Lesser Known Disney Conspiracy Theories

Where there’s someone with a bit too much time on their hands and a bottomless appetite for diving down the internet’s strangest rabbit holes, there is a conspiracy theory ready to present itself. Conspiracy theories can be fun. They open the door to considering the possibility that everything isn’t quite as it seems. For better, or for far worse. In this, we’re going to turn our gaze toward considering some of the less common Disney conspiracy theories. Buckle up.

1. The Voice of Snow White, Adriana Caselotti, Had A Tough Go After Snow White

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The rumor for the voice behind the famed Snow White, Adriana Caselotti, was that she simply couldn’t secure a gig in any movies or music opportunities after Snow White. The rumor suggests that anyone who would try to hire Caselotti to do any kind of recording was then warned off by Disney due to them being committed to ensuring that kids didn’t hear Snow White’s voice anywhere besides coming out of Snow White. Ouch. 

2. A Wild Era For The Disneyland Cast Member Dress Code

An image of Donald Duck inflatable at Disneyland.
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Oh boy this one is wild, but the conspiracy theory goes that someone got it into their heads that everyone within the Disneyland cast had to wear shared underpants. Come on now. This originated from the fact that characters had to wear shared underdressing. Someone just took it a step further and assumed this meant shared underwear. 

3. That The Arizona State University Mascot, Sparky the Sun Devil, Was Based On An Unflattering Likeness Of Walt Disney

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Oh, Sparky, don’t do Walt Disney like that. The rumor goes that the animator who was behind the original conception of Sparky the Sun Devil’s appearance was a rather unhappy former Disney employee who despised Walt Disney. It’s really a matter of subjective interpretation on this one, but the conspiracy theorists are always ready to point the finger. 

4. “Frozen” Was Created To Bury The Theory That Walt Disney Was Cryogenically Frozen

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The whole reason that Disney made the movie “Frozen” was a calculated attempt to bury the conspiracy theory floating around that Walt Disney had his body cryogenically frozen. The logic was that whenever people Googled “Walt Disney frozen” the actual search results would end up being about the movie instead. It doesn’t seem like it works anymore, but at least they raked in a whole lot of cash as a result. 

5. Disney Security Guards Have To Stop People From Trying To Spread Ashes

An image of a Disneyland balloon.
steven lozano/unsplash

This one seems more believable than a lot of the other rambunctious conspiracy theories that can start being spread around. Apparently, one of the most common areas that people attempt to spread their loved one’s ashes is into the water of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

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