15 Annoying Airplane Moments That Set People Off This Week

To travel by way of an airplane is to put yourself in an unpredictable arena. You just never know if you’re going to end up seated next to, behind, or in front of a waking nightmare of a human being. Some people possess zero self-awareness when they travel. This can result in you having to deal with enraging or downright unacceptable behavior. For instance, the person who puts their foot up against your chair and almost on your armrest. Get out of here with that. We’ll take a look at the most annoying airplane moments people endured this week.

1. “The woman next to me on my flight is watching a musical without headphones.”

“Use your phone to play the same musical about 15 seconds off her play time so there’s always an echo.” – u/HaifaLutin

“I second sing badly to the musical.” – u/jerryelectric

2. “This passenger put her bare foot in between my armrests during a 10 hour flight. I noticed when I felt her toenails on my arm.”

This passenger put her BARE FOOT inbetween my armrests during a 10 hr flight! I noticed when I felt her toenails on my arm. Ew.

“Time to spill a drink on those tootsies.” – u/thurbersmicroscope

“Pretend to sneeze and flick water onto them.” – u/Breadfruitno74

3. “162 monitors on my Jet Blue flight, and from what I can see mine is the only one where service is not available.”

“Jet Blue Screen Of Death.” – u/MyHandsAreCorrosive

“This happened to me on a 9 hour Trans Atlantic flight. Asked if I could swap to a seat where the screen was working. Flight attendant came back a few minutes later stating the passenger beside the only spare seat didn’t want me to move there. I took a look later and fond that passenger was using said seat for their hand bag.” – u/LCARSgfx

4. “American Airlines cancelling a flight less than 12 hours before it’s due to take off.”

An image from someone who had their American Airlines flight cancelled less than 12 hours before it was due for take off.
u/-_gxo_-/via reddit.com

“12 hours is a luxury these days for a cancellation. Get used to this. This is the new normal.” – u/dudreddit

5. “Airport crab sandwich contains so little crab you can’t taste it.”

“Good for you for trusting crab from an airport.” – u/absolution_contusion

“Airport. Crab. Sandwich.” – u/gdubh

6. “Brits queuing for a flight that doesn’t board for 30 minutes and the plane hasn’t even arrived yet.”

“Spoiler: They will get up and stand the moment they land even though the doors will remain shut for 15 more minutes.” – u/NoNo_Cilantro

7. “When people do this on flights.”

“That sucks, now if it wasn’t so wide I wouldn’t have a problem with it.” – u/TotallyNotCop420

8. “This error in the middle of the boarding screen at LAX airport.”

“It was there for a solid hour.” -u/JellyJam00000

9. “The guy with 3 bags on a completely full flight and turns out he put them all in the overhead bins.”

“Blame the airlines for checked bag fees.” u/throwaway-person

10. “These hand sanitizers at Sydney Airport are empty and every single person on the flight has touched them before realizing. They are literally doing the opposite of their job.”

Yeah, that seems like that wasn’t the idea of the hand sanitizer bottles. Best to opt for the nearest restroom.

11. “Delta Airlines idea of a window seat.”

“I had this happen a few weeks ago on Alaska. Frontier cancelled my flight an hour before take off. I rescheduled to Alaska Airlines later that night. That flight was delayed for 2 hours, but they upgraded me to extra leg room seats. I get to my row and it’s a wall with no windows.” – u/yomaam44

12. “Trying to watch a movie on an airplane.”

“You can borrow my 2 year old. He’ll take care of that for you.” – u/Stillentwin17

“Drape it on either side of the screen, stick in place with chewing gum, and voila, you have movie theater curtains.” – u/queso_loco

13. “Got a 3 hour flight and it’s empty.”

“Just go to one of those handy airport shops where you can get a pair of uncomfortable, wired, $2 earbuds for $35.97.” – u/fried_eggs_and_ham

14. “The flight I just went on. I’m 6’3.”

“I see the problem, you forgot to cross yoru legs and breathe in the entire flight. You would have been fine then.” – u/Leather_Librarian986

“At least the stomach holder upper is functioning correctly.” – u/HellkerN

15. “Going to be a long flight.”

“Turn around and tell them you could at least wash your feet first, and then sit back down.” – u/PrincessLunaCat

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