19 Absolutely Bizarre Secondhand Finds

There are thrift stores that truly run the game when it comes to amassing unexpected, deeply unique treasures. Then there are thrift stores that get far too carried away with what they’re putting on their shelves. Some of the thrift store finds that made this list are borderline cursed. Like, you wouldn’t necessarily want to bring some of these items home unless you were also cool with potentially becoming possessed by an evil spirit.

1. Pooh Has Had Better Days.

It would be particularly hard to get comfortable with this whole evil Pooh thing going on.

2. This Turtle Never Stood A Chance.

I have so many questions about how this turtle came to be in the first place.

3. Honestly Though, This Is A Vibe.

This is a diamond in the rough though.

4. Carrots And Beans Lamp For The Surprise Victory.

Look I’m all for embracing outlandish new art pieces to add a bit more flavor to your home. However, a carrots and beans lamp is very far out indeed.

5. Rumor Has It That This PS4 Is A Tad Bit Buggy.

So, that’s a bit of a nightmare factory.

6. Just In Case You Need To Let People Know About Your Big Brains.

Honestly though, this is kind of a fit.

7. Not A Very Happy Clown.

An image of a strange bearded clown collectible.

This dude has stories to tell. They probably won’t be particularly funny stories though.

8. Talk About An Unexpected Combination.

This is unsettling in every sense of the word.

9. Yeah, That’s Going To Be Hard Pass For Me.

We’re selling this for $25? Definitely starting off at a high price point.

10. Okay, Now We’ve Hit A New Level Of Cursed.

Those eyes. Undeniably haunted.

11. Wow, That Must Be Some Kind Of Waffle Maker.

That’s got to be boss level waffle maker.

12. Just Because You Can Never Get Too Many Haunted Dolls.

Probably going to have to commit to the potentially haunted dolls. If you’re going to go for it, you simply must go all the way.

13. So, Apparently It’s A Bird House.

That’s going to be one seriously lucky bird.

14. Oh My Goodness, This Isn’t Okay.

There’s something deeply disturbing about the expressions.

15. How Sweet.

A couple of very weird collectibles.

I just wonder what the inspiration was behind creating these to begin with.

16. I’m Not Sure If I’m Scared Or If This Is Actually Cute.

Did you know that your home needed a cabbage dog? Probably not. However, it’s all good though because now you do.

17. Those Eyes Have Seen Some Things.

Seriously, if I saw this dude pop up in the middle of the night I’d have some problems.

18. Yeah, Just Keep The Iron Throne, Man.

You don’t want to mess with this cat and their throne.

19. I Wonder If The Rock Himself Has One Of These.

‘The Rocktopus.” Coming soon to a theater near you.

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