23 Strange Photos of People On The Subway

If you’ve ever been in a magical, chaotic, ever unpredictable city like New York then you’ve probably experienced taking the subway. It’s an emotional rollercoaster. While the subway itself is still a cheap enough and convenient way to get from one end of the city to the other, you can easily forget that you’re also entering into an enclosed and fast-moving space with all kinds of wild human beings. Sometimes, the outbursts are strictly comical. You can even witness free live music shows, if that’s your thing. However, other times you can find yourself deeply troubled by what you’re seeing. We did our best to round up some of the more strange, funny, and unexplainable sights that people have ended up witnessing while they’ve been on the subway.

1. “The Tube’s infamous Balloon Bandit at work again.”

Passengers sit and stand inside a brightly lit subway car with various colored balloon animals tied to the handrails. One person near the front smiles at the camera while holding a book. The scene is casual and the atmosphere appears cheerful.
u/richman241/via reddit.com

“I think it’s a simply way to brighten up a commute. However, his fellow train riders don’t seem to care. I would love it if someone made balloon animals on a train or a bus. It would definitely get a smile out of me.” – u/i_run_far

“That looks so much cleaner and well maintained than DC’s Metro.” – u/Dogs_Not_Gods

2. “Fake Stark.”

A man with spiked gray hair and a goatee is sitting on a subway. He wears sunglasses, a black T-shirt with a large red and white Marvel logo, and has a black crossbody bag with a beige front panel. His arms are crossed, and he appears to be looking ahead.
u/subwaycreatures/via instagram.com

“Phony Stark.” – u/t_change_papi

“When Marvel said you’re done after Endgame.” – u/hypez_blitzz

3. “If I ignore them maybe they’ll go away.”

Two individuals, in costumes, sit on a subway. One is dressed as a blonde with a white dress and black jacket, resembling a horror character. The other is dressed as a doll in blue overalls and a striped shirt. Passengers sit nearby, some paying little attention.
u/copyx/via reddit.com

“I’m interested in these photos.” – u/fretnix

“Another reason to avoid public transport.” – u/Deadmacckk

4. “So, my friend found his clone on the subway last night.”

A man standing on a subway platform looks at his phone while wearing a brown coat and glasses. Behind him, an advertisement features a similar-looking man also wearing glasses, promoting a Global Business Management postgraduate certificate.
u/kappi8/via reddit.com

“Humber College is a terrific school for culinary arts.” – u/AlwaysSaysNiceThing

“This is just how bald guys in cities looked in 2013.” – u/deleted

5. “Just another day on the subway.”

A person wearing full medieval knight armor, complete with a helmet and shield, is sitting on a subway train. Next to them are two casually dressed passengers who appear to be amused and intrigued by the knight's attire.
u/Scaulbylausis/via Reddit.com

“Oscar!” – u/Leugim7734

“And they say chivalry is dead.” – u/AnaParadis

6. “When you stumble upon a literal grocery train.”

A subway door is open, revealing a meat vendor's stall inside the train car. The vendor stands behind a glass display case filled with various cuts of meat. The train car has overhead handrails and visible advertisements on the walls.
u/The_Day_Man/via reddit.com

“Was it on line 7? My brother stayed at a hotel near line 7 and they had the same thing at his station, only it was a seafood market so the station smelled wonderful.” – u/deleted

“Cleanup on train 4.” – u/deleted

7. “Would you accept?”

A person on a subway holds a large cardboard sign reading "I'M SORRY" as other passengers sit or stand around them. The scene shows people occupied with their activities, such as using their phones or conversing, in the subway car.
u/vibesofpaul/via instagram.com

“I would definitely listen to what he had to say.” – u/partsunknown242

“Pizza might be cold though.” – u/montanadavinci

8. “Einstein achieved time travel.”

An older man with white, wild hair stands in a crowded subway car, looking down at something he is holding. He is surrounded by other passengers, some wearing coats and carrying bags. The interior of the subway car is visible, including the ceiling vents and door.
u/nhoty/via reddit.com

“Mark Twain.” – u/Mcwallabee

“Get a haircut you slob.” – u/buttonsmasher1

9. “That’s going to be a hard pass for me.”

A person dressed in a scary nun costume with face paint and a cross necklace stands in the aisle of a subway train. The costume features a black habit and white wimple, resembling a character from a horror movie. Passengers around appear indifferent.
u/morgannelamorte/via Instagram.com

“Yup, never riding the subway again.” – u/jeff.leeson

“My absolute worst fear, as if nuns couldn’t get scarier.” – u/nursecrazy

10. “This guy’s committed to selling those plants.”

A subway car with several passengers seated. A man stands holding a large potted plant. There are multiple other potted plants and bags on the floor surrounding him. Other passengers are using their phones and sitting quietly. The subway walls are lined with advertisements.
u/zeaky888/via reddit.com

“Plants really tie the room together.” – u/sixsixsixties

“I purchased an orchid from this guy last year.” – u/TraditionalFig

11. “Dad’s trying to keep up with the technology.”

A man with gray hair, wearing a navy blue cap and a black shirt, has an AirPod taped to his ear. He is looking to the right and appears to be on public transportation.
u/neufheures.etdemi/via Instagram.com

“If I did this, I’d still have mine.” – u/kimmanfre

“Solid life hack.” – u/deleted

12. “These books are not what they seem.”

A small white bird peeks its head out of a hole in a white cardboard box labeled "BOOKS." The box is on a bus or train seat with a gray and metallic background. The box's label includes the number "33250" and the Staples logo.
u/deleted/via Instagram.com

“Her name is Books. How adorable.” – u/damedarcy

“Still laughing.” – u/kstew1

13. “This is art.”

A curly-haired person with a dark sweater is sitting and reading a magazine. The cover of the magazine features a man's face, creating an amusing illusion where the reader’s eyes appear to align with the man's face on the cover. The background shows a Sprint advertisement.
u/melanietaylor126/via instagram.com

“This is amazing.” – u/retonauta

“Why does this look like Kurt Cobain though?” – u/edeze

14. “Pet bananas are allowed on the subway as long as they’re on a leash.”

A woman and a man sit on a bench in a subway station, both looking at their phones. The woman has a pink leash attached to a banana on the ground. A green emergency exit sign and a structural column are in the foreground. A third person stands in the background.
u/horoz.kop/via instagram.com

“I can’t even.” – u/borisundercover

“I’ll teach you all about the subway and its many creatures when we see Chelsea.” – u/giannabracco10

15. “Normal morning until I took the subway.”

A neatly made bed, covered with a white blanket and pillows, is placed against a wall on a subway platform. The platform is lit with overhead lights, and there are tracks on the right. The bed appears unusual in this public transportation setting.
u/plus00000/via reddit.com

“You walked into somebody’s dream.” – u/BrianSaladSurgery

I guess if you sleep closer to the train, you get to sleep just a little bit longer.” – u/johnb1910

16. “This guy’s lunch made it onto the train without him this morning.”

A person in a blue shirt is using a Blackberry phone to take a photo of a coconut that is wedged in the gap between two glass panels of a train or bus door. Another person in a white shirt is partially visible next to them.
u/orclev87/via reddit.com

“Love that your photo includes another dude’s phone photo of the lunch. You guys really shared something here.” – u/nobleshark

“There is something really funny about inanimate objects in unexpected situations. It’s probably because they don’t know how ridiculous they look.” – u/deleted

17. “Nobody was ready for the show.”

A man with long hair sits on a subway train playing a large didgeridoo and a drum. Other passengers are seated or standing, some watching him while others are engaged in their activities. The train has an orange and white color scheme, with handrails and few advertisements visible.
u/jorarl/via reddit.com

“I’d rather this than have some teenager playing mumble rap on his bad phone speakers.” – u/theartoftrolling

“I actually thought this was some kind of Dyson at first glance.” – u/wistalia

18. “You keep doing you.”

A man with a long white beard is sitting on a subway train wearing an extravagant, colorful outfit and a large, ornate headdress adorned with various decorations. The outfit is adorned with vibrant fabrics, sequins, balloons, and other accessories. Another passenger sits nearby.
u/gallowbob/via reddit.com

“Rock it dude.” – u/Aerron

“He looks content.” – u/danielumlauf

19. “Now we’re really styling out.”

A woman sits on a subway train, wearing a blue beret, a patterned coat, and colorful tights. She has a necklace made of toy figurines and holds a beige bag on her lap. The background shows "No Smoking" and "Baker Street" signs.
u/zhenxing/via reddit.com

“She has more style in her fingertips than I have in my whole body.” – u/potatogod305

“I think she looks amazing.” – u/Kimb0_91

20. “I’m feeling lucky.”

A person with short hair, wearing a blue and green striped shirt and a yellow backpack, stands on an escalator holding a large gray rabbit. The rabbit is wearing a colorful bandana. There are several other people visible in the background.
u/ibsanv/via reddit.com

“Can you really train rabbits to behave like that.” – u/carolinapearl

“Peace and love, my rabbit friend.” – u/Econ42

21. “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”

Three people sit on a subway bench. The person in the middle is wearing a VR headset and holding the controller, while the other two people are looking forward; one of them is wearing a face mask. A person standing nearby is holding onto a pole.
u/cyberpunkkarmathief/via reddit.com

“I would not at all be cool with being blinded like that on the subway.” – u/whatwasprobablysaid

“The guy with the Oculus is seeing some evil.” – u/GruffStranger

22. “Taking Christmas to a whole new level.”

A person in a full Christmas tree costume sits on a subway seat next to other passengers. The person is barely visible through the branches. Other passengers appear calm, engaged with their own activities such as reading or using their phones.
u/bendiknee/via reddit.com

“I must have this.” – u/deleted

“It’s Groot’s festive cousin!” – u/Grootfan

23. “Dude just whipped out his desk on the subway, and started the meeting.”

Three men in suits are seated in a subway car, engaged in conversation and looking at papers on a foldable yellow table. Other passengers are seated nearby, and subway signs are visible on the wall.
u/brdesignguy/via reddit.com

“Um excuse us guys, we had this car reserved for our 10am standup.” – u/GlamRockDave

“Wonder what pyramid scheme he’s trying to sell.” – u/sgrmw

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