25 Weird Fashion Designs That Make Us Roll Our Eyes In Frustration

In the pursuit toward redefining the boundaries of what both professional designers and high fashion consumers consider to be high fashion, there have been many instances of absolutely bizarre fashion designs. No seriously. You might not have known that at one point someone walked the runway in an inflatable dress that then deflated during the walk, but now you do. We’ll take a look at that far out fashion design, and many more fashion designs that pushed it all to the limit.

1. “I am buoyancy.”

A collage of a person wearing an inflatable white suit resembling fuzzy pajamas or a futuristic spacesuit in various outdoor settings. They stand on rocky terrain by the sea, wade in ocean waves, stand on a beach, and float on the water's surface.
u/ar-agile60/via reddit.com

“Don’t accidentally flip over.” – u/unplanned_life

“Buoyancy gets swept out to sea on the currents and tides. Fool.” – u/invisiblewuntwo

2. “Zoolander faced model finds their outfit unbearable.”

A model on a fashion runway wears an avant-garde outfit covered entirely in small, pale teddy bears. The background is lit with a red hue, and an audience is visible on the sides. The model has long blonde hair and an intense expression.
u/ingeekitrust/via reddit.com

“Let me just slip into my teddy.” – u/Konekterr

“Honestly, that’s super campy. I’d wear it.” – u/imo_abyssi

3. “So many questions here.”

A person wearing a black jacket with a silver zipper and dark blue jeans. The jeans have a distinct pattern that resembles water stains across the front, creating a unique, weathered appearance. The person's hands are in the jacket pockets.
u/c4gtay/via reddit.com

Okay. Queue up the endless line of jokes with these pants. It’s as if they were partially aiming for getting the designer’s name out there, solely through the inevitable peanut gallery of roasts that would accompany such a design.

4. “Benjamin Benmoyal. A spectrum of unraveled yarn.”

A person walks down a runway wearing a vibrant, floor-length, purple and pink striped outfit with a matching headpiece. The audience is seated on both sides, attentively watching the fashion show. The room is well-lit, highlighting the bold attire.
u/janetandrita/via reddit.com

“These are beautifully crafted.” – u/llamatime4

Yeah. While there are always going to be folks that will be ready to roll their eyes over just about any piece of clothing, it seems like there were a fair number of people that appreciated this particular design.

5. “How many Elmos had to perish for this?”

A person is wearing a vibrant, avant-garde outfit covered in numerous plush Elmo toys and red tinsel. The upper part of the outfit features an orange, fluffy heart-shaped design, while the individual's face displays bright, colorful makeup.
u/reasonable_crow4632/via reddit.com

“Do they all giggle when you tickle them?” – u/dullunicorn

“Larry David foaming at the mouth.” – u/byrobot

6. “Some might call this an act of genius.”

A person walks down a runway wearing a bold red outfit consisting of a loose shirt, pants, and gloves, paired with a vibrant orange wig. The individual has distinctive face makeup featuring a black geometric design around the eyes and mouth.
u/obeycoffeedrinksatan/via reddit.com

“There isn’t one thing working in this look.” – u/ThewildBore

“The latest fashion from Whoville.” – u/unpricedToaster

7. “Rotated Ballgowns by Viktor and Rolf.”

A fashion model walks down a runway wearing a unique outfit consisting of a light blue curtain-like headdress that covers the upper body, paired with beige high-waisted shorts. Spectators in dark clothing watch and take photos in an ornate, gilded room.
u/janetandrita/via reddit.com

“Okay, but as funny as this collection objectively is, I love it. The amount of time and talent to make these dresses is unparalleled, and it plays into the humor of the house codes.” – u/afinevindicatedmess

“I love it. It’s like they glitched and their dresses are clipping through the character model.” – u/bearflipstable

8. “When you can’t find a shirt you want to wear but you’re already late.”

Two views of a person wearing an oversized, avant-garde denim outfit. The front features a high collar and wide pants, while the back shows a single large back pocket and wide leg openings. The individual carries a clear, ruffled bag and walks on a city street.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.” – u/jaygold

“At least it has pockets.” – u/kinghfb

9. “We all needed a little Tommy Cash, apparently.”

A person with long dark hair, wearing dark blue pajamas, walks on a city sidewalk wrapped in a white comforter. Large white pillows are balanced on their shoulders. The street is lined with buildings and parked cars.
u/vindtar/via reddit.com

“I saw him open for Oliver Tree a few years ago. He did half his set while hover boarding back and forth across the stage.” – u/llamatime4

“He missed the roll call because he overslept.” – u/delicioussparkalade

10. “Rick Owens Dystopian Collection.”

A person wearing a voluminous, textured yellow coat with exaggerated, oversized proportions stands in a room with ornate, white-paneled walls. They are also wearing black leggings and high, exaggerated black platform boots.
u/abaganoush/via reddit.com

“This looks like a Megaman villain.” – u/ChoiceLawfulness978

“Biblically accurate fashion.” – u/dairydisaster

11. “Winter is coming.”

A person stands outside a building with detailed stone architecture, dressed in an oversized black puffer jacket with exaggeratedly large sleeves and collar, paired with black shorts, tall socks, and black boots.
u/adrianoouk/via reddit.com

“It’s actually very practical. It unfolds into a life raft.” – u/Explodingantelope

“Aritzia Superpuff.” – u/gingersnap_zuzu

12. “Presenting, Scribblecore.”

A model walks the runway wearing an avant-garde outfit made of colorful, tangled wires enveloping their entire body, creating a spherical shape around them. They are also wearing bright green socks and yellow, fuzzy shoes with black accents.
u/marumarubatsu/via reddit.com

“These remind me of those bead maze toys I would play with as a small child while waiting to see the doctor/dentist.” – u/smokescreenxoxo

“My kids do that with slinkys too.” – u/dreddedexistence

13. “Okay, not even sure where to start with this.”

A person walks down a runway dressed in an oversized, puffy, grey costume that resembles a caterpillar or segmented worm. The audience on both sides watches as the unique outfit is showcased.
u/hmmgifs/via reddit.com

Of the different fashion statements we’ve covered thus far, this particular “piece” has rendered us speechless. Seriously. That’s it.

14. “Just some casual Italian beachwear.”

A person stands in a room wearing a colorful, cone-shaped outfit with horizontal stripes in yellow, orange, teal, and blue. Their bare legs and feet are visible below the outfit, and they have small eye holes near the top. Beige curtains hang in the background.
u/plethorian/via reddit.com

“Forget bringing an umbrella. Be an umbrella.” – u/bumblebeaaltopp

“Looks like a candy corn.” – u/autoimmunetoyou

15. “Seen on Buenos Aires Fashion Week.”

A model walks down a runway wearing a white and brown dress with a large, uniquely shaped crochet pink hood obscuring most of their head. The audience is seated on both sides of the catwalk, with bright stage lights illuminating the scene.
u/biomarino13/via reddit.com

“This is a Silent Hill 3 enemy.” – u/tehpolecat

“Finally some useful fashion. For anyone who wants continuous tunnel vision.” – u/scubaglady

16. “Hoarding ponies in a raincoat.”

A model on a runway wearing a transparent, multicolored, glittery jacket with various small plush toys in its pockets. The outfit also includes a pink patterned dress underneath. Another model in a green top and pink skirt is visible in the background.
u/insomniacmcgee/via reddit.com

“She just wandered in, so they put her in the show.” – u/deleted

“I would’ve been all about this in 1987.” – u/abell421

17. “This jacket makes me hungry for turkey and NFL.”

A model with slicked-back hair wears a unique, structured brown leather jacket with exaggerated shoulders and a high collar, paired with beige pants that have ruffled details at the waist. The background is a simple grey gradient.
u/kinghfb/via reddit.com

“I’d have that look on my face too if I had to wear that.” – u/deleted

Yeah, kind of hard to force a smile when wearing this whole getup. Can’t blame them.

18. “Behold the pricey sweater that makes your arms look put on wrong.”

A model is standing and facing forward, wearing a unique, oversized gray woolen outfit that includes a structured top with wide, rounded sleeves and a short skirt. The top has a high, stiff collar and an oval-shaped pendant in the center. The model pairs the outfit with black ankle boots.
u/eriwhi/via reddit.com

“It is kind of incredible how much it messes with expected proportions.” – u/horsecowelephant

Surprisingly enough, there were a fair number of folks that found themselves liking this fashion piece.

19. “Taking bedhead to the next level.”

A woman on a runway wearing an avant-garde fashion outfit that resembles a bed. Her outfit includes two pillows around her head and a large red blanket draped over her shoulders. Her hair is styled to blend into the pillows, creating a unique and surreal look.
u/snorlax123/via reddit.com

“Dress for the job you want. Not the one you have.” – u/deleted

At the very least, we can’t deny that this would be one of the more fun days on the job. That much is true.

20. “Great arch support.”

A fashion model wears a sheer pink outfit paired with an oversized yellow sleeve. The model also dons unusual shoes resembling large, fleshy human fingers. Close-up shots of the shoes highlight their realistic, hand-like appearance.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“I feel like these would weigh a lot.” – u/babyBear83

“Kind of looks like the thumb people from Spy Kids.” – u/deleted

21. “I’m getting a, monsters are actually real vibe from this.”

A model struts down the runway wearing a black and white striped, skin-tight outfit with a hood and exaggerated horizontal lines. She carries a matching striped umbrella and wears high platform heels. Her face is partially obscured by the outfit's design.
u/kinghfb/via reddit.com

“She looks like those worms from Beetlejuice.” – u/PapiSilvia

“I love this. It’s so creepy and over the top.” – u/LeilaByron

22. “When you’re a real goth and not a pretender.”

A model is wearing an elaborate headpiece resembling a tribal mask with intricate geometric patterns in silver and red colors. The outfit includes a black, white, and pink striped top adorned with multiple layers of necklaces.
u/easylikerain/via reddit.com

“For real though. That’s beautiful.” – u/MoreOfaLurker

“It looks like if the Vicery from the Star Wars prequels became Kabal from Mortal Kombat and decided to become high priest to some eldritch cult.” – Ultimation12

23. “Summertime is clearly here.”

A model walks down a runway in a fashion show, wearing a unique outfit shaped like a large inflatable pool. The outfit frames the model and is blue and white. The event is lit with overhead stage lighting and a seated audience is visible in the background.
u/hazys/via reddit.com

“It’s called moving furniture.” – u/jbookworm1

“Great. Now the pool is ruined.” – u/deleted

24. “It looks like she got stuck while setting up a tent.”

A person walks down concrete stairs wearing a unique outfit resembling a large, grey and green, tree-like structure. The outfit features large cutouts and green accents with matching green shoes, socks, and arm decorations. The background appears to be urban architecture.
u/snorlaxlover123/via reddit.com

“So that’s where my sofa cushions went.” – u/QuestionablyInnocent

“Gumby falling on real hard times.” – u/nova-north

25. “So balloon dresses are in.”

A fashion runway model walks in an outfit shaped like an oversized purple balloon, covering the entire body and head, with only legs visible. The audience, seated on both sides, observes and photographs the unique design. Bright lights illuminate the scene.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

Okay, now just imagine what kind of potential noises are erupting every time one of these high fashion balloons has to deflate. I mean, it has to deflate. That’s a big part of the show.

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