19 Worn Down Things That Prove Our Best Days Are Behind Us

Time just keeps on ticking along. It comes for us all, and we can see its effects sprawl across the different parts of our daily lives in all kinds of humbling ways. One area in particular is when you observe time’s effects on statues. Some statues are really out there trying to get by while on their last limbs.

1. “For a lot of people, he is a good boy.”

A bronze statue of a person with curly hair kneeling next to a dog with a golden snout. The dog's face is tilted upwards, and the hands of the person are gently holding it. The statue is set on a stone surface with pebbles and a water feature in the background.
u/scatola/via reddit.com

“Not near enough petting on the top of the head for my liking.” – u/RafiqiNips

“I’m one of those people that would need to pet him even though it makes no sense.” – u/blockchainpower

2. “A tale of 2 teddies, both bought at the same time 18 years ago.”

Two worn teddy bears lying on a blue surface. The bear on the left is white with brown spots and a pink bow, while the bear on the right is light brown with a cream-colored bow. Both bears have black button eyes and stitched smiles.
u/princeapalia/via reddit.com

“Which one of you is the sociopath?” – u/deleted

“Someone was snuggling a bit too hard.” – u/deleted

3. “My mother’s clipboard from doing the newspaper crossword puzzles for 30 years.”

A worn clipboard with a large metal clip holds a piece of paper that has a dark, rectangular area smudged with pencil marks, blending into a lighter background. A person's hand is visible, holding the clipboard at the bottom.
u/pairofcrocs/via reddit.com

“This might be my favorite of all time. Layers upon layers of questions she’s cracked. I don’t even know what I’m having for dinner.” – u/deleted

“The thought of having the same clipboard for this long is blowing my mind.” – u/tehgimpage

4. “Staples from posters after four decades.”

A wooden utility pole covered densely with countless metal staples, blending into the dark, rough texture. The background includes blurred utility equipment, wires, a street, and a blue sky.
u/reefyview/via reddit.com

“Now you can just use magnets.” – u/b1ack1323

“Is there a point where the staples stop?” – u/blockchainpower

5. “This rug is so well worn it’s almost invisible.”

A cobblestone alley features an outdoor cafe with tables and chairs adorned with patterned green tablecloths. A wooden sign positioned near the entrance reads "Café Chocolaterie, Since 1892" in red letters. Nearby is another table decorated with a red cloth.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“I want to peel it.” – u/panzerox123

“When you know where you need to go in a video game.” – u/AreYouTakingNotes

6. “Mouse still works, the owner couldn’t figure out why I was snapping this picture.”

A hand holding a black computer mouse upside down, showing the bottom side with a red optical sensor illuminated. The mouse appears slightly worn, with visible scratches. There is a computer monitor and a keyboard in the background on a wooden desk.
u/jammin101wolf/via reddit.com

“The sand paper mousepad was a good investment!” – u/Flexen

Clearly, someone was able to secure the high score. Good for them.

7. “This dog’s favorite spot.”

A black and white dog joyfully leans out of the open passenger window of a red SUV. The dog's front legs dangle outside while it gazes ahead with its mouth open and tongue out. The car is slightly dusty, and the sky in the background is overcast.
u/lordepitom/via reddit.com

“I would be so afraid of my doggo falling out.” – u/deleted

“Now try to convince me that dog won’t kill my backseat.” – u/simonniz

8. “The local ping pong place hasn’t changed the tables in 20 years.”

A ping pong table with a blue and yellow gradient design, located indoors near a chain-link fence. Two white chairs are placed side by side next to the table. The area appears to be in a recreational or game room.
u/dardan311/via reddit.com

“Can’t be nice to play on.” – u/deleted

“Looks like miniature beach volleyball to me.” – u/rockodile-crocs

9. “A nut and a bolt, far from and close to the sea.”

A side-by-side image of two different types of rusty bolts on a wooden structure. The left bolt displays a rounded, nut-secured end, while the right bolt has a sharp, pointed end. Pebbles and rocks are scattered around the base of the wood.
u/mprovin/via reddit.com

“The wood has a really cool shape as well. Funny how it doesn’t look rotten or anything.” – u/TimetoFloat

The real question that comes to mind is just how someone would realistically be able to undo that bolt that has utterly withered away.

10. “My wallet for 15 months without a headphone jack.”

A hand holds a worn black leather wallet with visible creases and scuffs. The background shows a tiled floor and a wooden surface, possibly a bench.
u/goaliescottie/via reddit.com

“That can’t be comfortable.” – u/lotuseater92

But come on. Just leave it attached to the headphones and maybe we’d never be here in the first place. Just a thought. Some folks love to live against the grain though.

11. “The key from my 1999 Civic.”

Close-up images of a hand holding a slightly bent car key against a background of dark gray fabric, possibly jeans. The key has a black plastic head with an "H" on it. The left image shows the front view, and the right image shows the bent side profile.
u/slain86/via reddit.com

“This happened to me. Except I had to get the entire assembly changed because the key couldn’t turn the ignition. I’m surprised yours still turns.” – u/-insignificant-

“It may cause the steering lock to engage, so I would encourage to get a replacement.” – u/calm_winds

12. “St. Peter’s foot at the Vatican after centuries of being touched by pilgrims.”

Close-up of a statue showing the lower part of a seated figure wearing a draped robe and sandals with lion-like claw details. The figure's foot rests on a polished stone base, and part of a lion's paw is visible next to the foot.
u/contrariwise2/via reddit.com

“Guilty, I touched it while we were there.” – u/deleted

“Looks like he’s wearing Crocs.” – u/ThermalGravy

13. “If you tell the dog to go get her gator, she will bring back any of these.”

Three green pieces of playdough sit in a vertical line against a light gray background: the top two pieces are textured with intricate patterns, resembling tire treads or leaf veins, while the bottom one is roughly spherical with an uneven, coarse surface.
u/potatosteph/via reddit.com

“It kinda looks like a tire because of the profile on it.” – u/angry_snek

“My dog has that same gator, and the first thing to go is always the head.” – u/deleted

14. “12 year old iPod compared to a fully restored one.”

Two iPods placed side by side on a striped fabric surface. The one on the left has a brushed metal back with visible wear, while the one on the right has a shiny, polished back with the "iPod" logo and "160GB" capacity mark clearly visible.
u/dankmus/via reddit.com

“They looked nice at first but then slowly devolved into a scratched mess.” – u/ItsRainbow

“Picked up 40GB in the process.” – u/anotherkeebler

15. “Our cattle licked this post for the better part of 50 years.”

A close-up view of a wooden post embedded in the ground, with a rough and slightly knotted texture. The background shows a snowy and muddy outdoor area, with firewood and some farm equipment visible.
u/boltactionrifleman/via reddit.com

“Is that called cowrrosion.” – u/loudlime

“That’s some serious fibre.” – u/RJWier

16. “This rock eroded by the waves.”

A unique rock formation known as Kannesteinen, located in Norway, stands on the shore with its base eroded by waves, creating a mushroom-like shape. It is surrounded by large, smooth rocks and an overcast sky above the ocean in the background.
u/mixitymax/via reddit.com

“They have a rock like this in La Paz. They call it ballandra.” – u/deleted

“Straight out of the game worms.” – u/TheFirstBornIsDead

17. “He’s always worked alone, and only uses one of the chairs.”

A person stands on a green floor that has a noticeable spill or wet stain near their feet. Two barber chairs are positioned nearby, each facing a small wooden counter against the wall. The scene appears to be inside a barbershop.
u/yennzern/via reddit.com

“My barber’s is exactly the same.” – u/cheeksgt

18. “I don’t remember how old my keyboard is.”

A close-up image of a well-worn computer keyboard showing part of the top row and the home row keys. The keys appear shiny and smudged from frequent use, with the letters Q, R, A, S, and Tab and Caps Lock keys clearly visible.
u/r-game/via reddit.com

“Do you type with knives?” – u/jvrcb17

“Do you perspire acid?” – u/deleted

19. “1995 Zippo taken before and after.”

Side-by-side images of a Zippo lighter before and after polishing. The left image shows a well-used, scratched, and tarnished gold-colored Zippo lighter. The right image shows the same lighter, now polished to a shiny, reflective surface.
u/nothing_fancy21/via reddit.com

“Wow, nice job!” – u/risquare

“I’d be really curious to see the before and after weight.” – u/deleted

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