21 Absolutely Fascinating Facts Most People Don’t Know

It’s an incredible thing that no matter how long you’ve been on this earth, there’s still a ton of interesting facts about our world that can change how you view it. We’ve assembled some facts and trivia that we thought were extremely interesting, and we hope you do to.


An online comment by "SupportiveMan" made three years ago states, "Fredric Baur, the inventor of the Pringles can, is buried in one." The comment has received 12,000 likes and several replies.


Image of a Reddit post by user DestinyTaco3 from 3 years ago. The post informs that cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, Savoy cabbage, kohlrabi, and gai lan are all varieties of the same plant species, Brassica oleracea.


A Reddit comment by user "dogeshwar" from 3 years ago reads, "Most of the camels of Saudi Arabia are imported from Australia." The comment has 12K upvotes and a downvote symbol next to it. An avatar of a white cartoon character with a black nose is visible near the username.


A Reddit post by user "Needmoresnakes" describes how caterpillars dissolve into goo within their chrysalises before reforming into butterflies. It also mentions that trained caterpillars to avoid certain stimuli will result in butterflies with the same aversions.


A Reddit post from a deleted user stating, "an average storm cloud weighs about 47,627,199 kilograms," with 7,000 upvotes and various comment replies.


A Reddit post by user "mx5e46" is shown. The post humorously explains that koalas have fingerprints similar to humans. It mentions break-ins in Australia, supposedly by the same "person," which were actually committed by a koala. The post has 4.1K upvotes.


A social media post by the user "goodworkingorder" from three years ago reads: "The man who invented the match.com website lost his wife to a man she met ... On match.com." The post has 1.8K upvotes and two vote buttons below it.


A social media post by user ouakil001 from 3 years ago states: "Door knobs that are made out of brass can disinfect itself in about 8 hours." The post has 14K likes, 1 downvote, and a comment icon indicating more interactions.


A Reddit post by "Billy-and-Leona" from 3 years ago reads: "Sloths can hold their breath longer than dolphins can." The post has 39K upvotes.


A Reddit post by user SultanOfSwave describes a fungi growing next to the radioactive "Elephant's Foot" in the Chernobyl reactor. The fungi feeds off gamma rays in a process called "radiosynthesis". It notes exposure to this radiation level would be lethal in 3 minutes.


A Reddit post from a deleted user, made 3 years ago, stating "Volkswagen makes a currywurst and it has its own Original Part number. #199 398 500 A". The post has 3.8K upvotes and a downvote button visible.


A Reddit comment by user "johnboy2978," stating, "Woodpeckers tongues wrap around their brain to cushion them from a concussion when they peck against tree trunks." The comment has 1.2K upvotes. The user's avatar is a cartoon bear.


A Reddit post by amazingspineman from 3 years ago states: "We don’t really know who the inventor of the fire hydrant is, because the patent was destroyed... in a fire." The post has 8.6K upvotes and multiple comments.


Screenshot of a social media post by "Iamdogfather" from 3 years ago. The post reads, "Every planet in our solar system could fit side by side between the earth and our moon." The post has 991 upvotes.


Screenshot of a Reddit post by user VideoDroid771 from three years ago. The post reads, "A group of 12 or more cows is called a flink." It has 1.4K upvotes and a downvote button.


Screenshot of a social media post by user "AmbivalentEnthusiast" from 3 years ago. It reads, "If you were an Egyptian pharaoh and immortal making $10,000 a day, you still wouldn't have as much money as the richest man on earth today." The post has 2.9K upvotes.


A Reddit comment that reads, "There's a higher chance of you dying in a gender reveal party than getting attacked by a shark." The comment has 8.4K upvotes and an upvote and downvote button below it.


A Reddit comment by user "choclotte" posted three years ago reads, "That divider at grocery stores that separates stuff on the conveyor belt is called a spratchet." The comment has 1.9K upvotes and a downvote button.


A Reddit post by "spacenerd-roadkill" from 3 years ago reads: "The weight of all of ants on the planet is equal to the weight of all humans on the planet." The post has 2.1K upvotes, with both upvote and downvote arrows visible.


A Reddit post by user CrystalPalace1983 from 3 years ago reads, "The iron maiden was never a torture device. Some archeologist a couple hundred years ago just found an old metal coffin that happened to have metal spikes by it, and he just assumed that the spikes belonged on the door of the coffin." It has 2.5k upvotes and 21 comments.


A comment on a white background states, "The spinal cord has the consistency of a ripe banana," posted by user "brineakay" three years ago. The comment has 1.5K upvotes and one downvote. The user's avatar features a cartoon character with a purple face and wearing a headband.

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