13 Photos That Require Big Brains Energy To Figure Out

Sometimes you need to test yourself. You need to prove to yourself that you have what it takes to figure out a confusing photo that the internet spawned amidst all of its chaos, to throw you off. These pictures in particular are nowhere close to being easy to figure out. Yet, if you reach for max levels of brain power you just might be able to get it done.

1. “Where did we park our car?”

Two pigeons looking huge next to cars.

2. “No, those aren’t barstools.”

A line of espresso martinis that look like barstools.

3. “This rock looks like a grilled cheese sandwich.”

A rock that ended up looking like a grilled cheese sandwich.

4. “No that’s not a monster dandelion.”

A water fountain that looks like a huge dandelion.

5. “This firewood was stacked to resemble a fallen tree.”

Firewood that's been stacked to look like a fallen tree.

6. “No, this cat is in fact not levitating.”

A cat that looks like it's levitating.

7. “Not this is not a romantic embrace. “

A person with their arm on the couch, but it looks like a couple embracing.

8. “What’s this sock even talking about.”

A sock liner that looks like an open mouth.

9. “A balanced coin on a ring, making the coin look transparent.”

A coin that's been balanced on a ring so that the coin looks transparent.

10. “This layer of ice looks like cling film.”

A layer of ice that looks like cling film.

11. “That’s not a slope on a snowy mountain.”

A frozen windshield that looks like a snowy mountain.

12. “A lime or a lemon? That is the eternal question.”

A confusing looking lime or lemon.

13. “Yes, that’s actually a real snowflake.”

A perfect looking close-up image of a snowflake.

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