11 Ingenious Life Hacks We Found This Week

We are huge fans of life hacks here. Any time someone discovers an ingenious solution to a common problem, we’re ready to bust out the proper round of applause. Some life hacks are true flashes of genius. These people were clearly tapped in when they came up with their own ways to not get held back by the momentary road blocks that life will inevitably throw our way.

1. “Does our child have a stuffed animal they are obsessed with that you can’t find/buy again? Try this.”

“I am kind of certain they will notice it doesn’t have a soul.” – u/billybainesinc

“Can confirm. Bought a replica of both of kids favorite toys as backups. They know instantly.” u/seconex

2. “You can use a spoon saver to cling onto your last banana.”

“When there’s 2 bananas left cut one stem short so there’s a V to hang the last banana.” – u/dOiTdAVe

“This is adorable.” – u/bumblepupk

3. “If I ever become a parent, I’m definitely using this.”

“I remembered Popeye branded spinach. Definitely helped me eat it as a kid.” – u/atheris-prime_RID

“They also sell edible stickers at my grocery store in the produce section for this exact thing. You could probably find them on Amazon.” – u/deleted

4. “I put blue food coloring in the recipe so that my roommates won’t eat any of my cookies.”

“Mmm mint chocolate chip cookies.” – u/Stompya

“I once made cookies for my husband but I made them while he was in the kitchen, and I put sugar in the salt tin so he thought I put salt in them. Boom untouched cookies.” – u/Anonymous1011

5. “My wife’s technique poking the popsicle stick through a paper towel to catch the drips.”

“And I just thought I had to eat faster.” – u/virtually_anonnymuss

“I use paper muffin cups.” – u/cgelz

6. “Re-use egg cartons to build up charcoal pyramids for the bbq. Just light it on fire at the edges to get it going. Got 67 bricks here which should get a decent heat going.”

“Or buy a chimney starter.” – u/emeaguiar

“Poke some holes into it before, so air can stream from the bottom up through the coals.” – u/iwueobanet

7. “Get rid of 99% of unwanted mail with this one trick.”

“Tape a card with the names of the people who get mail at your address where the carrier will see it. New people on a route (or temp people; they are all overworked and understaffed) likely won’t know the correct names.” – u/chapeksucks

“Unfortunately for me my unwanted mail is bills I can’t pay because I’m broke.” – u/the_simurgh

8. “Carry bread cips to fix worn flip-flops.”

“Madlad wearing two different types of sandals” – u/JPScurry

“We use to use safety pins.” – u/Splashfooz

9. “Couldn’t afford fancy planters for my rootbound Palms. 44 gallon trash cans for the win.”

“You can get those with wheels.” – u/iambluest

“Just make sure you drill holes on the bottom.” – u/ThatsMrSmeeToYou

10. “Use pliers to hold small nails when hammering, less chance of smashing your fingers.”

“Sometimes tiny nails are tinier than your finger. I use a strip of paper and poke it through.” – u/freefrompress

“Next guide. How to trim nails.” – u/ColdTrky

11. “Use a shallow dish with water to keep ants out of your pet’s food bowl.”

“Wouldn’t those jeans just rot?” – u/comeatmebro

“Also. If you use plastic bowls for cat’s water and food they might get little acne-like bumps on their chins as a reaction to the plastic. I learned this from experience. I hope this helps someone else.” – u/mottavader

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