25 Pics of Funny Times Dumb People Completely Missed the Joke

Sometimes a joke flies right over your head. Maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and your brain just couldn’t seem to catch up with the day’s banter. We’ve all been there. Some folks though, have really been through it. These people in particular completely missed the joke. Thankfully, we can enjoy some laughs at their expense.

1. “2,431 people not getting the joke.”

A Reddit post screenshot shows a discussion with three comments debating the correct term: "gaslamp" versus "gaslight." The top comment says "gaslamp," another user counters with historical context, and the final comment insists on "gaslamping." Negative vote counts are visible.
u/inevitablecillist23/via reddit.com

“It’s definitely gaslamping and it always has been.” – u/kctjfryihx99

“Oh, so that’s what glamping is!” – u/Specific_Estimate_22

2. “They went too far.”

A Facebook post features a meme with a nervous cartoon character's face. The text reads: "Me: I need help on this math problem. Mom: Later, I'm cooking. Me: Just pause it. Mom:" Below, a comment by Glen Reisen reads: "The same expression that us does when our mom told us to pause multiplayers...
u//kowaterboy/via reddit.com

“I think I had an aneurysm.” – u/21kondav

“That us does, yes.” – u/Emergency_Repeat6714

3. “Thanks for clearing that up.”

A meme comparing a young person to Einstein with text highlighting differences: the young person has won Kahoots, has a Duolingo streak, learned E=mc² at 13, solved a Rubik's cube, while Einstein did none but formulated E=mc². A humorous comment is below.
u/here-for-the-comment/via reddit.com

“It scares me that people are this stupid.” – u/chappo_

“And not even correct. Einstein observed and found a formula for it, he didn’t bring it into existence.” – u/LufasaMufasa

4. “I mean, yeah it is.”

A tweet shows two pictures of a bald man side by side. The left image has the man smiling, with a caption saying "$19.99 plus free shipping." The right image has the man frowning, with a caption saying "$14.99 plus $5.00 shipping." Another tweet below says, "Same price lol," with a laughing emoji.
u/andrewallstar888/via reddit.com

“The word, free, has its own attraction.” – u/Necessary-Emotion-55

“This is one of the first things you learn in macro economics.” – u/Painter-Pleasant

5. “They should make a joke about that.”

A meme with three panels featuring characters from a movie. Top: "cold butter," stern-looking character. Middle: "my toast," determined character with a weapon. Bottom: "microwaving the knife," an explosion. Below, two comments discuss how the explosion is accurate.
u/rocketsalesman/via reddit.com

“Honestly, this is the first time I didn’t get it until the person replied.” – u/BackgroundProgress08

“That’s some toasted toast.” – u/Radical-Spider

6. “Who gonna tell him.”

A series of tweets questioning the spelling of "camouflage." The initial tweet reads, "why is it spelled 'camouflage' and not," followed by a blank. Replies include "Not what" and "Bruh it's not loading." The tweets have a few likes and replies.
u/abin5ur/via reddit.com

“When you search for the word gullible in the dictionary, you’ll find.” – u/MentryTRex

“Why is it spelled John Cena when it should be.” – u/Caleb1025

7. “That’s a corndog!”

A Facebook post shows a picture of a sliced corn dog on a rectangular plate, with chopsticks placed next to it. Above the image is a caption that reads, "if you don't like sushi, pls unfriend me." Commenters humorously point out that the food is a corn dog.
u/catchingfiendfyre/via reddit.com

“Not gonna lie, I kind of want to try a corn dog like that now.” – u/Mys3rySteve

“Calicornia roll.” – u/francoeyes

8. “No way, I mean let’s ignore cloths.”

A photo features a man and woman standing in front of a plain wall with three balloons and a banner that reads "IT IS A BABY." The man wears a yellow shirt and tie; the woman wears a grey top and black skirt. A tweet below says, "This looks like a party Dwight Shrute would throw 😂.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Clothes.” – u/deleted

“You know how sometimes you just know? Those two are going to make it.” – u/401LocalsOnly

9. “That’s crazy.”

A tweet from Straithé with a picture of two Denver traffic signs. The left sign reads, "WHO YOU GONNA CALL?" and the right sign reads, "NOBODY YOU'RE DRIVING." Straithé writes, "I really enjoy Denver traffic signs." A user replies, "Am I the only one that in the moment thought 'Ghostbusters'?
u/gannon_yeehaw/via reddit.com

“This one really hurts.” – u/ThreePeaceSuits

“Yikes.” – u/redly52

10. “Rest.”

A screenshot of a r/Jokes post. The post reads, "The man who created autocorrect has died. Restaurant in peace." It has 344 upvotes, 47 comments, and one visible comment which corrects "restaurant" to "Rest*" followed by added text that is concealed.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“What the duck.” – u/coors

“Restraint in peas.” – u/Zestyclose_Location1

11. “Guy ruined it.”

A Facebook post titled "My Rise of Skywalker Review" lists three points: had no connection to the last 8 movies, too much music, and they made all the characters cats for some reason. A comment below humorously suggests the reviewer watched "Cats" instead.
u/gno/via reddit.com

“Still a better movie.” – u/LucasCarioca

“Oh, no.” – u/deleted

12. “Ah yes, a Tumblr moment.”

A hyena standing on the wing of an old, broken yellow airplane with the registration "G-BTUC". Below the image, two comments: one explaining that hyenas can take down large prey, and the other humorously suggesting that the hyena brought down the airplane.
u/liamfirthh/via reddit.com

“I’ve seen this a couple times and every time that second comment has been included and it’s so annoying.” – u/SharksTongue

“This guy likes the joke.” – u/deleted

13. “Sick joke bro.”

A humorous social media exchange between two users. User "rneerkat" complains about bacteria intruding the body without permission, saying it makes them sick. User "studmuffin2014" responds, pointing out it literally makes them sick. "rneerkat" then acknowledges the humor.
u/anameyoucanpronounce/via reddit.com

“You may believe he got it after the second comment. He did not.” – u/sensuallpineapple

“It is a woosh, literally.” – u/deleted

14. “Come to Brazil.”

A YouTube comment thread. The top comment says, "Beethoven I'm your biggest fan plz come to Brazil" by user "megatallica 64". A reply from "Janko YT Jane" states, "Hes dead like 200 years.
u/lucas52540/via reddit.com

“I don’t get the joke.” – u/Anoserque

“It is very common in Brazil to just send this kind of message to singers. I think it is because they used to skip Brazil when they made world tours. Nowadays it became some sort of joke. We send this kind of message even to Brazillian singers.” – u/deleted

15. “That was the point.”

Two tweets are shown in the image. The first tweet by RJ (@RedArmband) says, "COMMAS ARE IMPORTANT PEOPLE," implying the importance of commas. The second tweet by Shadio' (@onlyshadiomar) humorously corrects, "COMMAS AREN'T PEOPLE," emphasizing the grammatical misunderstanding.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“The second person could’ve just been making a joke.” – u/hmyesindeed

“This is a whole another level of missing the joke.” – u/BrunoMayor_99

16. “Something isn’t right.”

A screenshot of a text exchange where a person is warned about sharing personal information online. The message includes questions such as "What is the name of your first pet?", "What is your mother's maiden name?", and "What is the name of the town where you were born?".
u/skittlepiddle/via reddit.com

“They can’t be that dumb, can they?” – u/itsnotworthit41

“If this isn’t a joke, then the person who is clueless is really in for a rude awakening.” – u/WystanH

17. “No way.”

u/deleted/via reddit.com

“I suppose the weather in New York is a bit chilly.” – u/helloish

“The real Radiator Springs.” – u/Khanivo

18. “At least they’re trying, maybe.”

A screenshot of a question and answer on a forum. The question asks for examples of Murphy's Law and states it as posting the wrong answer online to get the right one. The answer corrects this, stating it's Cunningham's Law, and clarifies Murphy's Law as "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
u/christanmom147/via reddit.com

“Actually, that’s Finagle’s Law. Murphy’s Law is if something can be used or done a right way and a wrong way, and the wrong way will lead to catastrophe, it will be used or done the wrong way.” – u/CoasterKing42

“Thank you internet.” – u/beatboxmike

19. “How do these people even end up here in the first place?”

An Instagram post shows a black-and-white photo of a vintage interior corridor with old-fashioned furniture and decor. Text overlay on the image reads: "My housemates are convinced our house is haunted. I've lived here for 274 years and not noticed anything strange." A comment below reads: "Dude 274 years.. then you are the ghost" with laughing and ghost emojis.
u/roostarhead/via reddit.com

“Oh, I thought the dog was the ghost.” – u/Shadow-king5

“How do these people even decide what emojis to put.” – u/tsynami

20. “Yep, that’s it, that’s the joke.”

A Twitter exchange where Seth Rosen, whose profile picture shows a headshot, tweets: "I built a dashboard to show retention metrics but then everyone forgot that it was there." Sah Hanna replies: "seems like ur dashboard has low retention.
u/ollytheninja/via reddit.com

“Honestly I appreciate the people like that because every now and then a joke goes over my head and it’s nice to have it explained by someone who doesn’t think the joke is obvious. It helps me get the joke and feel less dumb.” – u/Korlac11

“Same. Here, it feels like he set it up, and she delivered the punchline. Makes for a nice, cohesive whole.” – u/beilu

21. “Don’t really need the explanation, but apparently 161 others did.”

Split-screen meme showing a calm-looking driver on the left driving at 85 mph, contrasted with a terrified passenger on the right. Below is a Facebook comment saying, "Cause I don't trust their skills like how I trust mine," with laughing and heart reactions.
u/fossilmerrick/via reddit.com

“I’m scared when I go over 40.” – u/Filibut

“Some of my town’s bus drivers require me to be a certified surfing instructor.” – u/RedSamuraiMan

22. “Thank you, Bart.”

A meme featuring two images of the same man. In the first, he is smiling and laughing while sitting with a friend. In the second, he looks tired and uninterested. Caption above reads: "when you're hanging out with friends and your social battery runs out." Below is a tweet from @evilbart24: "This actually happens. Like the moment you realize you're out with people and you don't wanna be there anymore.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Hype but too tired.” – u/mmgdlna

“This is just someone saying they relate to it.” – u/CarnivoreSmurf

23. “Good old F1 subtitles.”

A meme image showing a Formula 1 car on a race track with multiple "Zoom" logos around the track. The top text reads, "I'm so happy Formula 1 started using subtitles." The bottom caption humorously responds, "These aren't subtitles. It is an advert for Zoom teleconference software.
u/jabawack81/via reddit.com

“No way. I don’t believe it. It can’t be real.” – u/Classic_Yam_1613

“Car is no zoom zoom.” – u/Zoglins_Are_Cool

24. “I don’t know where to start.”

A Reddit post in the r/teenagers subreddit shows a meme. The top panel says, "Guys, I found out what the past tense of remove is [Meme] [removed]". The bottom panel features a character saying, "All right, then. Keep your secrets." A comment below reads, "It literally says it under his comment.
u/astronaut9525/via reddit.com

“Somebody please explain.” – u/baddest_mango

“Golem.” – u/N00B_L1F3

25. “This is why we need tone indicators.”

A screenshot titled "Gym tip" showing a humorous text: "GYM TIP: Work out smart, not hard! A lot of people at the gym go and lift the big weights. But actually, the small weights are lighter and much easier to lift." The image includes a timestamp and a Twitter for Android note.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Tone indicators ruin it for me.” – u/mrroboto

“Cry about it.” – u/googleeys

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