19 Smug People Who Were Confidently Incorrect

The whole bit about how oftentimes the most foolish people in the room are also the ones being the loudest can end up being painfully true. For whatever reason, sometimes the folks that are the most in need of some common sense are also the very same folks that can’t be bothered to pipe down. Online or out in the wild. However, there’s hope. If you can find it in yourself to actually laugh at the ridiculous times that very smug people were unwaveringly confident then you’re in for a treat.

1. “The amount of likes is scary.”

A social media thread discussing whether Wales is a country. One user argues it's not; others disagree, citing identity, culture, national anthem, and flag. Another user humorously compares Texas having a flag to Wales, implying flags don't define countries.
u/evelkros/via reddit.com

“Pretty sure every Welshman will answer Wales when asked what country they’re from.” – u/TurtleSatan

“Wales is a country because it’s officially recognized as a country. End of story.” – u/deleted

2. “Finally found one.”

A screenshot of a social media comment thread. The first comment says, "If the sun exploded we would only find out 11 years later," with 6270 likes. Reply: "how'd you get that conclusion? 😂" with 1520 likes. Another reply states, "It's a scientific fact, search it up," with 240 likes.
u/hetty147/via reddit.com

“It’s 8 minutes.” – u/psychologicaluse86

“We sure they’re not an alien living in a system 8 light years away.” – u/AlexHanson007

3. “Each country has its own sun.”

Screenshot of a Reddit post discussing how "The Sun used to be orange all the time when I was younger, now it's suddenly changed to white," and arguing that this proves physics is wrong. The post has numerous comments and reactions on the r/boomersbeingfools subreddit.
u/suitablejelly5149/via reddit.com

“We always used yellow in the top corner of the page.” – u/External-Presence204

“The thinking that this proves that physics is wrong is so funny to me.” – u/Doodamia

4. “This nonsense.”

A vintage photo of identical twins with curly hair and striped shirts from the 1980s. Above the image is the text "awkwardfamilyphotos: 'Me and my twin in the 80s.'" Below the image, two comments say, "My twin and I" and "My twin and I is the correct way to state that.

“On the upside they didn’t say myself and my twins in the ’80s.” – u/vermiciousknits42

“Here’s a pic of me and spare parts sounds better.” – u/Basic-Pair8908

5. “Yikes, indeed.”

A social media post shows a handwritten math problem along with user comments. The problems are: A+B=3, A+B+C=6, and A+B+C×4=?. User comments below humorously debate the solution, with one user claiming incorrect answers and another poking fun at them for failing math.
u/temporary-wrap-6094/via reddit.com

“If everyone understood order of operations the world actually might end up being a different place indeed.” – u/Trevellation

“15 is obviously the correct answer.” – u/deleted

6. “Ah yes, must be approximately 47mm.”

A review featuring an image of a U-bolt being measured with vernier calipers, indicating the actual dimensions are approximately 47mm. The review points out the stated dimensions (78 x 50mm) are incorrect, and it wouldn't fit over a 50mm square box section.
u/onefish257/via reddit.com

“Maybe he should just buy a digital one and be less confused.” – u/Seiver123

“As an engineer this hurts.” – u/JakeBradley46

7. “Red blood cells are not real cells.”

Screenshot of a Twitter conversation. The first tweet mentions that most human cells are mature red blood cells without a nucleus or DNA. Several replies follow, one ridiculing the statement and others pointing out that red blood cells don't have organelles, a nucleus, or DNA.
u/bumblebleebug/via reddit.com

“Even if that’s the case is it really that funny.” – u/ShlorpianRooster

“Well yes, they are cells, just hyperspecialized cells.” – u/SothatDidNothingWrong

8. “Good at English.”

A social media post clarifies that "William and me" is grammatically correct, while "William and I" would be incorrect. A comment below insists it should be "William and I," explaining it's how they speak to be relatable, despite acknowledging the grammatical rules.
u/lobotech99/via reddit.com

“It really has made a world of difference to I.” – u/Babserella112

“The worst is that there were another 11 people who were in agreement beforehand.” – u/CFSett

9. “So, this is really what Americans are like then.”

A social media post displays a conversation where the first message claims the dollar symbol ($) is used only by the USA for USD. A response corrects this, stating that over 20 countries use the symbol, listing the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Hong Kong.
u/kittyboiity2/via reddit.com

“Talk about moving those goal posts.” – u/Saavedroo

“Clearly this dude represents everyone then.” – u/TheNamelessFour

10. “That’s clearly why you need to know how to read.”

Cartoon showing two lines of people; one labeled "70K" with a single person, and another labeled "$700,000 in pennies" with a long line. Below, a social media post states "$700,000 / 100 pennies = $7,000," suggesting a miscalculation. Two user profile details are obscured.

“In my mind I hear the math teacher freaking out about the $70K.” – u/Alison_Urahara

“They’re probably trying to figure out if a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers weighs more.” – u/nolayat

11. “Paycheck vs. Paycheque.”

A social media post with a user asking how much a person should ideally save from a monthly "paycheque." Another user responds, correcting the spelling to "paycheck." Below, an image explains that "paycheck" can be spelled paycheque, pay check, or pay cheque.
u/ssbgoggett66/via reddit.com

“Cheque yourself before you reque yourself.” – u/Kid_Kimura

“Someone’s gotta tell him about British English.” – u/mlenny225

12. “Everyone can definitely run 7 minute miles.”

A screenshot of two Reddit comments. The first comment says that running is more mental than physical and claims most people can run a 7-8 minute mile but aren't mentally strong enough. The second comment disagrees, stating average cardiovascular endurance is not that good.
u/r_special/via reddit.com

“But my wheelchair only goes 4mph.” – u/Cat-Soap-Bar

“I’m 4 heart attacks in, it ain’t mental for me.” – u/ValkyrieFWW

13. “You are parents failed you.”

A social media post reads, "If your children attend a public school. You fail as a parent" with a comment on the grammar mistake: "Looking at your grammar, your parents failed you," and another reply correcting "your" to "you're". Reactions and likes are visible.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“I hate all three parts of this.” – u/Useful-Green-3440

“They’re kids are probably not going to any school.” – u/mstermind

14. “Poor guy doesn’t know what an idiom is.”

Screenshot of a conversation on social media about the phrase "should of." One user argues that idioms don't need to make sense to be used. Another user responds, clarifying that "should've" is the correct form, not "should of," and provides an explanation about idioms.
u/kitonepeach/via reddit.com

“Should of known better.” – u/KnavishSprite

“Poor guy, indeed.” – u/ASAP_i

15. “F in math.”

Image showing a sequence of humorous comments on a post. Post is a screenshot showing a 7.9% completion rate for "This is Dark Souls" achievement. Comments include quips about math errors, with users jokingly disputing and correcting each other.
u/sam_tartner/via reddit.com

“Someone should try taking their own advice.” – u/SaitUlveeman

“The worst part is the amount of likes that it ended up getting.” – u/DanTheLegoMan

16. “They were so close, yet so far away.”

A screenshot of a social media comment thread. The first comment states "2/10 than your username is lying" and has 140 upvotes. The reply corrects "your" to "you're" and includes a link to r/grammarfails, alongside a facepalm emoji. The reply has -226 downvotes.
u/fightingtable/via reddit.com

“Grammar fails indeed.” – u/Borsti17

“So many problems with this.” – u/RhubarbRhubarb44

17. “It’s just a theory.”

A screenshot of a social media comment that reads: "exactly. the fact they are all call THEORIES means there are no facts to back them up. the THEORY of evolution the big bang THEORY ect ect". Part of the commenter's profile picture is visible but obscured.
u/g3rmtheory/via reddit.com

“I see some people don’t understand the difference of scientific theory and of word theory.” – u/BziOM

“Gravity must just be a theory too then.” – u/Eightandahalf-tails

18. “They were so sure about themselves.”

A screenshot of a social media post. The author recounts a humorous and defiant story about working at a drive-thru coffee place. After a customer argued about the differences between a latte with chocolate powder and a cappuccino, the author gave both drinks to the customer.
u/lightly-sparkling/via reddit.com

“As someone with actual barista training it would seem that this person has no idea what they’re talking about.” – u/Z_THETA_Z

“Not only are they confidently incorrect, but this probably never happened before.” – u/luluinstastock

19. “Someone skipped biology.”

Screenshot of an online discussion. The first person states that humans were the first animals to start eating red meat, leading to longer energy retention. The second user questions what other predators ate, mentioning chicken and fish. The third user admits uncertainty but assumes other predators ate aquatic animals and plants.
u/mickeyswank/via reddit.com

“I’m now picturing a T-Rex with a fishing rod in its little arms.” – u/captain_pudding

“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion fishes at night.” – u/WasteofMotion

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