19 Facepalm Moments That Pushed People To The Edge

There are those mindless moments from clueless individuals that you can patiently deal with, and then there are the facepalm moments. Some people really need the reality check more than others. The folks in this list are in a league of their own when it comes to making us want to facepalm immediately.

1. Oh, that’s just outrageous.

An image of a Twitter screenshot about someone being scolded by their boss for thrifting.
u/tecnogamer/via reddit.com

2. Honestly though, that’s rough.

A Twitter screenshot of someone who got catfished by a person pretending to be Dacre Montgomery.
u/babystarcendy/via reddit.com

3. Wow, you really won, dude.

An image of a football field from a fan who stole a couple of football tickets.
u/championshipsafes/via reddit.com

4. The audacity.

An image of a mailbox complaining about an attempted delivery.

5. That’s just plain old brutal.

A Twitter screenshot about a guy who assumed his date would pay for the meal.
u/darkrom_bp08/via reddit.com

6. Tastes pretty terrible.

7. Ouch, indeed.

A Tweet about how millennial dads don't have good DIY skills.
u/futurepractices/via reddit.com

8. Taking things way too far.

u/pandalago/via reddit.com

9. Seems like we could be onto something here.

A Tweet about finance guys ruining everything.
u/biryani-man69/via reddit.com

10. Marty stirred the pot on this one.

An image of a ridiculous math class quiz question fail.
u/laermaebrazal/via reddit.com

11. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

A screenshot of a Tweet from someone who complains about BIC not redesigning their pens.
u/solopeerless/via reddit.com

12. Something is missing from this tale.

A Tweet about someone getting bad luck when using Uber in Costa Rica.
u/4ucklehead/via reddit.com


An image of a Tweet comparing McDonald's prices between USA and Europe.
u/nintendoge21/via reddit.com

14. Oh, that’s how it works then.

An image of a failed math quiz attempt.
u/recklesslypractical/via reddit.com

15. The question asking process could prove tough.

An image of a Twitter screenshot about a professor who recorded classes before passing away.
u/panweegoddess_65/via reddit.com

16. That’s a tough night right there.

A Twitter screenshot about someone who had their date try to financially play them.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

17. Yeah, you certainly played them.

A Twitter screenshot about someone putting a stop payment on a Harvard Business charge.
u/to_be_rich_lady/via reddit.com

18. She sounds like a clever old lady indeed.

A Twitter screenshot about a clever old lady and her ATM withdrawal process.
u/monimokshith/via reddit.com

19. So, apparently math is up for grabs now.

An image of a Reddit argument about how to do math properly.
u/financialroles/via reddit.com

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