13 Hilarious Misunderstandings That We Discovered This Week

Sometimes you just drop the ball. You miss the signs. It can happen to the best of us. Being human is being forever vulnerable to the infamous off day. The day when things simply refuse to line up. Some days also certainly sting more than others. If you’re still recovering from your own most recent ridiculous misunderstanding then we can assure you that these people’s own blunders might serve to make you feel just a bit better inside.

1. “My Wife’s Thirtieth Birthday Cake Confusion.”

“This made me laugh so much. Thank you for sharing.” – u/cosmeticcrazy

“These are the kinds of things that make an inside joke for a lifetime.” – u/crimson_trocar

2. “Guess who thought the soy sauce was syrup this morning.”

“I put cinnamon in my tuna thinking it was paprika. Boy were my taste buds surprised.” – u/igneousink

“That is one big thing of soy sauce.” – u/Mightyhaslan

3. “Received flowers from grandma with this card.”

“Honestly, it’s really sweet that she sent you flowers for literally no particular reason.” – u/sadhand

“Oh the card may be empty, but the sentiment is clear.” – u/VIDGuide

4. “Sighted at my local bubble tea shop.”

“That’s a shame.” – u/LittleBoiFound

“I’m happy.” – u/HAGeeMe

5. “Our company now has 900 of these pens.”

“I got that exact same pen from a law office, and it’s the best pen ever. Where are they from?” – u/VoxyPop

“I’ll take 20.” – u/ProgMM

6. “Surprise.”

“To be fair aren’t those delivery instructions for the seller.” – u/jgoldblum88

“The bar is truly low to be an Amazon delivery driver.” – u/deleted

7. “Missed the mark by a bit there.”

“Phteven.” – u/SemanticallyPedantic

“Why is this one making me laugh especially hard.? – u/deleted

8. “They put the wrong doll.”

“When everyone’s swimming, no one will be.” – u/Sagittayystar

“Welp. That’s now a collector’s edition.” – u/lonely_funny_guy

9. “A friend of mine ordered a picture cake and gave the woman a thumb drive with the picture she wanted to use.”

“Honestly, I would keep it. The story of this cake is probably better than any picture I could think of that someone would put on a cake.” -u/eodryan

“Oh the files are in the computer.” -u/bookelly

10. “My mom’s old iPad.”

An image of an iPad engraving fail.

“This has to be intentional. You leave it blank at checkout.” -u/wooooos

“This is the kind of thing I would do on purpose.” – u/deleted

11. “Employee wrote my name exactly as I said.”

“Would have been funnier if he wrote “Claire without an I.” – u/Joatorino

“That’s like a bloke who comes to our pub called Geoff with J.” – u/FreddyDeus

12. “Birthday cake for my boy. I don’t know why this is so hard.”

“I think this is intentional.” – u/cormac596

“I read this in BoJack voice and it kinda fits.” – u/ButterickBlonde

13. “Brian with a y.”

An image of a Starbucks cup with funny name misspelling.

“Yrian.” – u/Coliosis

“Starbucks cups is just cheating.” – u/LordWhoops

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