13 Of The Funniest Signs We Discovered This Week

We love a good-humored sign. There are always going to be plenty of lifeless signs taking up the sides of roads and hanging out in front of buildings. So whenever you spot a sign out in the wild that hilariously missed the mark, or went the extra mile to pack in a funny joke, you’ve got to pay your respects. These are some of our favorite signs that we discovered this week.

1. “Hope she left some music for him too.”

2. “Beware of Zeb.”

3. “Lost Rumba.”

4. “You’ll never need a bank.”

5. “Are you efforting enough?”

6. “His bark is bigger than his bite.”

7. “Don’t forget.”

8. “Your speed is?”

9. “Math is always a problem.”

10. “This sign is accurate.”

11. “When a dude shows up in public with handmade signs and controversial opinions.”

12. “Anyone disagree?”

13. “Anything to avoid the metric system.”

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