22 People Who Had One Job And Failed

Some days are more of a struggle than others. Being human is living with the reality that you can’t always be on your game. The real question though is how quick you are to course correct and also if you’re willing to own up to your mistakes in the first place. With that being said, these people had some iconically tough days. To say that they one job and failed at it would basically be an understatement.

1. “Just want to know how no one noticed it.”

An outdoor exercise equipment with one horizontal dip bar placed much higher than the other. A nearby instructional sign titled "Paired Dip Bars" shows the correct setup with safety guidance, muscle diagrams, and usage instructions for the exercise.
u/inobrainrn/via reddit.com

“That’d drive me crazy enough to consider driving in the middle of the night to show up and fix it.” – u/benbwe

“These are the uneven bars.” – u/SabTab22

2. “No one can unlock it now.”

A close-up view of a hand holding a small, metal padlock with an engraved pattern. The padlock has a key inserted into its keyhole, and the hand's fingers are visible holding the lock, showing fingernails and part of the background blurred out.
u/mvatcher/via reddit.com

“This is the lock picking lawyer.” – u/iamofnohelp

“You’re using a warded padlock. It can be opened by using a paperclip.” – u/Big_Z_Beeb

3. “Minimum wage, minimum effort.”

A drive-thru window with several signs. One red sign reads, "Remember to upsell combos and Biggie™ Bags." Below are smaller signs displaying operating hours, safety reminders, and crime prevention tips. A green hedge is visible outside the window.
u/dummy4dul/via reddit.com

“That’s not minimum effort. That’s malicious compliance.” – u/Academic_Nectarine94

“For eternity, unfortunately.” – u/1sassytarq

4. “45 hotel off of I-95, recently renovated.”

A close-up view of a gray door showing a door chain lock and a horizontal sliding door latch. The chain lock is on the right side of the door, attached to a metal plate. The sliding latch is positioned horizontally above a small metallic plate near the bottom.
u/dualmemorystick/via reddit.com

“That’s why it’s $45.” – u/nitestocker372

“Put a chair against the door handle before going to bed.” – u/Both-Anything4139

5. “The classic no/off switch.”

Close-up of a black electronic device showing a toggle switch labeled "NO/OFF" in the off position.
u/flasche_chris/via reddit.com

“It’s upside down.” – u/Pepesq

“No off, only on.” – u/korfi2go

6. “My kids can spell now but are up the creek without a ladle.”

Two white cards with images and word puzzles. The left card has a picture of a wooden ladle above the word "OAR" with a blank space at the end. The right card shows two chocolate chip cookies above the word "PIE" with a blank space at the beginning. Both cards are placed on a concrete surface.
u/rasta4eye/via reddit.com

“That’s how the pie crumbles.” – u/Rashkamere

“This website uses pies for best performances.” – u/ipadtherefor

7. “Someone at Pepsi doesn’t know the logo design.”

Three 1-liter bottles of Pepsi Zero Sugar are displayed on a store shelf. The bottles have black caps and labels with the Pepsi logo. The labels read "Maxmium Taste" and "Zero Sugar." The background is a plain shelf.
u/qkai76/via reddit.com

“That’s a rare one, man. Sell it as a special bottle.” – u/Old-Storage-6077

“Pepsi, now with zero sugar.” – u/flagszn

8. “French Air Force.”

Aerial view of nine jets flying in formation emitting red, white, and blue colored smoke trails against a clear sky, with an image of the French flag below, displaying vertical blue, white, and red stripes.
u/boopey-doopey/via reddit.com

“Whoever put the red trails in for a blue plane is in for a tough next day on the job.” – u/boomboi999

“The ground crew must be flipping out.” – u/AccessDenied0901

9. “I think you forgot to close the corn car.”

A railroad track in a snowy landscape is covered with a thick layer of spilled corn kernels. Leafless trees line both sides of the track, and the image extends towards a distant horizon.
u/fflex_jan/via reddit.com

“Now the cows have a reason for being on the tracks.” – u/Itzyaboii11

“This is so satisfying.” – u/pm101d

10. “My KitKat was just a bar of chocolate.”

A partially eaten chocolate bar lies on a bright green surface. The background is blurred, revealing the edge of a metallic kitchen appliance. The chocolate bar has visible bite marks at one end.
u/lilosaurus_flex/via reddit.com

“I see this as an absolute win.” – u/wcollins260

“I’m actually jealous.” – u/c_07

11. “You became the very thing you swore to destroy.”

A glass entrance door labeled "The Sliding Door Company" has regular door handles and is hinged, not sliding. A person is taking a photo of the door's reflection outside. The building interior is visible through the glass doors.
u/chadwick_laxman/via reddit.com

“They do slide, just at 90 degree angles.” – u/lavashrine

“I think we can let this slide.” – u/ttopsr

12. “Hm, ok then.”

A small black step stool in a store is holding several bags of concrete mix. A sign on the stool reads, "Holds up to 1000 lbs (Displayed with 810 lbs)." More bags of concrete mix are arranged on the floor behind the stool.
u/colshepard998/via reddit.com

“It said it holds that much. It didn’t say for how long.” – u/hperrin

“The decimal point must be in the wrong place.” – u/fschultz

13. “These taps in an army barracks room.”

A person holds their hand under a running metal faucet in a stainless steel sink. The water is coming out of the tap and flowing over their fingers. The sink is partially filled with water, and the plughole is visible.
u/ds_4bo0t/via reddit.com

“I can’t even think of any kind of sink that this tap would actually work with.” – u/JaskaJii

“Possibly bought in bulk from a bad supplier.” – u/showq1910

14. “Installed the AC, boss.”

A brick building entrance with a metal canopy over the door. There is an air conditioning unit mounted above the door. To the right of the entrance is a large window. The building wall has some graffiti, and various signs and papers are posted near the door.
u/kokokolia-rus/via reddit.com

“Perhaps, reversing climate change.” – u/heathenscent

“Ah yes, the old blow the AC across the window trick.” – u/aarontheelite007

15. “Seems I have not moved for a period longer than I have been alive.”

A smartwatch on a person's wrist displays a message that reads, "Time to get moving! Not now. It's been over 456575 hours. Try some stretches or a walk. Try a stretch." The watch has a black band and a round face with a grey and black bezel.
u/the-ant-whisperer/via reddit.com

“Bro go touch some grass as soon as possible.” – u/blaine111

“It’s never too late to start.” – u/dugan_dugan

16. “Finished labeling the package, boss.”

A cardboard box side featuring a series of icons and the word "Biking" repeated next to each icon. The icons depict various activities including a cyclist, walker, jogger, motorbike, person on a paddleboard, sailboat, and skier.
u/tuokcalb/via reddit.com

“It’s always been all about biking.” – u/igoboomboomb

“Wow, they make some pretty weird bikes now.” – u/dogvw2

17. “Coincidence? I think not.”

A fortune cookie slip with partially cut-off blue text that reads: "No job is so simple that it cannot be done wrong." The slip is placed on a plain, gray surface.
u/bigthinker101/via reddit.com

“This seems like a great joke.” – u/caelus8

“Ironic.” – u/literalicity

18. “Try not to rage.”

A wooden deck with clean, symmetrically aligned boards forming a chevron pattern. The deck is bordered by wooden railings on three sides, and there is a gap visible beneath one side of the railing, suggesting an elevated position.
u/yassir_yq/via reddit.com

“You can see where they started to go wrong. It’s when they left the lumberyard.” – u/Jimmy_cornKlq

“This is one of those things I would point out to infuriate people.” – u/deleted

19. “Never do your best, just quit.”

A motivational message with bold, capital letters on a gradient orange and yellow background reads, "NEVER DO YOUR BEST QUIT!" with "DO YOUR BEST" in black and yellow letters layered over "NEVER" and "QUIT!" in white.
u/bumbumb6/via reddit.com

“Never do your best quit, do your mediocre quit.” – u/kuluiumba

“My motto.” – u/acceptableflight67

20. “Can’t beleave they’d leaf it like this.”

A single maple leaf is outlined on a white line painted on a gray asphalt road, creating an interesting contrast between nature and urban infrastructure. The shadow of the leaf appears prominently, adding an artistic element to the scene.
u/lanky-brit/via reddit.com

“Canada.” – u/ciphers-wingman

“Unbeleafable.” – u/eatingsunscreen

21. “This is close to impressive.”

A cardboard box with three red caution symbols: an umbrella with raindrops labeled "FARGILE," two arrows pointing upwards labeled "Keep Dry," and a wine glass indicating fragility labeled "UPWAPRD." The symbols advise on handling and storage.
u/valimo/via reddit.com

“This has to be a joke. Please be a joke.” – u/ImblOMK

“It got worse the longer I looked at it.” – u/JemPixel

22. “When I tried to cut the cheese.”

A block of yellow cheese is partially unwrapped and sitting on a wooden cutting board. Next to it is a cheese knife with a black handle, and the blade has the word "CHEESE" cut out in capital letters. The cutting board has some knife marks.
u/after-boysenberry-96/via reddit.com

“The cheese cut the knife.” – u/st0rmb4455

“Looks like you’ll just have to take a bite.” – u/illhavethecrab43

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