You Should Always Steer Clear Of These Fast Food Restaurants

The truth of it all is that not all fast food restaurants are created equal. Granted, it’s grown tougher than ever to find decently priced fast food meals when you simply must give into the pressing temptations as well. With that being said, folks online weighed in on their least favorite fast food options, and to say the least: these are sure to stir the pot.

1. Panera

An image of the outside of a Panera Bread restaurant.

There are absolutely still folks that swear by things like the mac and cheese from Panera, but then there are other people that swear to never set foot in a Panera unless they’ve exhausted all, literally all, other options.

2. Subway

It all began and it ended with the departure of the infamous actual $5 foot longs. When Subway took that away from us, what did they expect? If it was a cold rage they actually got something right. Not that the foot longs were particularly magical, but they were still an economically viable option when the financial fumes occasion called for it.

3. Tim Hortons

The outside of a Tim Hortons restaurant.

As it turns out, Tim Hortons awakens a profound amount of angsty nostalgia within many a grumpy ex-Tim Hortons customer. Take it from the Redditor below:

u/strain128 writes, “Tim Hortons. We’re nostalgic for a time when they made fresh donuts and great soup and sandwiches. But that was more than 20 years ago and now everything is just heated from frozen garbage with garbage dish water coffee. The only reason they’re around is nostalgia and convenience. Americans for the most part didn’t fall for their crap when the expanded south because they didn’t have one on every corner and they don’t have the nostalgia and they already have a sh*tty coffee and donut place called Dunkin.”

4. KFC

The outside of a KFC restaurant.

So, apparently many people’s “beef” with KFC is centered on the fast food chain’s decision to do away with their potato wedges. The potato wedges were apparently one of the best things that they had going for them.

5. McDonald’s

The outside of a McDonald's restaurant.
M. Suhail/istockphoto

This one is sure to stir the pot. While you’ll always have people that are full-on committed to their McDonald’s routine regardless of how much inflation messes with the price points of the various deep-fried dishes, there are plenty of people that will absolutely not deal with the pricing of even their old favorite McDonald’s dishes.

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