Really Dangerous Things People Don’t Realize Are Dangerous

Look, some of us just entered the world more cautious than others. We all have that friend who is prone toward a stubbornly consistent series of risky endeavors, and the more you encourage them to stop the more so they seem inclined to keep at it in their ways. With that being said there are certain dangerous things that so many of us have zero idea are putting us in potential harm’s way. We’ll take a look at some of the most dangerous things out there that you might otherwise have had no idea were dangerous.

1. Rip Currents

An image of people swimming in bright blue water.
Unsplash/Serena Woodward

If you’ve ever heard someone talking about being caught up in the unforgiving throes of a rip current, you likely heard nothing short of a terrifying tale. A rip current itself is what happens when waves end up breaking near the shoreline. They will then pile up water between breaking waves and the beach. This water then makes its way back to the ocean in the form of a rip current, which rapidly moves away from the shore and runs perpendicular to the shoreline. 

To put things further in perspective though, lifeguards end up saving tens of thousands of people from rip currents in the U.S. each year. It’s estimated that on average upwards of 71 people are killed each year by rip currents. Just remember that if you ever get caught in a rip current, do not fight it. Instead, swim parallel to the shoreline and then make your way back to land at an angle. 

2. Escalators 

You’re not alone if you too find yourself overcome with a case of nerves when you approach the first step of an escalator. Escalators can end up being tricky obstacle courses, made worse by people that grow impatient and try to surpass you, as well as when you’re hauling something like luggage up the stairs. The actual torque that is generated by an escalator is enough to literally lift dozens of people. It’s not going to stop for your limbs. If you end up seeing a kid or dog or elderly person in trouble on an escalator, there are usually emergency stop buttons that are located at both the top and the bottom of the escalator. The National Institute of Health reports that just around 10,000 escalator-related injuries result in emergency department treatment in the United States on a yearly basis. That stat alone, points at how dangerous escalators can end up being. 

3. Combining Different Cleaning Products

An image of someone wiping down a counter tip with a cleaning product.

It’s understandable enough to realize how people can end up combining cleaning products, to cut down on costs and save the extra buck when they can. However, this can end up being incredibly dangerous. For instance, combining bleach with ammonia produces Chloramine. Exposure to Chloramine can result in shortness of breath as well as chest pain. Then, combining bleach and rubbing alcohol results in Chloroform. Either of these are highly toxic combinations. 

4. Hippos

An image of hippos floating in the water.
Wade Lambert/unsplash

Hippos can be aesthetically disarming. They don’t help the cause when they appear in pictures to just be having the most relaxing of times floating through life. However, hippos aren’t to be messed with. The accounts recording the total number of human deaths each year by hippo attacks can end up ranging anywhere from 500 to 3,000. It’s generally assumed though that the hippo attacks that occur on small boats is the result of anti predatory behavior, whenever a hippo mistakes a smaller boat for a crocodile. 

5. Kitten Bites

If the previously mentioned hippos are aesthetically disarming, kittens are truly in a league of their own. Many of us are absolutely hopeless and helpless to the cuteness of a kitten. However, if a kitten has unclean teeth and then bites you hard enough to draw blood, the potentiality for a life-threatening infection goes through the roof. This is because kitten teeth act like mini needles that are able to swiftly inject bacteria into your blood. Approximately 400,000 cat bites are reported annually within the U.S. Then, 50%-80% of cat bites can then become serious enough to require medical attention. So, keep it very careful whenever you decide to play with a kitten. 

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