15+ Things That Only Exist Because Of People’s Dumbness

Plenty of us have had numerous moments where we’re out and about, and come across a label, a sign, bizarre instructions that seem so absurd, we can’t help but wonder how some people can be so clueless. Yet, that’s how it is. Some of us need a literal instruction manual for how to smoothly navigate life more than others. These things are only around because of some people’s complete lack of common sense.

1. Battery Labels That Say “Do Not Drink”

Yes. Here we are. We are living in a world where there are particularly crazed individuals out there that aren’t satisfied with basic beverages like water or an iced tea. No, they require something much more toxic. Literal battery juice. Yeah, just never ever do that.

2. The Car Sunshades That Say “Do Not Drive While Shades Are In Place”

This is on par with having to tell someone in a Driver’s Education class that they should not drive around with their eyes closed. The idea when you’re behind the wheel is to be able to see the road, and the other drivers, pedestrians, etc. that you might be sharing that road with. The car sunshades can tend to make that completely necessity hard to follow through on.

3. The “May Contain Nuts” Warning On Bags Of Peanuts

It’s a bag of peanuts. You would assume that that alone would be enough to let someone know that they are in fact about to tear into a bag of nuts. Yet, the label on many bags of peanuts suggests that the alert didn’t reach certain people’s brains.

4. American Fruit Stickers Legally Having To Be Edible

My thinking on this label situation is that some folks get so hungry that they chomp their way through various fruits without slowing down to consider the prospect that they just ate a label too. That’s got to be it. Or there are other people that only buy the fruits for the labels. That’s a whole different ballgame.

5. The No Turn Signs On Highway Ramps

Anyone who is out there thinking that it’s an advisable idea to turn on a highway ramp is also probably trying to pull that mindless stunt off with the car shades down. It’s just not going to work out. Every time in fact.

6. Department Store “Discounts”

This one can be tricky for certain folks to figure out. The reality is that discount stores by their very nature are already selling marked down items. If a discount store is trying to persuade you into buying an enticing pair of cheap shoes off one of its shelves with a “discount promo” don’t fall for it. The item is already marked down. There is just something about seeing the word “discount” in a store that can render us senseless.

7. Christmas Lights With Warning Labels That Read, “For Indoor/Outdoor Use Only”

You’ve got to wonder just exactly how this came to be. Someone missed the boat on the fact that we are only supposed to be setting those Christmas lights up inside and outside. I’m not sure where else someone tried to put those lights, but I’m also not going to take my mind on that “what if” journey.

8. The Bars That Drop Down At Railroad Crossings

Those railroad crossing bars are pulling through in the clutch. Maybe the same people that try to drive around with the sunshades down are also oblivious to the very loud and visible trains that can absolutely roar across the tracks at blistering speeds. At least many lives have likely been saved.

9. The NFT Craze

Oh, NFTs. You really led far too many oblivious human beings down a path that could’ve gone with not being explored. A path that was a financial disaster for too many folks. NFTs are those digital “assets” that people would pay millions of dollars for. The catch of course is that the assets were just digital pieces of art. I mean, come on.

10. Sporks

Maybe the best part about the spork is just how silly the actual invention is, and the fact that the word itself is fun to say out loud. Outside of that the actual “utensil” lacks all practicality.

11. Hair Dryer Tags That Say “Do Not Use While Sleeping”

Maybe there are people out there that aren’t troubled by sleepwalking, but instead they can’t seem to get out of the vicious cycle that is drying their hair while they sleep. Which of course, is never going to the move. You’re far better off attempting many other risky endeavors.

12. The Instructions On Shampoo/Conditioner Bottles

Wow. So, as it turns out there are people out there that might find themselves so parched physically, or parched of brain cells, that they need those shampoo bottle instructions that will tell them to not drink their shampoo and/or conditioner. What a world.

13. Detox Shakes

If your kidneys are functioning at all close to a healthy level, you need not intervene on their behalf with a very pricey, disgusting flavored healthy drink. Not only will your bank account grimace, but you might just end up feeling sick yourself. Let your kidneys do their thing.

14. Chainsaw Warning Labels That Say To Not Stop The Chainsaw With Your Hand

Chainsaws are intimidating by their very nature. They’re sharp. They get very loud. They require extreme attentiveness to handle. And they are very clearly not designed for you to try to handle them with your hands.

15. MLMs

If you’ve ever encountered an MLM disciple you’ll know that the kind of nonsense they can try to throw your way is truly off the charts. Sometimes it’s actually so illogical that it’s disturbing. An MLM is a deceptive maze of sorts that uses people as pawns to basically throw money from unsuspecting “customers” or recruits right back to whoever started the MLM in the first place. They are no good and really shouldn’t be around anymore.

16. Slot Machines

Gambling claims many victims. In this day and age the whole sports betting scene has really taken off as well. You know you’re really speeding toward rock bottom though when you find yourself possessed by a desire to continually hit the slot machines at your nearest casino. The slot machine odds range from one-in-5,000 to one-in-about-34-million for a chance at winning the top prize while also using the maximum coin play.

17. Hot Tub Heat Limit

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a more prolonged hot tub session every now and again. These are stressful times that we live in. However, the actual hot tub temperature max being set at 104 degrees Fahrenheit is there because people were getting far too dangerously carried away with having lengthy sessions in scalding hot water while consuming far too many saucy beverages. A lethal combination indeed.

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