11 Behind-the-Scenes Kitchen Moments Customers Never Get To See

There is a world of bubbling, steaming, scream-riddled chaos lurking behind that swinging door that separates a restaurant kitchen from the establishment’s customers. In many ways, ignorance can prove to be bliss with what customers don’t see happening back there. The inventive profanity, the sleep-deprived line cook that has completely had it with his bossy expo who insists on letting him know that his Cobb Salads aren’t coming out with the right ingredients, and many other expressions of madness. This all goes without saying that there are plenty of unexpectedly wholesome moments between restaurant employees that are holding down the fort. For this list, we’re going to look at some of the best confidential restaurant kitchen moments that you haven’t had a chance to feast your eyes on just yet.

1. “My sister is having a disagreement on presentation with her head chef. Her’s is on the right, head chef’s is on the left.”

Honestly though, you’ve got to give it to whoever had the ill-advised courage to challenge their chef on how to plate this dessert. Not all chefs appreciate being challenged on their opinions.

2. “Somebody just ordered this. I work at a golf course restaurant and deal with a lot of difficult people. They outdid themselves today.”

Some orders that come through the window are more disruptive than others. In fact, some orders can completely impede the flow of working through a brunch, lunch, or dinner rush. This order is particularly nasty.

3. “The way the new guy labeled this box.”

I just wonder how much panic must’ve been coursing through this new employee’s veins when they took this “tactical” approach to labeling boxes. It’s definitely an outside-of-the-box approach.

4. “Chef is trying to convince me this is medium rare”

Man, that’s a tough sell. If that’s a medium rare take on a piece of steak, you’ve got to wonder with trepidation on what this chef pictures when they’re asked about a rare steak.

“Looks like it was frozen inside or just cooked on lava” – u/DueAd197

5. “When you go in to eat on your night off”

I get it. It’s your night off, and the prices of food across the board are continuing to skyrocket. Eating at your workplace to cut down on costs can be a risky move if you have any coworkers that have a reputation for not wanting to work all the way through their shifts though.

“I would eat everything but the no.” – u/angrybobs

6. “I’m a dishie and came into work mid dinner service and this is how the pit looks. Seriously, my colleague, the other dishie is such an absolute champion. Every time I work after him my job is 10 times easier. Everyone at the restaurant loves him and this photo is the reason!

Dish pits can quickly devolve into complete abominations. If you’ve ever worked a job as a dishwasher you’ll have a deep appreciation for just how immaculate this dish pit is.

7. “Girlfriend’s little brother just worked his first thanksgiving double. This was the staff meal.”

Oh, come on. A double on Thanksgiving is absolutely nothing to be underestimated. The rushes that can come through when you work a holiday shift are bone-rattling. And then you treat the employees to this for a staff meal. Yikes.

“Exceptional way to ensure none of the people who worked that double will work that double for them again.” – u/DiscorsiSynnove

8. “Does your tuna ever come with a harpoon in it? 25 lbs in the trash”

This poor tuna never stood a chance. Did the restaurant need its backstory with the harpoon though? Probably not.

9. “I think these are the most beautiful shallots I’ve ever minced and I thought I’d share”

Whoever pulled off this meticulously prepared masterpiece with the shallots deserves a round of applause. Perhaps, a medal would be more appropriate. Their journey to arrive at this as the final result couldn’t have been an easy one.

10. “Just found out what this restaurant uses for “goat cheese.” I’ve been working brunch here on weekends. Had a busy Saturday so I had to restock my omelette station.

This is a prime example of ignorance being bliss. Will you now have doubts about what kind of goat cheese you’re being served next time you dine out? Maybe, and I don’t blame you.

11. “Chef cut himself so badly yesterday he had to go to the hospital and take the day off. We set up his station this morning with his safety in mind”

Chefs station with safety scissors and a plastic knife
u/MuscleMilkHotel / Via reddit.com

“I used to work with a chef who would say that there’s two kinds of chefs, those who have cut themselves and those who will cut themselves. Then she cut ME, and we changed it to those who will cut someone.” – u/Roller31415

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