39 Dumbest DIY Projects We Saw This Week

There are few things we love more than hunting around for really bad DIY projects to make a new one of these lists every week. This week’s is a little longer, but I also think it’s probably our best one yet. There are terrible ideas, awful follow-thru, and just plain dumb planning. We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we did making it.

1. Renovations done to a 500-year-old tower

Side-by-side images show a 500-year-old stone tower with a modern blue extension. The left panel displays a close-up view of the extension, while the right panel offers a wider view, revealing the tower's countryside surroundings.
u/Sad8at / Via reddit.com

“There’s a common school of thought in conversion architecture that additions to historic buildings should have a completely different design from the original building so it can be read as an addition. This is not what they meant.” – Immediate-Escalator

2. This molding job

A close-up of the base of a wall's corner, showing detailed and precise flooring work with small, angled pieces of wood neatly fitted together. The wall trim above the flooring appears prepped for painting. A social media post by Leo Levy, text says "Ready for paint 😎".
u/enwda / Via reddit.com

3. “Barbie Head trash-to-treasure project spotted on Facebook”

A creative project combining a doll and a flower pot. The left half shows a head planter with a plant as hair, wearing a pink bandana. The right half shows a doll head and torso painted silver, and below it are cans of spray paint used for the transformation.
u/xProfessionalCryBaby / Via reddit.com

4. “Facebook Marketplace is something else”

A rectangular bar of beige soap with a rough, textured surface, shown on a light brown background. Text at the bottom reads "Breastmilk Soap" priced at "$7" with the original price of "$10" crossed out.
u/YDarb101 / Via reddit.com

5. “I think it’s a bowl? Either way it’s real and it’s definitely America”

A clear resin sculpture of two cupped hands holding bullet casings, with an American flag embedded in the palms. The sculpture is placed on a light blue surface with a few tools and materials surrounding it.
u/diatriose / Via reddit.com

6. “Distressed hats”

A person holds two distressed baseball caps. The cap on the left is black with a white "Sox" logo, and the cap on the right is blue with a yellow "St. Louis" logo. Both caps are heavily worn and feature a frayed texture.
u/Pancake_Nom / Via reddit.com

7. “Denim hat from a Kickstarter ‘fashion brand'”

A person wearing a unique hat made from repurposed denim jeans, with pockets and seams clearly visible. The hat has a visor and an extended section that covers the lower half of the face, resembling a mask. The backdrop is black.
u/JohnStamosAsABear / Via reddit.com

8. “At the Airbnb I stayed at”

A white light switch is installed on a damaged wall with some visible cracks and chipped paint around it. In the background, there is a bed with gray bedding in a room. The door to the room is partially visible on the left side.
u/Rakshes / Via reddit.com

9. “It’s a piece of art”

A chair entirely covered in numerous white, fluffy stuffed animal dogs is placed in a room with a wooden floor. A window is partially visible on the right side of the image. Below, a price of $280 is listed, with a prompt to message the seller asking about availability.
u/bobert_the_wise / Via reddit.com

10. “These stairs made of jeans”

A staircase is covered with worn and torn blue jeans. Each step is wrapped in a different pair of jeans, showcasing various shades of denim and patterns of wear and tear. The handrail on the right side of the staircase is white.
u/niko13107 / Via reddit.com

11. “Previous owners cut the wall to make the toilet fit vs getting a properly measured toilet”

Side-by-side images showing a misaligned toilet tank and wall. The left image displays a close-up view where the tank's edge is not flush with the wall, while the right image shows a less severe but similar misalignment with visible gaps and wall damage.
u/Ladyghoul / Via reddit.com

12. “I’d hate to be on a bumpy road”

Close-up of a red vehicle's driver-side door with the window open. Inside, a white ceiling fan is installed on the underside of the vehicle's roof. A can of Mountain Dew is in the cup holder on the center console.
u/Orbisthefirst / Via reddit.com

13. “Whose bright ideas was this”

A phone charging cable is creatively held in place on a wall outlet using a white mixer beater attachment. The attachment is placed over the charger, with the cable wrapped around it neatly. Three images show different angles of the setup.
u/Inotlife / Via reddit.com

14. “Made a WatermelonBoy and tested it out in public”

A person wearing a mask is sitting on a subway holding a watermelon modified into a portable gaming console. The watermelon has a small screen in the center and numerous red buttons around it. Two other masked passengers are seated nearby.
u/cedishappy / Via Reddit.com

15. “This toilet seat cover”

A tweet from a user named Arianne includes a photo taken in a bathroom. The toilet seat has a fuzzy blue cover with a large irregular hole in the center, exposing the toilet bowl. The tweet reads: "y’all i’m at my friends house and i go to use the bathroom and-
u/Ubui / Via reddit.com

16. “I’m no electrician, but I think I solved the mystery of why changing the lightbulbs didn’t work”

A hand holding a detached ceiling light fixture with exposed wiring, revealing a rectangular cutout in the white ceiling. The fixture appears to have been removed for maintenance or installation.
u/gardenpea / Via reddit.com

17. “My mom tried to make a cane for my dad”

A wooden stick painted red, leaning against a dark brown dresser. The stick has a diagonal top end with a screw and a hook attached to it. In the close-up view, the screw and hook details are more visible. The stick appears to be handmade and weathered.
u/crazinem / Via reddit.com

18. “This is so stupid I’m actually mad right now”

A tall, beige foam furniture piece stands against a white wall on a wooden floor. It has multiple slots holding various white ceramic dishes, cups, and bowls, offering a unique and cushioned storage solution for the items.
u/pirateanimal / Via reddit.com

19. “How to maximize your rim size on a budget”

A car with regular-sized rims has white tape creatively arranged on its tires to mimic the look of larger, stylish 20-inch rims. The text at the top of the image reads, "Can't afford 20" rims? No problem.
u/BruceInc / Via reddit.com

20. “Fake sunroof decal for your car”

Two images of a silver car with a manual pop-up sunroof. The top image shows a hand lifting the sunroof panel open. The bottom image shows the car with the sunroof fully closed. The car is parked next to a fence and a building.
u/Mr_PoodlePants / Via reddit.com

21. “Kitchen counter / stairs hybrid”

A modern kitchen with red cabinetry, a white countertop, and built-in stainless steel appliances. Behind the counter is a well-stocked bar area. A wooden dining table with chairs is in the foreground, and a staircase with white steps is on the left.
u/ShadowGirl9 / Via reddit.com

22. “Socks for human beings”

Socks that are made to look like human feet with chipped painted toenails
u/Nintendo79 / Via reddit.com

23. “A woman I know has a remote stick because her family loses the TV remote so often”

A television remote is taped to the top of a long, vertical wooden plank standing on a hardwood floor. Sunlight filters through blinds, casting striped shadows on the wall and floor. A circular rug is partially visible in the background.
u/Skytrip / Via reddit.com

24. “Airbag accessories”

A car's dashboard is transformed into a miniature garden, featuring a collection of small cacti, succulents, pebbles, and shells nestled in soil. The digital clock on the car's display shows the time as 19:54.
u/MannquinFactory / Via Reddit.com

25. “T-Rex Heels”

A person is stepping into a pair of high-heeled shoes designed to look like dinosaurs, with the heels shaped like the heads and necks of small green dinosaurs. The shoes are black with a textured pattern, resembling dinosaur skin.
u/BarefootHippieDesign / Via Reddit.com

26. “Preserving those childhood memories”

A four-shelf unit displaying jars filled with preserved plush toys, each jar containing a different stuffed animal. The toys include various characters, including a frog, a caterpillar, and others, with some being positioned to face outward for visibility.
Via Imgur

27. Jean bag chair

A unique chair made from blue denim jeans stitched together, forming a cushioned circular seat with multiple vertical sections resembling the legs and waistband of the jeans. The chair sits on a beige floor against a white wall.
u/noneo / Via reddit.com

28. “Just wait until the airbag pops out”

The image shows a car steering wheel decorated with various colorful stones and pebbles arranged in a pattern. The photo is taken from the driver's perspective, showing the dashboard and gauges behind the steering wheel. A caption reads, "Just finished adding these little guys to my steering wheel.
u/dailykils / Via reddit.com

29. “I painted birch trees on my windows”

A view through two windows with a painting of white birch trees on the glass panes. Outside, a wooded area is visible. On the right edge, part of a decorated Christmas tree with ornaments and lights is seen.
u/rory1616 / Via reddit.com

30. “Story of bottle”

A man wears eyeglasses made from a repurposed green plastic bottle. The image shows the step-by-step process: cutting the bottle horizontally, shaping it with scissors, and fitting it to his face. The title "Story of Bottle" and "Eyeglasses" are visible at the top.

31. “This monstrosity”

Four-step tutorial showing how to create a candle holder using forks. First, three forks are bent and arranged together. Second, purple yarn is used to bind their handles. Third, a close-up of the binding. Fourth, the finished holders with candles lit.
u/TargaryenPie / Via reddit.com

32. “Someone was throwing away this custom lamp. No idea why didn’t want to stick with it.”

A lamp with a unique shade stands on grass. The shade is decorated with small twigs arranged vertically over a yellow fabric, creating a rustic and natural design. The base of the lamp is made of clear, stacked, glass-like segments.

33. “This car covered in pennies”

A car partially covered in pennies is parked in a lot. The close-up view showcases a rear door and fender meticulously adorned with coins, creating a unique and shiny mosaic effect. The car's window and part of the interior are also visible.
u/What_u_say / Via reddit.com

34. “I don’t even know what to say”

A close-up view of a damaged wall with exposed rebar and electrical components. The wall appears to have been partially cut or broken open, revealing the internal structure and wires. There is a white, foam-like material surrounding the exposed area.
u/duke1722 / Via reddit.com

35. “My dad’s hot glue and silvery spray paint lampshade”

A close-up image of a large, conical metallic lampshade. The lampshade is decorated with an abstract raised texture or pattern on its surface, giving it a unique and artistic appearance. The background shows a cream-colored wall and a small part of a picture frame.
u/Max-1995 / Via reddit.com

36. “Why were they fired”

A pair of black Crocs with steel-toed fronts are displayed on a wooden surface. The image includes text stating they are new, only worn once to work before the seller got fired, and are being offered for sale for $200 or best offer over $100.
u/berniemax / Via reddit.com

37. “These window reflections are painted on”

A beige wall with several patches of differently colored squares and rectangles indicating repair or repainting in progress. The wall features a light switch, a thermostat, and another switch or socket cover. A portion of a door frame and part of a chair are visible on the sides.
u/EvilDuncan / Via reddit.com

38. “Kitchen sink placement”

A spacious kitchen featuring white cabinets, a stainless steel refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and a black countertop. There's a large window above the sink with a view of greenery outside. The floor has a beige and green patterned tile design. A clock hangs above the window.
u/babysnor / Via reddit.com

39. “Who comes up with this stuff?”

A farmhouse-style kitchen features an ornate, wooden range hood above a stainless steel oven. Cabinets and drawers are painted white and grey. The back wall is adorned with white subway tiles. A vase with red flowers sits on the counter next to the oven.
u/enchantedrosemary / Via reddit.com

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