Things Millennials Actually AREN’T Destroying

Millennials get a bad rap to say the least. It’s not an uncommon event to step outside and overhear a couple folks from an older generation going on about the latest millennial trend that’s surely going to push this space rock of an earth into the end all cataclysm itself. However, there are some sporadic shining moments from millennials. Regardless of what the critics say. We’ll take a look at what some of those are.

1. Mental health awareness and breaking generational trauma

A fence with a few different mental health awareness signs on it.
Dan Meyers/unsplash

The shift toward supporting mental health awareness, therapy, and all of the shadow work that comes with it has been a remarkably encouraging trend amongst millennials. It’s crazy what kinds of positive changes can take place in one’s life when they simply slow down, and work with a trained professional to either identify the broken pieces, or work at putting them back together. It’s reported that nearly 2 in 5 Gen Z and Millennials are planning for therapy throughout 2024, and the larger majority believe that those folks that aren’t should consider giving it a try.

2. They’re keeping the toy industry (LEGOs) alive

A close-up image of a ton of LEGOs.
Xavi Cabrera/unsplash

It’s no joke. LEGOs are so, so back. What’s not to love? You’ve just got to make sure that you’re wearing the proper footwear when you break out the new Star Wars LEGO set. It’s reported that LEGO saw growth amongst Millennials of 6%. Let’s go.

3. Healthy boundaries

An image of someone looking out the window with their hands crossed.
Ümit Bulut/unsplash

You can really tell that the healthy boundaries need to be established with someone when you tell them that you’re establishing a healthy boundary (such as, “let’s only catch up once every few weeks), and they instantaneously challenge you on it. There should be no second guessing anyone who feels uncomfortable enough to establish a healthy boundary.

4. Self-worth in the workplace

An image of a sign talking about the value of self love.
Tim Mossholder/unsplash

If you don’t practice respecting yourself on a regular basis it’s terribly easy to get caught up with people that also won’t respect you. Self-worth is golden in this day and age. Especially in the workplace. Not only will your coworkers resonate with the energy you’re putting out, but your work that you get done will likely be of that much of a higher quality because you’re not resenting the process.

5. Being environmentally conscious

There’s no getting around the fact that we continue to see all kinds of crazy outbursts from the planet. It’s in deep distress mode, and plenty of humans simply can’t be bothered to stop and look even for a second at the mess. It’s reported that Gen Z and Millennials have displayed the highest consideration though for sustainability, with 94% and 93% respectively, compared to 88% of Gen X shoppers and 77% of Baby Boomers.

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