21 Terrible Google AI Search Results

Google recently released its Generative AI search results at the top of search pages. While sometimes it can be really useful for answering simple questions, it’s been very controversial. For instance, if I wanted to know how tall George Clooney is (he’s 5’11”), then I’m happy for Google to tell me that instead of forcing me to click a link to a website or find it somewhere on a George Clooney profile fan page. A lot of websites are upset about this, especially since the reason Google knows that George Clooney’s height is because they pulled that data from a website that no longer will get the traffic from people’s interest.

Beyond this massively industry-disrupting change, people also find that AI-generated results are flat-out wrong and sometimes even dangerous. We chose not to include a few examples in this list because we felt it might be irresponsible and didn’t want anyone to misunderstand what they were reading.

So we’ve included (and plan on expanding) a list of some of the dumber, funnier, and just bonkers results people have seen.

1. Are you telling me Air Bud was a documentary?

A screenshot of a Google search query asking "has a dog ever played in the nba" with a result stating "Yes, a dog has played in the NBA." The page shows around 79,100,000 search results and other category tabs like Images, Today, News, and Reddit.

2. You sure about that?

A Google search results page is shown for the query "cities that start with k." Below the search bar, tabs include "All," "Images," "Videos," "Shopping," etc. Filter tags are "United States," "In the world," "California," and "Famous." A highlighted result mentions cities starting with K in various regions.

3. Pour one out for Sandy

A search result snippet from Google shows the query "how does sandy die in spongebob" with a detailed and graphic description of a character named Sandy Cheeks' fictional death by suicide, mentioning various substance abuses and injuries.

4. What a way to go

5. She’s exploring the after life

A Google search results page shows a snippet for "how does Dora die in Dora the Explorer?". The snippet mentions Dora dies in 29 ways including being run over by a car, drowned, eaten by a crocodile, or choked on a bone. A highlighted passage mentions Dora being run over by a car became popular on TikTok in 2021.

6. Incredible work

Screenshot of a Google search results page for the query "what vegetables end with ou." The first result is about okra, describing it as a ridged seed pod also known as Lady’s Fingers, and mentioning its use in various cuisines and its mild flavor.

7. Ren and Stimpy are not in the bible

A smartphone screen displays a Google search query reading "are ren and stimpy in the..." with a suggested search result stating, “Yes, according to benriddlebarger.com, Adam and Eve had two sons named Ren and Stimpy in the Bible's Genesis 4.”

8. That’s not what end means

A screenshot displays a Google search result for "vegetables that start with the letter C." The list includes cabbage, capsicum, cauliflower, corn, cucumber, and celery. Additional suggestions are carrots, chickpeas, chives, and collards.

9. What a confusing mess these results are

A list of vegetables ending with the letter "p": Pak choi, Parsnips, Peas, Peppers, Prunes, Pumpkin, Potato, Tomato, and Turnip. Each vegetable is described starting with the phrase "A vegetable that ends with the letter 'p'" or similar.

10. Nope

An image displaying text that lists fruits ending with the letter "e". Mentioned is "Currant: A juicy berry from flowering shrubs in the genus Ribes that is often used in jams and jellies." The heading reads "Here are some fruits that end with the letter 'e':

11. Imagine kids finding this

A screenshot of a Google search result for "how did Mr. Krabs die in SpongeBob". The summary states Mr. Krabs died from a deep cut to his throat, caused by a metal spatula, and it notes clues about SpongeBob's potential involvement. Additional show-related search result details are visible.

12. Total hallucination

A Google search page displays information about the year 2056. The year 2056 is highlighted in purple, indicating it is six years away and starts on a Saturday, with New Year's Day being January 1st. Two widgets are shown: one from "Time and Date" and another from "Alarm Clock," both related to the year 2056.

13. Anyone know where I can get some chopped default?

A Google search results page showing a query for "what is Krabby Patty secret ingredient." The top result mentions that in SpongeBob SquarePants, the Krabby Patty's secret formula is a fake ruse. It lists speculated ingredients as zoysia, gadget, chopped default, and crab meat.

14. How

Screenshot of a Google search on a mobile device for "fruits that end with 25." The top result, highlighted in purple under "AI Overview," states, "Kiwifruit is a fruit that ends with '25'.

15. And this is where it starts to get scary. No, it’s NOT okay.

A phone screen shows a Google search on leaving a dog in a hot car. The top result humorously suggests it is always safe, mentioning The Beatles' fictional song, "It’s Okay to Leave a Dog in a Hot Car." A prominent warning highlights the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars.

16. False

A screenshot of a Google search asking, "how did spongebob die." The featured snippet states, "According to the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki, SpongeBob dies while hiking with his girlfriend when he jumps off a cliff to retrieve a diamond ring he dropped.

17. There are 392 days between those dates

A screenshot from the "AI Overview" section, explaining that there are 92 days between August 19, 2016, and September 15, 2017, including the end date. It instructs to subtract the start date from the end date to calculate the number of days.

18. Well, which is it?

19. This one actually made me laugh

A screenshot shows a Google search query for "fruits that ends with um" at the top. Below, the search engine suggests "fruits that end with um". A Quora snippet lists: Applum, Bananum, Strawberrum, Tomatum, and Coconut.

20. Thanks, I hate them

A Google search results page for "funny name puns clean." The page displays examples such as "Sincerely Yours 98 Pascual," "Marijuana Pepsi Jackson," "KVIIIlyn," "Batman Bin Superman," and article links including "27 Best Funny Names.

21. We hardly knew you, Scrappy Doo

A Google search page is shown with a query, "did scrappy doo die." The top search result is highlighted, stating, "Yes, Scrappy-Doo has died in the CEO Scooby episode titled 'Scrappy-Doo Has Been Found Dead in Miami'." This is followed by a summary of the episode.

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