People Are Sharing Their Most Stereotypically Boomer Behavior

Just because a generation might separate you from being called a “boomer”, doesn’t mean that at one point or another as you’ve been busy going about your life business that you haven’t unknowingly done something very boomer. It’s funny how there are certain quirky mannerisms or slang terms that can end up being completely associated with a generation.

1. You yell at your neighbors for not keeping the noise down.

A very angry man with a beard wearing a black shirt with a black background.

Is a little peace and quiet too much to ask for? You had a long day and upon returning home, preparing yourself a nice comfort food-themed feast, and queueing up your favorite show, you come to realize that the wild youth outside is going to be loud long beyond reasonable hours. Our condolences.

2. Hunting down a new job by going door to door.

A person standing in front of a welcome mat outside of a home.

Nothing quite like being the early bird that gets the worm to go and pound that pavement to lock down the new gig. It’s all about the hustle, right?

3. You bought a house with a reasonable mortgage payment and interest rate.

A small house keychain.

Nowadays, you’re really crushing it if you’re a part of that select crew that is fortunate enough to not be renting and actually owns a home. In fact, a new Intuit Credit Karma report has shown that upwards of 38% of Gen Z homeowners said they received financial assistance from their parents when buying homes. Pretty wild.

4. You associate authority with experience.

A group of coworkers in a conference room with each other.

This might be a bit more hit or miss, but plenty of boomers are going to go ahead and draw their own assumptions about the more senior, authoritative coworkers in their office also having the experience to back it up. If only this were always the case. Sometimes you just end up with people that hold those roles that also always managed to fail upwards.

5. You’ve mastered the art of texting with one finger.

A person typing on their phone with one thumb.

It’s harder than it looks. The patience required is its own admirable virtue. If you’re out there slinging your smartphone around while typing with one finger, then you might also have a TikTok video filmed of you by a mystified member of a younger generation.

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