2.5 S" and part of a license plate with the text "ALAN" is visible.
u/Kevclown417 / Via reddit.com

14. “My favorite bumper sticker ever”

The back of a car with "Tribute" written on it and a bumper sticker that says, "This is not the greatest car in the world. This is a just a..." The bumper sticker's last line trails off, leaving the sentence incomplete.
u/Runt92 / Via reddit.com

15. “A Tesla driver wants to make something very clear”

The back of a white Tesla car with a New York license plate, partially obscured by black scribbling. Below the plate, there's a black bumper sticker with white text that reads, "BOUGHT IT BEFORE WE KNEW HOW AWFUL HE IS." The car is parked on a road.
u/simplythebess / Via reddit.com

16. “I’m trying to make my work truck the antithesis of most trucks with bumper stickers I see!”

The back of a truck with a Pennsylvania license plate reading "HI NGHBR." A sticker on the left side of the truck reads, "I like my women like I like my coffee... Strong, and valued in the workplace.
u/pghparagliding / Via reddit.com

17. “Cursed bumper sticker”

Close-up of a car's rear end shows a humorous yellow sign with black text, "NO BABY ON BOARD, FEEL FREE TO DRIVE INTO ME," attached beside the left tail light. The car model "Malibu LT" is visible below the sign. The car appears to be lightly dirty.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

18. “Don’t Tread on Me parody bumper sticker”

A yellow sticker on a car window features an illustration of a black bird standing on green grass. The text below the bird reads, "THROW BREAD ON ME.
u/beigestickynote / Via reddit.com

19. “My neighbor’s bumper sticker is oddly specific.”

A close-up of a yellow bumper sticker on a white surface, which reads, "I'D RATHER BE SECRETLY MODIFYING A KOMATSU D355A BULLDOZER OVER A YEAR AND A HALF TIME PERIOD IN GRANBY, CO.
u/toddnkaya1 / Via reddit.com

20. “This bumpster sticker supporting The Mummy”

A bumper sticker on a white car reads, "Honk if you'd rather be watching the 1999 cinematic masterpiece 'The Mummy' starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz.
u/_skipAdButton_ / Via reddit.com

21. “Perfect bumper sticker doesn’t exis-“

A dirty silver Kia car with a California license plate has a humorous bumper sticker that reads, "GO AROUND ME, I'M CRYING," accompanied by a small illustration of a crying face. The car is seen from behind while driving.
NeilDavidCarter / Via Twitter

22. “We’re in the midst of an unacknowledged novelty bumper sticker golden age”

A white Subaru Outback with a Virginia license plate reading "VXV-7930" has a bumper sticker on the back. The sticker says, "I Need Someone Really Bad! Are You REALLY BAD?" in red and black text.
molochofficial / Via twitter.commolochofficial / Via twitter.com

23. “Lasagna lover at the wheel”

The rear of a black vehicle with a Virginia license plate UFJ-8298 and a green bumper sticker that reads "Caution! Lasagna Lover at the Wheel" with illustrations of lasagna.
molochofficial / Via twitter.com

24. “Keep Honking! I’m listening to Alice Contranes 1971 Meteoric Sensation ‘Universal Conciousness'”

The rear of a dark-colored Subaru vehicle with a yellow bumper sticker that reads, "Keep Honking! I'm Listening to Alice Coltrane's 1971 Meteoric Salvation 'Universal Consciousness'." The car includes New Jersey license plates.
molochofficial / Via twitter.com

25. “No airbags”

A close-up of the back of a red Toyota Avalon XLS with a Californian license plate. The bumper has a sticker that reads, "NO AIRBAGS WE DIE LIKE REAL MEN." The car is parked on a paved surface.
molochofficial / Via twitter.com

26. “Do not talk to me until I have eaten this 2012 Nissan Xterra”

Rear view of a red Nissan vehicle. The back window features a humorous sticker that reads, "Do NOT Talk To Me Until I Have Eaten This 2012 Nissan Xterra." The Nissan logo and a small ladder accessory are also visible above the license plate area.
molochofficial / Via twitter.com

27. “Take your pick of these funny bumper stickers”

A close-up of a car's rear bumper with two humorous bumper stickers. The left sticker reads, "HOW AM I DRIVING? HOW DOES AN ENGINE EVEN WORK? HOW CAN A LOVING GOD CAUSE SUCH AGONY." The right sticker reads, "A Small Liberal Arts College Stole My MONEY.
molochofficial / Via twitter.com

28. “Goated bumper sticker”

A rectangular red bumper sticker on a dark-colored car reads, "The only influence I'm under is the power of a Taylor Swift breakup song." The text is in white with decorative flowers in each top corner.
authentichal / Via twitter.com

29. “Feeling this bumper sticker today”

A car with a Mini Cooper emblem on the back. Above it, there's a black-and-white bumper sticker that reads "MAYBE SWEARING WILL HELP," along with various stickers, including one with a peace sign and another that reads "NOT WAR.
Misha4bolts / Via reddit.com

30. “This bumper sticker”

u/BunInTheChamber / Via Reddit.com

31. “New bumper sticker just dropped”

A red and white bumper sticker attached to the back of a white car reads "Please don't hit me." Next to the text is an image of a sad-looking cat. The car model badge indicates it is a Honda Accord.
valleygirlvara / Via twitter

32. “Saw this 2 years ago in Boulder, Colorado”

A bumper sticker on the back of a gray vehicle reads, "ALCOHOL, TOBACCO & FIREARMS SHOULD BE A CONVENIENCE STORE, NOT A GOVERNMENT AGENCY" in bold yellow, white, and red lettering against a blue background.
MedBennet / Via twitter

33. “Buy a man eat fish, he hady, teach fish man to a lifetime”

A vehicle features a bumper sticker with an illustration of a fish and text reading, "Buy a man eat fish, he day, teach fish man to a lifetime." The sticker is slightly worn and placed near the vehicle's tire.
via twitter

34. “If you can read this I’m not impressed. Most people can read.”

Close-up of the rear end of a white car featuring a humorous bumper sticker. The sticker reads, "IF YOU CAN READ THIS. I'm not impressed. Most people can read." The car’s taillight is visible in the upper part of the image.

35. “You just got passed by a bad driver”

A red car with a bumper sticker that shows a cartoon frog driving a small car. The sticker reads, "You just got passed by a BAD DRIVER!" against a pink background with heart shapes.
Via Twitter

36. “A bumper sticker has never resonated with me more.”

A bumper sticker on the back of a car reads, "If you're gonna hit my car make sure you kill me." The sticker is pink with white text, and it is placed on the left side of the gray car's trunk near the tail light.
u/Albuyeh / Via reddit.com

37. “Bumper sticker wisdom”

Bumper sticker on a car reads: "The fact that no one understands you doesn't mean you're an artist." The text is in bold, white capital letters on a black background. The bumper is grey, and the car is parked on a gravel surface with some grass visible.
elegentwin / Via Imgur

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