Ways To Age Well Without Breaking The Bank

Aging well doesn’t require you to invest all of your hard-earned financial resources in the pursuit to sip from the literal fountain of youth. As it turns out there are plenty of totally natural and pretty much free ways that we can help our minds and bodies gracefully navigate the aging process.

1. Move your body.

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Putting in the effort to maintain solid physical health is crucial. There’s no getting around it. More and more research indicates that something as simple as walking plays an instrumental role in helping you to stay healthy. According to the American Heart Association, walking just 30 minutes a day produces a wide range of benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease, improved blood pressure, weight control, and a reduced risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, and diabetes.

2. Don’t sleep on the value of the zzz’s.

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We simply cannot sleep on the overwhelming value of sleep. Regularly getting enough sleep can help you improve your memory, reduce inflammation, stress less, maintain sharper focus, and even end up with a longer lifespan when it’s all said and done.

3. Keep connected.

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Sure, there are plenty of benefits to be derived from taking healthy breaks from your phone, social media, the TV, the news, etc. However, making the effort here and there to keep your connections alive and well with peers and family members alike is an easy way to keep your mood and general outlook just a bit more stabilized.

4. Regularly declutter your living space.

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For many of us the act of accumulating various things around our homes is its own kind of artful process. We bring with us from one home to the next various artifacts that serve as valuable reminders of golden times long since passed. However, there’s a fine line between collecting symbols of memories and creating stress-inducing clutter in your home. Do what you can to not cross over the line. F

5. Keep your head up and do what you can to maintain the positivity.

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Researchers say people who see aging as a positive experience tend to recover faster and be in better shape physically as well as mentally. That alone should be enough to at least invite you to consider stubbornly adopting a smile the next time life chucks a challenging curveball your way.

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