11 Attention-Grabbing Times The Background Stole The Show

There are people that obsess over every element of a picture before they actually take the picture, just as there are folks that enjoy the more spontaneous process of winging it and taking pictures at a moment’s notice. These pics by design or completely unintentionally, ended up being quite entertaining over the fact that whatever was going on in the background was the real scene to keep an eye on.

1. What’s Going On Back There

Image of two women smiling for photo, husband behind them, and then two women having a hug behind the pool table behind the.

2. Getting A Bit Carried Away There

Kid tries to pose for photo in the ocean, and couple behind him is playing while the man tries to flip his girlfriend over his shoulders.

3. Love A Good Silly Face

Two guys try to pose for wedding photo but the man and woman behind them crash the photo by making silly faces.

4. Look Very Closely, Back Left…

Family tries to pose for cute photo, but their dog in the yard behind them is going to the bathroom.

5. The Kid Clearly Isn’t Shy

Little toddler tries to take photo, but other toddler behind him crashes the photo while playing with his toy car.

6. What On Earth

Two women try to take photo in front of basketball stats poster, but a woman makes a strange face through the glass window behind them.

7. So Much Sass Already

Two happy looking women try to take photo, but they have their photo crashed by a very sassy looking girl in a princess outfit behind them.

8. Might Want To Change Seats

Girl tries to take cute photo with cat filter, but weird looking guy sitting on the bus behind her totally ruins it.

9. They Nailed It

Couple tries to take cute photo, but the two waiters behind them crash it by impersonating them.

10. Cats Are Too Good At This

Little girl tries to take cute photo but a black cat makes a strange face behind her.

11. The Fear Is Imminent

Owner takes picture of pet mouse in cage, but there's a very curious looking cat staring into the cage.

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