17 Wild Photos Depicting Nature Taking Over Abandoned Places

Nature has its own plan. There are plenty of times that we act like fools and try to get in the way of that plan. We’ll erect mountainous buildings in the middle of plots of land that would otherwise go on to play host to all kinds of beautiful forestry. These moments in particular though, perfectly encapsulate that crazy time when nature speaks louder than anyone else in the room. Or at least an empty room.

1. “A temple in Cambodia being eaten by a tree.”

Large tree roots cover and grow over the entrance of an ancient brick temple partially hidden and enveloped by the surrounding forest. The roots twist and spread widely over the ground and against the moss-covered temple walls.
u/christhompsontldr/via reddit.com

“I think it’s actually quite beautiful.” – u/pgraham901

“Tomb Raider.” – u/goldenghost79

2. “Reclaimed railroad with nature around it in France.”

An overgrown, abandoned railway track leads into a dark tunnel, surrounded by moss-covered stone walls and dense greenery. Tall trees and vines partially obscure the view, creating a sense of mystery and nature reclaiming the area.
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“The Last of Us.” – u/Reasonable_Tower_961

Honestly though. Can we talk about it? This is right out of our favorite apocalyptic, thrilling show, “The Last of Us.”

3. “Car reclaimed by nature.”

An old, abandoned SUV covered in dirt and moss is parked in a field overgrown with vegetation. The vehicle's windows are cloudy, and there is visible rust and mildew on its body. It is surrounded by tall grass, weeds, and bushes.
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“Picked mine up like this after 2 years out in the field. Just needed a jumpstart and then ran like a charm.” – u/KarmaMadeMeDoIt6

“I used to drive that exact model. I loved that car.” – u/JesusOnline_89

4. “This birch deciding that the roof is the ground now.”

An abandoned, partially ruined brick building with a broken window and overgrown vegetation. Small trees and plants grow through cracks in the walls and roof, adding a sense of decay. The sky is clear with a few scattered clouds, creating a contrast with the dilapidation.
u/thehaterboss/via reddit.com

“It’s over spruce pine. I have the high ground now.” – u/SOILSYAY

“When you buy a tree and the label says dig a hole twice as big as the pot and fill with good quality compost, and then you see this tree.” – u/elsmallo85

5. “Somerset, UK.”

A parked car is covered in overgrown vines, especially along the front and side. The vehicle is next to a stone wall, with a yellow and red AR Racing trailer in the background. The pavement is wet, suggesting recent rain, and the sky is cloudy.

“Shiny.” – u/Littlebigman111

Yeah, the shine might be less shiny nowadays, but we still appreciate the glaring effort that’s being made.

6. “The entrance to a folly cave, hidden in a tree root.”

A large, old tree with a wide trunk has partially enveloped a metal gate at its base. The gate is embedded within a small cave-like opening in the tree's roots, surrounded by dense greenery and foliage. Sunlight filters through the trees, illuminating the scene.
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“Looks like a Skyrim mini-dungeon entrance.” – u/kullulu/via Reddit.com

Honestly though. I see it. We’re back in the golden days of endlessly trekking to the furthest reaches of what maps Skyrim had to offer, and life is perfect.

7. “A normal day walking through the abandoned Valencian fields.”

A narrow dirt path winds through an overgrown area with dilapidated stone buildings on either side. Green trees and bushes surround the buildings, and a blue sky with white clouds is visible above the scene.
u/valencianvegan95/via reddit.com

Okay, come on now. If you had in front of yourself an open day with no calls scheduled and this trail to tackle, would you not be helpless to not don an unshakable smile? Or that’s just me. Look at that blue sky. It didn’t have any time for the big passing clouds. Just wispy clouds today.

8. “The Abandoned Georgia Girl Drive-In on the coast of Woodbine, Georgia.”

An overgrown, abandoned drive-in restaurant with a worn-out sign reading "GEORGIA GIRL DRIVE IN" on top. The sign features a faded image of a woman, and the building is surrounded by dense greenery and foliage.
u/darwinskoala/via reddit.com

It looks like the shop might be closed for the day. I say, bring it on back. Don’t change a thing. Make the customers really work for their bread on this fine day.

9. “Anyone for tennis?”

An overgrown, abandoned tennis court with a moss-covered surface and faded lines. Tall, dense trees and vegetation surround the court, and a dilapidated fence runs along its perimeter. The scene appears neglected and reclaimed by nature.
u/thenomadauthor/via reddit.com

This puts a whole new meaning to the idea of playing some lawn tennis. Like, wow. Bring your best cleats.

10. “Recently explored the ruins of a once grand Manor House in Wales. Now completely left to nature.”

A view through a stone archway reveals the overgrown ruins of a stone building, with ivy and greenery covering the walls. The structure is partially collapsed, and nature has begun to reclaim the site, with dense foliage surrounding the area.

“This was once a rather grand manor set in a beautiful estate. It was built in the late 1700s but the estate dates back to the 14th century. Past visitors include the poet Coleridge, and also Admiral Nelson is thought to have stayed here in 1802. It has been abandoned to nature since the last private resident died in 1921.” – u/deleted

11. “A creek making a car a feature.”

A rusty, overturned car chassis lies in a small, flowing creek surrounded by greenery. The vehicle is partially submerged in the water, with its deteriorated metal frame and axles visible. Lush trees and bushes line the creek's edge.
u/thow78/via reddit.com

“It still has an engine.” – u/Mental_Example_268

Yes, that is what really counts, no? As long as we have an engine around we’re clearly in business. This car is ready to let it rip. No doubt.

12. “East Germany.”

An overgrown concrete staircase leads to an abandoned building partially hidden by dense trees and foliage. The stairs are covered in moss and leaves, evoking a sense of decay and nature reclaiming the space. The building is worn with visible broken windows.
u/ok-patience-7150/via reddit.com

Oh, man. Mind your steps on these precarious steps. Should you not, you might get snagged by a branch, a hungry vine, a few clovers, etc. We love a good heavily forested step.

13. “Dirty Harry’s Museum.”

An old, rusty truck is abandoned in a forest clearing with lush green trees and moss-covered rocks. The truck is overgrown with vegetation, blending into the natural surroundings. Sunlight filters through the trees, illuminating parts of the truck and forest floor.
u/aroberts16/via reddit.com

It would seem that someone took a terribly wrong turn. It can happen to the best of us. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this car is going to make it after all.

14. “Spot the taillight.”

A small waterfall flows from a corrugated metal pipe into a brown water stream surrounded by lush green vegetation and rocks. Two trees stand tall behind dense foliage, and the terrain appears slightly rocky near the edge of the water.
u/speedwoof112/via reddit.com

Oh, oh, no. We’re not looking too hot here. Actually, it looks like we might get pulled over for this taillight business.

15. “Abandoned baseball stadium seats.”

An abandoned outdoor stadium with rows of yellow and gray seats overgrown by numerous green plants and small trees.
u/the-narrator-1999/via reddit.com

There is just something unshakably eerie and unsettling about this picture. At least the plants seem to be enjoying the game. We have that going for us.

16. “A Buddha head being swallowed by a tree in Thailand.”

A stone Buddha head is entwined within the roots of a large Banyan tree, creating an evocative and serene scene.
u/christhompsontldr/via reddit.com

“Looks happy.” – u/shepsut

Yes, that’s it. We found it. This must be happiness. Just resting your face in a hive of thick tree roots. Who would’ve thought?

17. “I recently visited the ruins of Moore Hall in Ireland. Nature is doing what it does best.”

A large, abandoned building stands with overgrown ivy climbing its walls. The worn facade, broken windows, and missing roof sections reflect its dilapidated state. The entrance features a stone portico with pillars. Blue sky and greenery add contrast.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Moore Hall was built in the 1790’s, and stayed with the Moore family for generations until it was burned down in 1923 by anti-treaty IRA during the Irish Civil War.” – u/deleted

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