23 Images Depicting Software Mistakes That Really Missed The Mark

Not everyone is cut out to navigate the world of software. For some, trying to build your own computer might as well be on the same level of trying to build your own spaceship. Especially in this day and age, technology continues to evolve at a blistering pace. You just never know what’s coming around the corner next. These software fails are in a realm of their own in terms of completely missing the mark.

1. “My answers are all wrong.”

An image of a multiple choice glitch on a computer.
u/enny7921/via reddit.com

“I’ve seen this happen to me before in online school. It sucks when a glitch impacts your grade, even just by a little. On the other hand, exploits are nice.” – u/ILikeVideoGamesandYT

“Just fix your answers.” – u/crdofficial

2. “My parents said I don’t need a new phone.”

An image of a broken phone that has a terrible battery.
u/bullfroggloomy5576/via reddit.com

“It’s a little bit cold.” – u/AliBello

“Have you tried restarting it?” – u/heebell

3. “My Xfinity search keyboard doesn’t have the letter s.”

An image of an Xfinity keyboard with a missing letter s.
u/honest_channel_7710/via reddit.com

“Well I guett you don’t need it.” – u/deleted

There’s nothing quite like the infuriating moment that you realize you have in your hands, a device that is missing a crucial key or two in its keyboard. This person must’ve had themselves quite the day.

4. “Forgot the 2nd digit.”

An image of a person using their phone that has a missing digit on passcode entry.

“Did you try turning it off and on again” – u/deleted

“I ‘s always the second” – u/odd_refrigerator5855

5. “I guess goodnight then.”

An image of someone who couldn't get the WiFi on their smart fridge to work.
u/foodie_geek/via reddit.com

“Your first mistaking is having a fridge that connects to the internet.” – u/brnwndsn

“Even robots know it’s time to sleep.” – u/druule10

6. “So my PlayStation turned into an Xbox.”

A green-colored PlayStation screen.
u/soviet-_-neko/via reddit.com

“Playbox.” – u/woozin1234

Now that looks like a fun device to use, no? Maybe we’ve been sleeping on the power of combining an Xbox and a PlayStation.

7. “I bought a 256G drive.”

An image of a 256G drive that came up short.

“18.4 Exabyte.” – u/mellowlex

“Looks like it came with bloatware.” – u/Kevadro

8. “I don’t know if this counts, phone alarm stops at 39 minutes.”

A broken phone alarm that stops minutes at 39 minutes.
u/accomplished-boot-81/via reddit.com

“Wow, sure enough. Less than 10 seconds of swiping and I hit the end. Weird that the number is hard coded in instead of just looping back.” – u/Noticeably98

“Today I learned an hour is actually 40 minutes.” – u/President_Abra

9. “My Apple calendar just asked for a RAM upgrade.”

An image of an Apple calendar that asked for a RAM upgrade.
u/andre74555/via reddit.com

“You must have a busy life.” – u/Secret-Choice-9876

“Just download free RAM online, smh.” – u/PranshuKhandal

10. “Thanks for the warning?”

Someone receives an alert from their iPhone that their phone is at 100%.
u/awl111126/via Reddit.com

“Ah yes, 100% battery is considered low battery.” – u/davidluski

Come on now. You can never be too safe in this day and age. The last possible thing that you or any other rational human being would want to deal with is being caught out in the wild with a phone at a terrifying 100% battery. That’s just plain old reckless behavior.

11. “No idea what a democrdoes is though.”

An image from someone who encountered a Grammarly glitch with the word democracy.
u/additiondirect1490/via reddit.com

“Democrdoes what Nintendon’t.” – u/Kliixaar

“A fusion of freshavocado and covfefe. And if you remember both, you have a very good memory.” – u/andzlatin

12. “Airplane map.”

An airplane map that is showing all the glitches.
u/omgitsmint/via reddit.com

“Mm, yes, Sweden and the USA are really close to each other I see.” – u/deleted

Now that is a trip. No idea what was happening on their backend.

13. “That’s not how a clock works, Samsung.”

A glitchy Samsung clock app.
u/ejc5million/via reddit.com

“It’s just looking at the sky, contemplating life. Let it be.” – u/Taewyth

“The clock is interested in something in the top left.” – u/NoahtheProgrammer

14. “Ubuntu is stable they said.”

A very unstable Ubuntu keyboard representation.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

Can you imagine though? You’re just trying to mind your own business, and compose a compelling emoji-themed message until you come across this chaotic canvas. No thank you.

15. I don’t know if I’m right or wrong.”

A glitch about spelling the word doesn't.
u/ecstatic_future_893/via reddit.com

“I think it doesn’t matter really.” – u/Woorbie

“Make the change, then sue.” – u/deleted

16. “When Windows XP can’t decide if it should use Polish or English.”

A Windows Journal that is torn between Polish and English.
u/turbulent_arm_6541/via reddit.com

“Writing in Russian, message in English, options in Polish.” – u/Maciek1212

“The real question is why you on Windows XP.” – u/338218

17. “They pyramids were built by aliens.”

A very confusing looking image of the pyramids that look like spaceships on Google Earth.
u/lurkerathome/via reddit.com

“The pyramids have hats!” – u/Skullz64

“That solves the mystery. They’re just giant sand castles.” – u/Lauti97

18. “I don’t know what my car wants.”

An image of a car having a glitchy moment.
u/maddog18476/via reddit.com

“Yes I’m want.” – u/Undermusic55

“Are you want your car’s extended warranty.” – u/deleted

19. “Some very expensive software for a very expensive instrument at my university. I chose yes.”

A weird glitch in super expensive university software.
u/shelfcream/via reddit.com

“The beauty of hard-coding strings into the source code.” – u/deleted

“Still not clear what yes or no will do.” – u/Ahmouse

20. “The most ominous message after my game and PC crashed.”

An ominous message from a PC that crashed.
u/scraps-lego/via reddit.com

“Time to cross AI takeover off my Bingo list.” – u/the-memes-are-mine

“Cursed.” – u/deleted

21. “Send picture of this to Jonathan.”

An image of a payment error with a weird message about Jonathan being included.
u/vantjac/via reddit.com

“Spoiler, Jonathan quit 10 years ago.” – u/iTmkoeln

You’ve just got to wonder to yourself about Jonathan and how he feels about this. Maybe Jonathan was trying to retire and truly is nowhere to be found to resolve this matter.

22. “A school made of cardboard. Found in Cities Skylines 2.”

An image of a video game house made out of cardboard.
u/jakdotexe/via reddit.com

“The school district didn’t have the sufficient funds, so they improvised and used a lot of super glue and voila.” – u/ThatDudeontheNet

“Budget cuts.” – u/Reluxtrue

23. “Windows moment.”

An image of a clock glitch on Windows computer.
u/kboof/via reddit.com

“You found the Irish clock. Well done.” – u/bobmanuk

“You found Australia’s time zone. It’s on a transcended plane of existence.” – u/Jenny_Wakeman9

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