Never Ignore These 5 Disastrous Romantic Red Flags

The dating landscape continues to evolve as there is seemingly a new dating app released every other week. With so many dating apps available at your disposal, in addition to the connections that you might stand to make with other folks when you’re out and about experiencing the world, it can grow increasingly more difficult to discern the crucial red flags that you need to steer far clear of. We’ll take a quick look at a series of romantic red flags that should tell you it’s going nowhere fast if you find yourself on a date (or even in an early-stage relationship) with anyone exhibiting anything remotely similar to any of this behavior.

1. Everyone is the bad person except for them.

A young deaf couple angrily arguing while sitting on the couch.
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If the common denominator for someone that has apparently only ever encountered friends and perfect strangers that treat them wrong is the very person that you find telling you all of that, then there is unfortunately the running strong likelihood that they could be the poison in the well. When someone commits themselves to victimhood and refuses to own up to how they might’ve even played a part in a dynamic gone south, the red flag has presented itself.

2. If they effortlessly lie to your face.

Someone using lettered blocks to spell out fake or fact.

Anyone who is comfortable with cooly lying to your face while wearing a straight face themselves is absolutely someone to keep an eye on. For instance, how do you know they won’t lie to you at one point or another? There are degrees to the lies that people tell, but overall surrounding yourself with folks that keep it honest will keep your own life far less complicated.

3. When they remind you every few days they’re not ready for commitment.

A couple sitting on the couch faced away from each other with their arms angrily crossed.

Clear and honest communication between romantic partners is obviously golden, but when you find yourself dating someone who is absolutely adamant on reminding you that they’re not ready for commitment, very frequently, you would do well to heavily consider if your valuable time and energy would be better spent elsewhere.

4. When they try to blatantly undermine your confidence.

A couple sitting on the couch in the middle of a heated argument.

Anyone who spends their time trying to make you feel small and like you’re not enough just as you are isn’t worth your time and energy. Unfortunately, there are plenty of folks out there who have made that kind of toxic behavior their whole persona. Thankfully though, they’re very easy to pick out of a crowd.

5. When they tell you they’ve cheated on numerous partners.

A couple having an argument at the kitchen table.

Someone who is comfortable, if not borderline forthcoming about telling you that they’ve had a string of relationships in the past that were upended by cheating is someone you would very likely do well to refrain from throwing in with. There obviously will be those rare exceptions out there, but a fortified track record of cheating tendencies is in general a serious red flag to be wary of.

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