15 Of The Most Expensive Versions Of Everyday Things

Far too many folks get caught up in chasing status symbols when they end up with more money in their bank accounts than they ever could’ve hoped for. The reality is that there is always going to be a more expensive version of an item that is completely common in its nature. Take a bottle of water as an example. You can absolutely find yourself a big glass bottle of water at your nearest organic market that will likely cost 4-5 times the amount of a cheap alternative. That’s just a bottle of water. We’re going to take a look at the most notably expensive versions of everyday things. If you thought there wasn’t a laptop case out there that could bust your bank account wide open, then you thought sorely wrong.

1. $100,000 Smartphone Protectors

Yeah, in this day and age if you have a sweet $100K sitting around and you’re able to carelessly drop that on a fancy smartphone protector, good on you. The Brikk Trim iPhone cases are reserved for the obnoxiously wealthy members of society. The business also donates one metric ton of rice to a specified charitable NGO. So, maybe that charitable element makes anyone who can’t resist buying the egregiously priced smartphone protector feel a bit better about themselves. The case itself is outfitted in 600 diamonds and weighs a total of 6 carats.

2. 22-Carat Gold Toilet Paper Roll

Man, we’re not talking about anything in the same universe, no, the same dimension, as that of some single-ply toilet paper. Yes, it turns out that there is 22-carat gold toilet paper available for purchase out there. The Toilet Paper Man of Australia sells the world’s priciest bathroom tissue for what works out to be around $1.3 million US dollars. And hey, that’s just for one roll of toilet paper.

3. Luxury Straws

If you’re not sipping your next chilled beverage out of a luxurious Tiffany Monkey Straw that’ll run you up to the tune of $2,400, you’re clearly not doing it right. The straw consists of sterling silver and is 7.25″ long. I’m not convinced that those details in any way warrant dropping $155 on a straw. But hey, to each their own.

4. Designer Tampons

Andrea Mettler certainly made a splash on the tampons market with these luxury designer tampons. If you have the cash lying around that won’t leave you troubled dropping $1,000 on tampons, then all the more power to you. If you don’t though. Thankfully there are plenty of cheaper alternatives.

5. Luxury Pacifiers

If you’re at all concerned about the implications of spoiling your kid from too young of an age, then you’d do best to steer clear of this luxury pacifier from Kalfin Jewelry. The Austrlia-based, hyper-luxe jewelry company spares no expense on making their products as glamorous as possible. This pacifier is made out of 14-carat white and yellow gold. I mean, come on.

6. Gold Bar Doorstop

Arik Levy, a Tel Aviv-based designer unveiled these flashy doorstops for French design company, ENO. The limited edition gold bars are only available for purchase in the most exclusive design stores over in France, Denmark, and Japan. The digits that are actually inscribed on the gold bars (260373) are meant to draw reference to the first day that women were allowed to enter the London Stock Exchange in 1973.

7. $15,000 Garbage Cans

Sylvie Fleury certainly swung for the fences when they unveiled an impressive lot of 25 limited edition trash cans that costed anywhere between $10,000-$15,000. If you’re more so in the simple, humble rubber trash can boat, there’s no shame in that.

8. 10 Thousand BC Luxury Glacier Water

This luxury bottled water brand based out of Canada made their bold claim that they were distributing the absolute best bottled water in the world. The water is sourced from the Coastal Glacier Range in British Columbia, and is priced at $7 per bottle. The company employs some unique steps in their water bottling process, which includes even playing inspirational music, because they believe the water’s “memory” will benefit as a result.

9. $1,500 Wool Socks

Harrys of London crafted these wool socks out of 100% Cervelt, which was taken directly from New Zealand’s Red Deer. This alone makes the socks especially rare. Apparently Cervelt fibers are extremely difficult to work with. The final product though turns out to be exceptionally durable. So, at least you have that going for you.

10. $195,000 Diamond Nail Polishes

Azature is absolutely playing zero games when it comes to their exclusive Black Diamond Nail Polish. The bottle of nail polish alone features a sterling platinum cap that has its top complimented by 60 black diamonds that have been placed by hand. Inside the actual bottle though is where things attain peak insanity. The bottle of nail polish contains 267 carats of crushed diamonds mixed into the actual nail polish. Sheesh, indeed.

11. $55 Million Necklace

An image of the Mouawad L'Incomparable Diamond Necklace.

Mouawad is a three-time Guinness World Record holding brand, and they don’t seem like they’re trying to slow down the momentum any time in the near future. The Mouawad L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace took home yet another record. This necklace weighs in at a whopping 407.48 carats and it’s valuation is sitting right around a chill $55 million.

12. $3.1 Million Boots

A.F. Vandevorst teamed up with Diarough/UNI-Design to release the most luxurious pair of boots that the world has seen just yet. The boots include a total of 1,550 carats of diamonds that are embedded, in addition to a sweet 4,783 grams of gold. Apparently, it took just around 30,000 hours to place all the diamonds that were included in these boots.

13. $20,000 Face Creams

If you’re looking to take your face creams game to the next level, then you might want to make the investment in the bank account-shattering Creme de la Mer. A bottle of this face cream usually costs $168, but due to the special bottling process for this particular face cream that was completed by the French jeweler Boucheron, it ended up costing right around $20,000. The bottle featured a mother-of-pearl as well as a cabochon gemstone.

14. $2,500 Cricket Bats

Sir Ian Botham was an undeniable legend in the game of cricket. This bat in particular was used to completely shift the momentum of a nail-biter series between the English and Australian cricket teams. Following the series, Ian Botham pretty much achieved sainthood in England, and actually earned his knighthood. There was a time when the cricket bat was being auctioned to the tune of around $2,500. That’ll do it.

15. $38,000 Christmas Puddings

Happy holidays indeed. Pastry chef Martin Chiffers ended up creating a wildly pricey holiday pudding that was available for right around $38,000. If that’s the route, I guess the stockings aren’t going to be stuffed. The pudding was made to be able to serve around 12 people and also came with a bottle of Duret 1810 Cognac, which was valued over $17,000.

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