The Best Comebacks To “Ok Boomer”

Anyone who falls within the realm of being a baby boomer likely knows very well the frustration that can come of being seemingly instantaneously dismissed by a human of a more youthful generation solely on the grounds that they’re a boomer.

To hear the defiantly muttered, “ok boomer”, is to hear what might as well be the necessary conclusion of a conversation that will likely go nowhere. However, if you’re a boomer and you’re in need of a proper comeback to address all the sass, then these top-tier comebacks might be just what you need.

1. Perfection

A deleted user's message reads, "Whatever tidepod," garnering 537 upvotes with icons for downvoting and replying visible. A perfect example of modern online comebacks akin to "ok boomer.
u/userdeleted / Via

2. Leaning into natural selection

A tweet by user "thorleywinston" featuring an avatar of a character with glasses and bear ears. The tweet reads, "I don't respond with ok boomer comebacks; I just remove all of the warning labels from household items and let nature take its course.

3. Or, just letting things be as they are.

Reddit screenshot about just accepting an ok boomer roast when it comes around.

4. Ouch.

Reddit screenshot about refusing to respond to someone who lacks creativity with their ok boomer insult.

5. Interesting and confusing at the same time.

Reddit screenshot about trying to confuse someone who says ok boomer.

6. Classic

A text post by a user named "BFlrera" featuring an illustration of a character with cat-like ears. The post reads, “Get off my lawn!” And hit them with a cane. Classic "ok boomer" vibes!

7. This might be the only actual “comeback.”

Reddit screenshot about how one can roast a younger person for not being able to afford a home during these harder economic times.

8. And here we go.

Reddit screenshot about how younger generation doesn't want the hard truth.

9. Ah, playing ignorant.

Reddit screenshot about how one can ignore an ok boomer comment to get back at a younger person.

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