19 Badly Designed Signs and Spelling Blunders That Missed The Mark

There’s nothing quite like a terribly designed sign to completely stop you in your tracks. Some signs are so far off the mark that it actually ends up being strangely impressive. We rounded up a collection of some of the absolute worst designed signs that we’ve seen in recent days. Just consider yourself warned.

1. “Not sure where to start with this one.”

A wooden wall art piece displays the letters "EVOL" arranged vertically and horizontally, along with other jumbled letters, creating a puzzle-like appearance. Three light bulbs hang above the artwork, casting a warm glow.
u/JO65FFS/via Reddit.com

“Weird way to say we love burgers!” – u/BlueDotty

“I read burgers love me.” – u/laraux

2. “Leaving will never your records own masters.”

The back of a blue vehicle featuring a bumper sticker on the rear window that reads, "Leaving your records will never own masters." Part of a spare tire is visible on the left, and a utility pole can be seen in the reflection on the window.
u/inquisitivequeer/via reddit.com

“I spent a solid minute trying to figure this out and I can’t seem to find a single coherent sentence in there.” – u/Correct-Basil-8397

“I got leaving will your records never own masters.” – u/RichSector5779

3. “Wait.”

A close-up photo of a product label showing the brand name "Bubble Blends" in bold, colorful letters. The top part of the container is visible with a translucent lid showing an orange substance inside.
u/crazybalrog/via reddit.com

“You win this time bubble blends.” – u/Niko_Scavio

“This might be the winner.” – u/deleted

4. “I do have am enough.”

A close-up image of a tattoo with the text "I do have am enough" written in cursive script on a person's skin.
u/I_exist_but/via reddit.com

“Kenough!” – u/GodSometimes

“I’m wracking my brain around what it’s actually supposed to say.” – u/goliath1515

5. “Thoughts Taten taken, become statt massive, things. Warten action.”

A colorful building with English and German text on its facade. Red and orange walls display the message: "THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS. TATEN STATT WARTEN. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!" White-framed windows are spread across the building.
u/Einwegkamera/Via Reddit.com“”

“Why is this building subtly promoting internet explorer?” – u/dogdillon

“The different languages make it even worse.” – u/Senumo

6. “Women want fish me fear me.”

The rear of an SUV displaying a bumper sticker. The sticker features a black background with orange flames at the bottom and white text that reads, "women want fish me fear me." The vehicle has a "GIBSON" dealership sticker and a "VUE PAYNE" emblem.
u/legalfoxhound27/via reddit.com

“Reading this in the voice of Cookie Monster helps.” – u/Magpie_Mind

“The comic sans font is the cherry on top.” – u/Mar_AFK

7. “Nozzle full of broken gas.”

A white gas cylinder with a metal valve on top, placed on a concrete surface. The words "Nozzle full or broken gas" are handwritten on the cylinder in blue marker. The top guard ring of the cylinder has some discoloration and scratches.
u/dead-inside2389/via reddit.com

“Why did my dumb brain go, full of broken glass, that’s a problem.” – u/deleted

8. “Every im not made me everyting I am.”

A graduate wears a decorated cap with the words "Everything I’m thinking about made me everything I am" written in yellow. The cap features a small character and colorful decorations. The graduate is surrounded by other graduates wearing blue gowns.
u/bbubbletrubble/via reddit.com

“I cracked the code.” – u/David_Bellows

“The alternate. Everything made everything I am. I’m not me, is also inspiring.” – u/Unanonymous553

9. “Get good news.”

A store window shows a confusing promotional sign that reads, "Get Good News! ONE Buy free TWO." The reflection of the street and buildings outside can be seen in the window.
u/pan_fried_okra_/via reddit.com

“Well I’ll take three then.” – u/WhiteSheepInThePark

“Having to buy two is not good news at all.” – u/nose_of_sauron

10. “Somebody really let themselves go.”

Storefront windows with large, blocky letters spelling out "Up Urban Salon" in a minimalist, abstract style. The letters are stacked and colored in shades of red and brown. A tree is reflected in the glass, and architectural details are visible at the top.
u/volcaronaa/via reddit.com

“That’s an atrocity, both in front and end design.” – u/BlueDotty

Just imagine if you tried to get yourself a new tattoo of this. Could confuse a person or two.

11. “Look closely.”

A store display shows a sign on the wall that humorously spells “WATER” vertically with the phrases “WATER,” “FAT FREE,” and “FREE WATER” formed with overlapping letters. Nearby shelves hold various products, and a blue display container sits in the foreground.
u/bradlephotos/via reddit.com

“It took me way too long to figure out it says free water horizontally and vertically.” – u/sully_88

“The real question is how they achieved the sparkling.” – u/manga18

12. “Veco rvff eee.”

A green insulated coffee mug with a clear lid rests on a wooden surface. The mug features the word "COFFEE" in a playful, scattered arrangement with yellow and white letters. The background shows a blurred café setting.
u/progressive/via reddit.com

“Covfefe.” – u/legalizeranch88

“Looks like a coffee machine sounds.” – u/dumblamma

13. “It starts with DDCTO EIAIN.”

A yellow poster with the phrase "IT STARTS WITH" written in black marker at the top. Beneath that, there are scrambled letters "DDCTO EEIAIN" in purple. The poster is taped on a cream-colored wall above a ledge.
u/goatgamer16/via reddit.com

“One thing. I don’t know why.” – u/Imnomaly

“That’s the name of the new guidance counselor.” -u/deleted

14. “Mr. on LEMade.”

Image of a sign shaped like a lemon with the text "Mr. Lemon LE Made" in green and yellow. There are lemon slice illustrations at the bottom, and a small leaf on the right. The text "Fresh Juice Cart" is in smaller green text at the bottom right.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

This might be one of our favorites, to date. Really just perfectly imperfect.

15. “So many questions.”

A vertical sign attached to a concrete pillar in a parking area reads, "NO SKATEBOARDS ROLLERBLADES SCOOTERS TO BE RIDDEN IN STRADBROKE CARPARK" in bold black and red text. The background shows metal storage units.
u/ythemood/via reddit.com

For me, it’s really the whole stradbroke carpark debacle. Like, how’d that even happen in the first place? We’ll probably never know.

16. “Aborncela.”

A hand holds a colorful refrigerator magnet spelling "Barcelona" with iconic landmarks like the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and the Torre Agbar depicted among the letters. The background is a blurred pavement.
u/0rinath/via reddit.com

“Crabelona.” – u/AsymptoticAbyss

“Bonarcela.” – u/arkthus

17. “Big be low.”

A close-up of a white box with large grey letters "BIGELOW" and images of a teapot, tea leaf, and teacup. The word "ENJOY" is between the teapot and teacup. Part of an orange box is visible on the left, and a green box can be seen on the right.
u/rogue_lornadoone/via reddit.com

“Big Lebowski.” – u/deleted

Yes. That has to be the inspiration behind what is clearly a perfectly executed sign of sorts.

18. “Not today, Satan. Today, Satan.”

A gray, cloudy sky looms over a construction site with metal fences bearing black banners. The left banner reads "Not Today, Satan" in white gothic font, and the right banner says "Today Satan, Today" in the same font. The ground is covered in graffiti.
u/bluemosse/via reddit.com

“Sending Satan mixed messages here.” – u/deleted

“Satan is very confused.” – u/GearJunkie82

19. “Laptops area on bar only. Thank you!”

A wooden sign on a white herringbone-tiled table reads, “Laptops area on bar only thank you!” In the background, outdoor seating and a street with cars and buildings are visible.
u/crimsonbrit/via reddit.com

“It’s actually not that bad.” – u/playr_4

I mean, not that bad is putting the whole thing here just a bit lightly.

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