17 Dumbest DIY Projects We Saw This Week

There’s just something about looking at other people’s projects that makes us feel so good about our own. This week’s roundup is a doozy. Lots of stupid fixes, poorly executed ideas, and just all around failures.

1. This homemade Cybertruck

A listing on a marketplace app shows a homemade vehicle resembling a Tesla Cybertruck, constructed with angular, unpainted metal panels. The price is listed as $10,000, and the screen displays a message prompt asking if the item is still available.

2. This ‘Silence of the Lambs’ ceiling art

A ceiling corner features a paper decoration resembling a hole revealing a person sleeping in a "Stranger Things" scene. Attached to the ceiling is a rope with a small wicker basket hanging down. A sports poster is partially visible on the wall.

3. Some brainiac used chainlink fence for cement reinforcement

A section of a concrete wall topped with chain-link fencing appears broken and damaged. Pieces of concrete are crumbled, and remnants of wire are visible amidst the debris. In the foreground, green leaves of a plant are noticeable on the ground.

“This homeowner was wondering why their retaining wall was failing. Looks like we figured it out. Instead of utilizing rebar for reinforcement, a chain link fence was used.”

4. This guy using a sponge for a windshield wiper

A car windshield with a large yellow sponge attached to the wiper arm with a strap instead of a traditional wiper blade. The car and surrounding area appear wet as if it has recently rained. Trees and grass are visible in the background.

5. “Found this beauty at an estate sale today”

A whimsically decorated lampshade sits on a white chair. It features ruffled green and blue trim, striped fabric, and various attached ornaments including flowers, lace, and a small gnome figurine. The background shows part of a wooden structure and other miscellaneous items.

6. “First rate kitchen planning right here”

A small, modern kitchen with white cabinets, a stainless steel sink, and a dishwasher integrated into the cabinetry. The countertops are light-colored, and there's a window above the sink. The floor is light-colored, complementing the overall bright aesthetic.

7. “If you’re too lazy to put away clothes, I’m guessing you’re too lazy to cut a chair in half”

A bedroom with a red wall features a unique piece of decor: two white chairs mounted upside down on the wall. Clothes and accessories hang on the chair legs. The room also has a lamp, a bedside table, and a bed with floral bedding.

8. “I can’t believe my eyes”

A blue car trailer made from a 2000 Toyota Celica, showing the rear end with taillights intact and a trailer hitch connecting to a silver vehicle. The trailer is priced at $540, marked down from $600. The option to send a message to the seller is shown.

9. “Saw this ‘solution’ to park a caravan in New Zealand”

A parked RV trailer elevated on a wooden platform beside a house in a hilly, residential area. The platform is supported by wooden beams and situated above a steep slope with greenery. Nearby houses and trees are visible.

10. Why in the world

A gray sedan is parked in a lot with a makeshift wooden flatbed replacing its rear end. A metal toolbox is fastened on the flatbed. Other cars are parked around, and trees are visible in the background under a clear blue sky.

11. “This boaterhome”

A heavily customized vehicle sits parked on the street, combining elements of a van and a boat. It has a boat-like upper structure seamlessly integrated with the body of a van and is mounted on a triple-axle automobile platform. A truck and warehouse are in the background.

12. “Problem solved until the glue gives out”

A car on the side of a street with a soda can creatively used as a makeshift headlight replacement. The can is fitted into the right headlight space and is circled in red to highlight it. The car appears to be an older model with visible wear.

13. “I’ve just made something beautiful”

A gray folding chair with armrests made of a wooden pole and a metal rod, both attached with duct tape. A red plastic cup is taped to each side as cup holders, and the chair seat is covered with a silver duct tape X. The background has a green-striped fabric.

14. Picnic table boat

A DIY boat consists of a picnic table mounted on blue plastic barrels. The boat is listed for sale online for $300, with a description mentioning it includes a trolling motor and requires 12v batteries. A message prompt and options to interact with the listing are visible.

15. “When life hands you lemons, or broken tools”

A red Milwaukee power tool and a DeWalt 20V battery lie on a dark surface. A single light switch is placed on the battery. In the background, there is a decorative blue sheet with a flower-like design.

16. Well that’s one way to fix a missing doorhandle

A red SUV with a damaged rear door on the driver's side, temporarily patched with clear packing tape and red fabric. The vehicle has visible scratches and dents, and a mounted spare tire on the roof. Surrounding trees are reflected in the vehicle's windows.

17. When your trunk lock breaks

A silver Honda Fit with a slightly dented and rusty rear bumper is stopped in traffic. The car also has visible rust near the license plate, which is obscured for privacy. The shadows suggest it is a sunny day.

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