Clutch Frugal Meals For When You’re On Financial Fumes

Many of us have been there at one point or another. You’ve done all that you can to stretch that paycheck, and you’re still not entirely convinced that you’re going to make it through the final sprint to next payday. This is where the frugal life is the clutch life. We’ll take a look at some of the go-to frugal meals that you need in your arsenal for the going gets tough, but you’re not willing to have sleep for dinner.

1. Breakfast Burritos

An image of a breakfast burrito that's been plated.
Mikey Frost/unsplash

I’m personally in the boat of if I could eat breakfast for every meal every day, I might. There are just so many options that can go into a hearty breakfast, and it still doesn’t break the bank. Things got dark there during eggflation though. Don’t get me wrong. Now though, you can opt for some economically efficient breakfast burritos, which will cover your protein base. Plus, you can freeze them for future feasts. Try out some bacon bits to carry your breakfast burrito into the promiseland. Last, check out this recipe for a great cheap option.

2. Potatoes

Close-up image of a ton of yellow potatoes.
Hai Nguyen/unsplash

Potatoes are pretty much always here to save the day. They ask so little of us and yet do so much. They can go with practically anything. You can get especially fancy with it, and buy a ton of potatoes from Costco and then ball out with the potato bar. Talk about an immediate fan favorite.

3. Dahl

An image of someone about to eat some Dahl.
Edgar Castrejon/unsplash

Dahl is a South Asian lentil stew that crushes it in the healthy and hearty dish category. It’s a great teammate dish with something like potatoes or a loaf of bread. Check out this quick, easy, and vegan recipe.

4. Turkey

An image of a turkey.
Claudio Schwarz/unsplash

You don’t need to save yourself for turkey time just for Thanksgiving. Scope out what kinds of deals your local butcher and/or grocery store offers throughout the year on turkeys. You’d be surprised. From there, you already know how wonderfully filling a turkey meal can be.

5. Rice

An image of a bowl of rice.
Pille R. Priske/unsplash

For me, when it comes to frugal meal staples rice is right up there with potatoes. It’s effortless to pair your rice up with some cheap meat and/or veggies. You’ve just got to make sure that you don’t get lazy when it comes to being involved in the rice cooking process.

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