Bizarre Yet High Paying Under-The-Radar Jobs

This world that we’re all living in is filled with its share of equally compelling, occasionally troubling, other times awe-inspiring series of surprises, and in this case, we’re talking about particularly strange yet great paying jobs that are totally under-the-radar. If you find yourself in a career that simply isn’t giving you the inspiration that you’re looking for anymore, then you might honestly consider what your life might look like on down the road if you give one of these under-the-radar jobs a try.

1. Ice Sculpting

A close-up image of a chainsaw cutting through a giant block of ice.

This one actually doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Have you seen some of those ice sculptures that are around these days? They’re literally masterful works of art. You’ve certainly probably got to put your time in when it comes to accumulating a sufficient amount of training to pull off a proper ice sculpture.

2. Professional Smeller

A close-up image of a young man smelling a coffee.

Yes, it turns out that some of us are just gifted when it comes to being able to smell the ever loving oblivion out of various products like candles. In fact, Redditor u/Loreo1964 writes, “My sister in law is “the nose” for yankee candle. When a vat of scented wax is ready, she sniffs it.” It seems like having a heightened sense of smell could be its own blessing and its own curse. A curse in that there are certain aromas you simply would want nothing to do with, yet you’d be simultaneously helpless to not smell them to fruition each time.

3. Master Flavorist

A close up image of a gloved hand pouring out a clear liquid.

Apparently there are literal flavor wizards living amongst us that have devoted their illustrious and wildly impressive careers toward crafting various flavors that pretty much hit every bit of the flavor spectrum. And it comes as no surprise that the world will always have folks with an appetite for experimenting with tasting new artificial flavors on a regular basis.

4. Picture Hanging Specialist

A woman hanging up a nice picture on a blank wall.

Yes, apparently there are folks out there that have made undoubtedly impressive careers for themselves out of hanging pictures with exceptional precision. Redditor u/Schwarzes_Loch writes, “an old neighbor of mine was a picture hanging specialist contracted by many museums. He made 75K a year at the time (about 150K adjusted for inflation).”

5. Pinecone Harvester

A person holding up a small pinecone while in a forest.
Tamer ALKIS/istockphoto

This just sounds like a cool gig. It’s a wonder in and of its own right that we don’t have a movie from the ever hustling and busy Nicolas Cage. Perhaps, in due time. Redditor u/ChronicZombie86 writes, “I was once a pinecone harvester, a helicopter would cut off the tops of trees and bring them to us to pick off the pinecones, which would then go to tree planters to germinate and plant. $35 to fill a 5 gallon bucket, experienced pickers would fill 2½ an hour, but the sap getting all over your clothes, skin, and hair is very annoying and a big deterrent for most.” Yeah, it’s no surprise that the job could certainly come with its unfortunate amount of stickiness.

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