19 Brainless People Who Think They’re Geniuses

We’ve all crossed paths with one of those individuals. The one person in the room that insists on speaking the loudest complete and utter nonsense, while believing that they are completely right. Some conversations can prove tougher than others. And when it’s taken online, all that we have to remember those difficult individuals by is the literal stains of ignorance that they left behind. We’ll take a look at some of the most clueless people that we’ve seen in action this week.

1. “In the comments of a YouTube video.”

Screenshot of a Reddit post from the r/EmKay subreddit with the message: "Sending this post to someone? It looks better when you share it." The top bar shows the time as 6:32 and indicates an LTE connection. Options to share the post or join the subreddit are visible.
u/smittydata/via reddit.com

“82 and several strokes. Give them a break.” – u/JoeyBroths

Yeah, clearly they’ve been through the ringer.

2. “Posting about how tattoos don’t hurt because of inner demons.”

A social media post with text about managing pain while getting tattoos and piercings. It mentions blocking out pain, handling it, and how having demons, referred to as 'bruul', helps in drawing strength and energy.
u/dadkyle69/via reddit.com

“Demons hate this one simple trick.” – u/savpunk

“Sir this is a Wendy’s.” – u/murkytom

3. “How is that related at all though?”

A Facebook post dated February 21 reads, "Guess who finally got their driver's license?" followed by a comment saying, "Noice m8, I just ordered my motherboard, power supply and some RGB fans". Several names and profile pictures are blacked out for privacy.
u/flandairy/via reddit.com

“Maybe he thought his friend talked about getting his graphic driver’s license.” – u/deleted

4. “I just wanted to play 8 ball.”

A text message conversation where one person sends a picture of an 8 ball pool game with the message "Let's play 8 Ball" and the other person responds with a long text explaining they are now dating someone and thanking the recipient for being great, wishing them well.
u/danculsen/via reddit.com

“Rookie mistake. You only play 8 ball after marriage.” – u/CandiedBloon

The real question that needs addressing here, is who in their right mind would send random 8 ball requests to someone that they’ve never met in the first place? Yeah, a bit of a red flag to say the very least.

5. “That moment when he doesn’t compliment you back.”

A screenshot of a direct message conversation on Instagram. The first person sends messages saying "Hey" with eye emojis, "Thanks for liking my pic x," "You're fit btw," and "I've a bf sorry" with a sad emoji. The second person replies with "Hi" and "welcome and thanks.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“That definitely didn’t go the way she wanted it to.” – u/supperoni

6. “He was born in August.”

A man with short gray hair, tattoos on his arms, and a chain hanging from his belt is wearing a dark green T-shirt. The back of the shirt reads, "Walk away I am a grumpy old man I was born in August I have anger issues and a serious dislike for stupid people.
u/flablessguy/via reddit.com

“Wait I was born in August.” – u/deleted

“So. Many. Fonts.” – u/bahamahoneycreeper

7. “I didn’t steal.”

Screenshot of a social media comment exchange. The first comment reads, "I mean I'm a time traveler. I'm traveling forward through time at precisely the speed of time." The second response mocks the first comment, noting more karma despite a newer account.
u/tobysmouse/via reddit.com

“Well now you have 46 less. I bet the time traveler saw that coming.” – u/Darth1994

I mean, come on now. We’re dropping time traveling references? Obviously I’m all in on that.

8. “Please I just want to get this group project done.”

A screenshot of an iMessage conversation. One person asks, "Are you free at all this weekend?" The other replies, "I'm kind of already seeing someone :/". The first person responds, "That's nice. We still have 8 slides to do." The message is marked as read at 6:05 PM.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“This is all too real.” – u/deleted

Oh boy, we’re throwing it way back to the forsaken days of the group projects. Weren’t those the best of times though? Or maybe just the toughest of times. Yeah, we’ll go with that.

9. “Tell me more.”

A hand holding a tomato is seen in front of a window showing darkness outside. The image has a digital timestamp reading 10:48 PM and a caption that reads, "Just eating a tomato even though it's completely dark outside.
u/deleted/via redditl.com

You’ve got to ask yourself though. Was it the best tomato soup of all time, or no? It probably was. That’s the only explanation for this imperative update.

“I like the implication that eating a tomato soup after sundown is to be frowned upon.” – u/TheZealousWatcher

10. “Oh, grapes.”

A screenshot of a text exchange featuring a food-themed joke: Corn emoji asks, "why did the tomato blush?" Tomato emoji responds, "why." Corn emoji says, "because he saw the salad dressing." Tomato emoji replies, "lol." Grape emoji adds, "I just had surgery.

“I’m lost. Though, I still laughed.” – u/gigachadd

“They did surgery on a grape.” – u/theonetheuno

11. “Vegan coworker.”

A sticky note with handwritten text reads: "Times co-worker has mentioned she's vegan today: 4. Times I've asked: 0." The numbers are depicted with tally marks and a circle-backslash symbol, respectively.
u/vnightmare69/via reddit.com

“Well this is a piece of paper with some writing on it.” – u/tioomeow

“Doubt it.” – u/deleted

12. “The professor has spoken, everyone.”

A tweet from @neiltyson features an image of Elsa from "Frozen." The tweet humorously comments on Elsa having a human-sized head with horse-sized eyeballs, occupying four times the normal volume within her cranium. The image shows Elsa looking slightly to the side.
u/hoojbooj/via reddit.com

“It’s just trivia.” – u/deleted

Some people just need to ruin everything.

13. “Dude in the red was literally talking about a mac and cheese recipe.”

A comment reads, "When people make stuff like this, I consider it cheating, but those look so good," with 17 likes and 2 replies. Another commenter replies, "My great uncle cheated on his second wife and I can assure you it isn’t comparable to what you just said and especially what it did to our family. Choose your words better next time I suggest.
u/knizm0/via reddit.com

“Come on. He lost his great uncle to mac and cheese.” – u/freezincoldcheetos

“People should stop trying to one-up the others.” – u/deleted

14. “Alright, thank you Billy.”

A Discord message from "Apple Guy | iPhone X" at 00:47 reads: "A 13 years old that has better stuff than yours (edited) Hahahahaha I have iPhone 5, 6 plus, 7 plus, X, iPad pro 2018, $2000 pc Im about to get iPhone Xi My parents makes $7000 a week You're broke".
u/lukano007/via reddit.com

“That’s actually just sad.” – u/waitwhatnani

“Imagine being so insecure that you have to flex with your name, profile picture, and with your messages.” – u/deleted

15. “Stop having fun at the party with your friends and family, and check out the moon.”

A Facebook post with a user profile picture obscured mentions, "I hope y’all enjoyed the game. I willfully do not have tv. I haven’t had it in over 5 years. I enjoyed the Moon instead tonight.. y’all should give real life a try sometime." It has 20 reactions and 6 comments. Reactions and options to like, comment, or send in Messenger are shown below the post.
u/jaustinduke/via reddit.com

“Had such a good time without TV I had to get on my phone to tell you about it.” – u/deleted

“Dumbest flex of all time.” – u/klambchowder

16. “He even acknowledges that nobody asked.”

Screenshot of a Tweet. The top tweet by Neil deGrasse Tyson reads, "Not that anybody's asked, but New Years Day on the Gregorian Calendar is a cosmically arbitrary event, carrying no Astronomical significance at all." Below it, Charles C. W. Cooke replies, "It doesn’t have any nutritional significance either, according to my restaurateur friend, but somehow he still manages to grasp that it’s an important cultural event that doesn’t need filtering through his professional lens and explaining as if everyone were a moron.
u/reasonablyassured/via reddit.com

“Honestly Neil. You’d think you’d have gotten the hint that people find this obnoxious.” – u/Flyberius

“Roses are red. Violets are blue. You just got corrected by an airplane toilet.” – u/deleted

17. “I bet his parents are proud.”

A screenshot of a social media comment reads: "Here is an idea just don’t be poor £1400 for insurance is nothing, I pay £8500 to insure my A-class AMG." The username is blacked out. The comment has 6 likes and 6 replies.
u/generalkenobi456-/via reddit.com

“We did it boys. Poverty is no more.” – u/Beans_37

18. “Then why post a comment, Christina?”

A Facebook post by a user from Arizona asks, "Are all McDonald's the same as far as pricing?" The background features colorful balloons. The post has reactions and comments, including one from someone stating, "We do not eat McDonald's." Names and profile pictures are redacted.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Just had to tell everyone she’s a vegetarian.” – u/anonymouse

Well now the world knows. Nobody at all can take this away from, Christina. You better believe it.

19. “A simple text about helping would’ve sufficed.”

A text message conversation. The blue messages read, "Hi there, would it be possible to do 4:00, I have to wait for someone to get out of work to help me load furniture" and "Thanks for the offer, let’s do 4 pm though." The gray messages read, "I can help if you like. I bench press my own body weight for reps and run a 7 minute mile" and "Or I can do 4.
u/teaspoon7884/via reddit.com

“Neither of those are impressive feats.” – u/deleted

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