25 People Who Were Very Smug and Very Wrong

We all know those people who are so sure of themselves that they can be downright smug in their wrongness. This is a collection of those types of people who are not only completely incorrect, but extremely loud and proud about it.

1. “You don’t know what mRNA is do you?”

2. Wales is in fact a country

3. In fact we would notice in 8 minutes and 20 seconds

4. There is only one sun, and it hasn’t changed colors

5. Wait, do you think rubber trees are rubbery and not wood?

6. Okay, but what happens when all that ice is sitting on land?

7. Confirming that your mathematical capability is not great

8. A front trunk is called a ‘frunk’ actually

9. Dairy products are made from the milk of mammals. Eggs are laid by birds.

10. Scientists should study this person’s brain

11. I’m about to sell this person some ocean front property in Arizona

12. When in doubt, double down

13. That’s not how that works. Sorry to tell you, you were born.

14. Pizzas do not, in fact, shrink when cooked

15. Breath: to take air into the lungs and then expel it

16. Burglarize is, in fact, a word

17. White chicken eggs are totally natural

18. That’s not what ‘rookie’ means

19. Thank you Mr. Dictionary

20. Great choice. If you somehow live another 100 years you’ll end up with a whopping $31.2k

21. Hold on, I have more ocean front property in Arizona for sale

22. Everybody just needs to settle down

23. Just incredible

24. Pythagoras is such a good diss here

25. This has to be my favorite one of the entire list

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