19 Hauntingly Infuriating Times People Didn’t Get Their Money’s Worth for Foods

The last possible thing you want to deal with when spending your hard-earned money on food is to realize that you ended up completely losing the food lottery. Maybe it was a bag of chips that came up far too short. Or, it could’ve been a meal you ordered through one of the many overpriced food delivery apps, that ended up being half the portion you paid full price for. These food lottery losses are horribly frustrating experiences that no one deserves. Life’s expensive enough without paying the full price for the short end of the stick. Hopefully the tide turned in these people’s favor after they failed to get their money’s worth for foods.

1. “There’s only two, no!”

A partially empty packet of Haribo Starmix candies lies on a white surface. The packaging is blue, with the Haribo logo at the top and an illustration of various gummy candies. Visible through the packaging are a red-and-white gummy ring, a green gummy candy, and an empty space where other candies have been removed.
u/_-duck-_/via reddit.com

“Shrinkflation is real.” – u/bluntedinsomniac

“Haribo Despair.” – u/deleted

2. “Smallest avo seed I’ve ever seen.”

A hand holding a halved avocado with the pit still in one half and removed from the other. The ripe avocado has a dark green, slightly textured skin and smooth, bright green flesh.
u/key_awareness_3005/ via reddit.com

“Jackpot.” – u/ruben_e

Yeah, I’m not so sure I would go so far as to say that that fits the bill for your traditional jackpot. Still, an interesting avocado to come across.

3. “I opened a small chip bag and there was only 5.25 chips in there.”

An open bag of red seasoned tortilla chips is shown, viewed from above. The bag is partially filled with the chips, displaying their triangular shape and vibrant seasoning. The background is slightly blurred, suggesting an indoor setting.
u/pencilsandsnails/via reddit.com

“This is why Pringles is goat.” – u/webdesignersans

Honestly though. They might have a point here. Pringles can really hit the spot sometimes, and this bag of chips needs to get its whole life together.

4. “My swiss cheese only has one hole.”

A hand holding a slice of cheese with a single, perfectly circular hole in the center. The background shows a wooden floor and part of a wall. The cheese slice and the hand are in focus, while the background is slightly blurred.
u/cristianooo77/via reddit.com

“You can spin it like pizza dough I guess.” – u/iburnedmymouthlol

You know what though? They do have a point about the pizza dough spinning option. Honestly sounds like a good time.

5. “We had an entire slice of pizza with no cheese.”

A close-up of an uncooked pizza with a layer of shredded mozzarella cheese and pepperoni slices on a thin crust. Some areas along the edge appear to have missing cheese. The background is slightly blurred, showing parts of a person's upper body.
u/femguy123/via reddit.com

“This angers me.” – u/deleted

Come on now. Don’t take that slice away from the good folks. Not cool at all.

6. “I feel violated.”

Close-up of a hand holding an empty Brach's Soft Peppermint Candy wrapper. The wrapper is transparent with purple branding and text. The person holding it is wearing light-colored pants, and the background appears to be a room with a bed and a chair.
u/puzzlheadeddark-459/via reddit.com

The origin story for this literal tooth of Peppermint Candy must be fascinating enough. Clearly, this candy has led a troubled life.

7. “Absolute ripoff.”

Image of a partially opened package of Favorite Day cookies on a wooden surface. The package shows cookies with chocolate chunks and colorful candy-coated pieces. Some cookies are visible inside the opened top of the package.
u/a3dprintedfrog/via reddit.com

Yeah, seeing a serious lack of love for whoever was responsible for packaging these couple of cookies. Must’ve been a tough day for this customer, indeed.

8. “What is this?”

A frosted rectangular pastry with white icing and colorful sprinkles, resembling a Pop-Tart, is placed on a light blue fabric. The exposed edges show glimpses of red filling inside.
u/memeanimeproepic/via reddit.com

“This is the opposite of a food lottery.” – u/deleted

No, really though. This is inexcusable. We demand an explanation, and we demand an explanation sooner rather than later.

9. “Only tortilla.”

A close-up of a hand holding a partially wrapped burrito in foil. The burrito appears to be filled with ingredients like meat and vegetables. The background is a blank wall, and part of a computer screen is visible at the bottom of the image.
u/dramatic-rip-8811/via reddit.com

“Yeah can I get a burrito, uh, no fillings. At all. Nothing. Thanks.” – u/the_mantis_shrimp

I mean, hey. It’s a tortilla masterpiece of a situation, and maybe for some people that’s all they were looking for in the first place.

10. “We still ate this watermelon.”

A half-cut yellow watermelon is placed on a white cutting board. A silver knife with a black handle lies to the right of the watermelon. The surface underneath the cutting board has a beige pattern.
u/dragonwelfarerights/via reddit.com

“It blew my mind when I learned that yellow and orange watermelons were a thing. Same with pink pineapple.” – u/FootTraffickn

Wow. You learn something new every day. I didn’t see that one coming though.

11. “Kind of lost the food lottery here.”

An old baking sheet with five slices of bread topped with shredded cheese sits on a gray countertop, ready for baking. Four slices have cheese evenly spread, while one slice has cheese only on the right edge. The bread appears to be seasoned with black pepper.
u/jazzhandzuwu/via reddit.com

“This picture makes me very sad.” – u/deleted

That poor piece of almost cheesy bread. It never stood a fighting chance. You can almost see the tears of sadness.

12. “I’ve been robbed.”

A hand holding a partially unwrapped Rice Krispies Treats bar over a dark gray bedspread. The packaging is blue and white, with the visible text indicating "Rice Krispies Treats" and "Original." The treat appears partially eaten.
u/whoopsielovetunnel/via reddit.com

“Email the company. This small inconvenience could probably get you a free box of them.” – u/Inochimaru

Alright, that seems like a bit of an escalation, but I guess if they really feel some type of way about the whole matter, then that could be the move.

13. “Not really food but every single one of these were cherry instead of apple.”

A hand holds a wrapped red lozenge in front of a partially opened white package labeled "Fisherman's Friend Green Apple." The package shows an image of a green apple with a bite taken out of it. The text "new flavor" is visible at the top.
u/chochrs/via reddit.com

So, this predicament really boils down to your preferred flavor. For anyone who likes cherry flavored food items, this would be a smashing victory.

14. “I’m so lucky!”

A small, open cardboard box contains a single raisin at the bottom. A caption at the top of the image reads, "There was one raisin in this whole box..
u/distinctfondant4561/via reddit.com

Maybe it’s time to leave raisins in the past. Maybe raisins are trying to say something here. That, or this is a case of some serious bad luck.

15. “A mini mini tortilla.”

A package of Trader Joe's Mini Sonora Style Tortillas is shown. The clear plastic bag displays 18 tortillas inside, described as "a soft tortilla that's perfect for tacos." The net weight is 7.5 ounces (213 grams), and a "KSA Pareve" certification is visible.
u/waddlerchun/via reddit.com

While it’s not ideal to find yourself with a mini mini tortilla when you were banking on the mini tortillas, things can still be accomplished with a mini mini tortilla. Maybe all hope isn’t lost, after all.

16. “Found a hollow egg.”

A hand holding a peeled hard-boiled egg with a small indentation where the yolk has been removed. The background shows a wooden table with placemats and a knife.
u/yolotune/via reddit.com

Oh dear, the humanity. How could they? How could they possibly have the audacity to try and pawn this egg off as being anything but a hollow egg? Some folks are just heartless.

17. “I did not win. That left one is just pathetic.”

A metal tray holds nine unbaked pastries topped with small diced apples and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, likely prepared for baking. The pastries are arranged in rows on a kitchen countertop.
u/glad_cress_8591/via reddit.com

“I got one with just cheese the other night.” – u/deleted

“They look like cat food pizzas.” – u/chinocow

18. “This piece of ice in my soda.”

A photo of a paper towel on a speckled countertop with three irregular ice chunks of varying sizes melting on it. A cup decorated with text and illustrations is partially visible in the top left corner of the image.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

That piece of ice is giving off a bit of Frankenstein energy. Isn’t it just the best when you get a surprise attack from a monstrous looking piece of ice? Truly.

19. “A biscuit without the other cookie on top and without the cream.”

A single round chocolate biscuit with a pattern of small holes is placed on a light brown wooden surface. The edges of the biscuit are scalloped.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

This biscuit clearly had no more love to give. It must’ve been exhausted. Unfortunately, the hungry customer on the receiving end of the situation came out with an undeniable food lottery loss.

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